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  1. HI Carol,

    I read your blog everyday getting ready for my move. I also read the Arab News. Thre was an article on 4/5 ragarding Saudis marrying foreigners. I wanted to send you the link just in case you wanted to do a blog on it.


  2. Yesterday’s Arab News (5 April) seemed to have a number of controversial articles from Saudis marrying foreigners to the plight of children of Saudi women who have married foreigners. The articles do help sensitize me to issues and then personal experiences which can be shared.

    Thanks Karen and look forward to having you in the Kingdom soon!

  3. Hi dehi4cats.
    How about some photos of 1970’s Riyadh would love to see some of Baatha and Seiko street (are they still there ?) and of Riyadhs only supermarket..Spinneys.

  4. Hi Dougie and welcome!

    Gosh, you’ll have to tell me about Spinneys as I’ve not heard of it before! Where should it be located? Now the popular supermarkets are Tamimi (Safeway); Panda and Danube.

  5. Hi Carol,

    I have emailed you today. Tq for your time.


  6. Thanks Sharie…I’ll look for it!

    Best Regards,

  7. Hi delhi4cats
    Spinneys was about a mile north of baatha (Baatha still there?).

  8. Hi again,
    Quick note check out,
    “if Olaya street could talk”

    fascinating read.

  9. Hi Dougie.

    Thanks for the reference. Yes; there are indeed some good and interesting books out about KSA.

  10. Please try to publish my letter in your blog

    This message goes to the Saudi Labor ministry and Gulf Co-operation Council administration in the Saudi Arabia to investigate my case regarding medical insurance benefits which I would like to claim to the Herfy Food Services Company, which in legals terms fail to provide me as from the insurance company Bupa International. This medical benefit is I’m legally entitled to provide through company as per company policy but until now three years of period I have try to contact the company officials and owner company Kingdom holding company several times, they didnot response to my request and ignored my presence which I can legally proved to labor ministry that I have worked in this company for 13 years and get serious sickness and discharge from the company by promising all the help and assistance provided by the company in future. But in real fact neither of their promises to me is truth and they relied on it. Now, after that sickness I’m physically disable and when in the time of help I need from the company they abandoned me and left totally nowhere. This is the true nature of the private owned company which they dumped theirs workers like waste materials after they are not able to continue their work.
    My company employee numbers is 774, I have join the company in 18th November,1992 until 2005.
    My post in the company during that time is Resataurant Supervisor
    Prabal Rai

  11. Hello,
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I am considering a move to Riyadh. I am a single mother to a beautiful one-year old baby boy. I would be teaching English. I am concerned about what my rights would be as a foreign (USA) national living in the Kingdom would be? I take it I cannot drive, I should? Must? wear a hijab? How does one find a daycare? Social life? Outtings? Can I get around in taxi? What can I absolutely not do? Can you give me a brief take on these questions. So sorry if they seem rhetorical. In short, it would be professionally a great opportunity, however, not at the expense of our overall happiness. Mind you, I am a seasoned traveller and open to diverse perspectives on life, religion, and family.

  12. Ariel,

    I do not want to discourage you but I cannot imagine a single mother with such a young baby coming to the Kingdom. I think it would be unusual for an employer to sponsor you under such circumstances. I did a post on daycare which will tell you there are very few daycare options in the Kingdom.

    And you are correct that you cannot drive. You do not need to wear a hijjab or cover your head. Those are options for you. There are social opportunities and outings but I am not in a position to address what is available with a young child. Rather than taxis, you’d likely want to use private limo searches (search my blog for taxi).

    I suggest you read some of my previous postings about life and conditions in KSA. Do searches for posts of greatest interest to you. Then I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Best Regards,

  13. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask some maybe personal question because my dream job is to be a diplomat. I’ve taken Japanese since I was a teenager and learned Thai when I was in diapers. I plan on taking Chinese and Vietnamese becasue I love languages and for some reason I am good at it. I am 32 so this may be to told to get into the foreign service but I wanted to ask you how do I even start? How did you get into it and why? Um, I have just finished my AA and plan to transfer to the state university ever! (University of Iowa go hawks!!!) I would appreciate any help you may have as I am dead serious about this. I don’t know if I can even pass the FS exam or even work as a FS because I have fibromyalgia but I’m tired of walking (actually more limping crawling) away from my dreams. So in close any help even just one sentence is really appreciated. Thanks Carol.:)

  14. OnigiriFB,

    Your age is prohibitive as a diplomat at this time but State Department has a large number and variety of positions. If your goal is also to work abroad, some of the positions may be for outside of the USA. View the web site and it provides full details on the exams and types of positions one can apply for.

    I went into the diplomatic corps due to my love of travel and international affairs.

    Don’t give up and investigate your options. In addition to the State Department, don’t hesitate to also look at the extensive United Nations web site as well!

    Good luck!

  15. hi Carol,

    I kinda found ur “delhi4cats” username kinda interesting? any reasoning behind the same? I am indian guy here… was wondering if u have held the US diplomat position in India as well before!!

  16. Excellent logic, Aspire!

    I was indeed posted to delhi with my 4 cats in tow when I created that username! You are one of the few who put that together!

  17. Hi

    I would really like to go for horse riding lessons, does anyone know of any places in riyadh? Also I really like team sport especially football(or soccer) and was wondering if there were any female expat teams going? I am a nurse so am surrounding by nurses all the time so it would be good to get out and about and mingle with different people. Also so as to keep myself busy I bought a guitar and am looking for a guitar teacher too I am learning the basics but it would be good for someone to keep me on the right track! Many thanks


  18. Hi Becky!

    Please email me directly. The Safari Club in Riyadh has horseback riding as well as some more private facilities too.

    Many of the compounds have female and/or coed sports teams. Some of the expat organizations such as American Community Riyadh (ACR), Canadian Women of Riyadh (CWOR) and British Ladies of Riyadh will have additional information.

    A friend of mine takes violin lessons so I can ask her if guitar lessons are also available.

  19. Hey all well i am from riyadh and now i like to join you pplz, and if any one like to know about riyadh or kingdom can contact me any time.



  20. Hi there! I must confess I’ve become sort of a regular reader of your blog! I wonder if you could consider doing a write-up on the significance of tea/qahwa in Saudi Arabian culture. It is perhaps one of the most striking aspects of Saudi culture IMHO and similar to that observed in societies like China.

    Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  21. Firas MR,

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. Actually if you do a search in the search block for Arabic coffee and tea you will find I have done several posts already on their origin and preparation with photos!


  22. Thanks for that Carol. Shukran jazeelan:) . You’ve already covered quite a lot on Saudi culture! Do you follow the Saudi Aramco World magazine? I think it’s a great magazine and worth checking out if you haven’t already!

  23. Hi Firas MR, Oh yes, I very much enjoy the Saudi Aramco World magazine. It is a quality publication.

    And afwan…my pleasure!

  24. Carol, I just discovered your blog after doing a search on the Rab al-Khali desert. Amazing that you are doing this! It’s like a window to a place that we as Americans receive almost NO news whatsoever. And… if we do it’s usually rather negative. I left a quick request on the Rab al-Khali blog you have but wanted to write you here in hopes of getting a rapid response. I have many questions pertaing to The Kingdom and also to various countries in the surrounding vicinity. I also would love to join any group that is planning a trip across the great desert Rab al-Khali. Thank you for all of your efforts!

  25. Matthew,

    Thank you and welcome to the blog. Please do not hesitate to post any queries you may have. I will make every effort to respond to them.

    Best Regards,

  26. Is Jeddah much different from Riyadh?
    I have an empolyment opportunity with a Builder and would be coming to Jeddah in next few months.
    Any insights on Do’s and Don’ts.

  27. Yes, there is a big distinction between Riyadh and Jeddah. I suggest in the search box you do a search on Jeddah and you will find where I have written multiple posts about Jeddah.

    Best Regards,

  28. Thanks Carol/delhi4cats –
    When are you Carol and when are you delhi4cats.
    I did do the search some general information came up. I have some specific questions. do you mind if ask those..
    1 – I am a US citizen with Indian/pakistani descent? How challenging the life would become in Jeddah.
    2 – Are there US social groups, esp. for women? trying to find something for my wife?

  29. You’re welcome Ramesh.

    You can refer to me as either Carol or delhi4cats…kind of like one and the same!

    As a US citizen of Pakistani/Indian descent, just make sure to negotiate for a benefit/salary package as a US national. Your heritage should not make life challenging in Jeddah; it should allow you to move easily between differing cultural groups.

    I believe Jeddah offers more options and activities for women (and children) as well as having more venues to do things as a family. There are very active groups of expat (western) women in Jeddah offering a variety of activities such as book clubs, card playing, beach outings, charity bizarres and a lot more.

    If given a choice between Riyadh and Jeddah, I would choose Jeddah (with no offense to Riyadh but…)

  30. Great –
    You are very kind in your responses. I believe I have negotiated to the best of my circumstances. I have been offered a position of Senior Manager (Construction) with Emaar EC. I am not sure if you have some parameters that I need to consider w.r.t to my package. I have Base, Housing, Auto, Eduction, Ticket for the family back to the US (once a year). Offcourse, I am comparing these numbers to some of the similar positions in the US, and am not sure what the difference between the two packages (US and Jeddah) should be.
    My wife is a medical school graduate with some experience with the State Department of Health, not the hard core medicine. I have been told that short of any certification from the US, UK, or West, she may face some challenges in finding a hard core medical job. She intends to go back to the medical system as a doctor. I am talking to few people to seek some guidance. Do you know if the US Embassy or Consulate offer some assistance with these situations?

    What groups in Jeddah would you recommend that I should contact when I am there? We plan on making an exploratory visit to Jeddah before making a final move. I do have some friends from Pakistan and India who are helping me with some stuff, but I wanted to get some ideas from the US perspective.

    Warm Regards

  31. Ramesh,

    my pleasure! Sounds like you ahve negotiated a standard package and remember, the first 75,000 US$ is tax exempt so there is where real savings can come in…as well as you do not have to provide housing, transport, etc.

    My comment in regards to women working is that any women who comes to the Kingdom desiring to work can find employment. Again, I have written past posts on this topic. I’ve no doubt a hospital, medical school, clinic or some other institution would have an interest in someone with her qualifications.

    I am not as familiar with Jeddah but I know that the American Ladies of Jeddah have been pretty active (guess that would be more oriented to your wife) as well as the British Women of Jeddah. If you have not done so yet, join the newsgroup [email protected] where you will be able to start dialoging with individuals in Jeddah.

  32. Thank you so much for your continued response.
    Standard Package? Is it good or Bad? My understanding is as of 2006 the taxfree amount is $86K now, but the tax bracket remains on the full amount. So if you are making $100K, the taxbracket (16%)is on $100K, applied towards your $14K, not the tax bracket on $14K.
    I will communicate with Jeddah folks to get some specific informatoin on Jedday and its environ.

    Where in the US are you from, if I may ask?

  33. I’m not a tax expert and would advise checking with an accountant accustomed to expat clients on tax issues.

    I am originally from Pennsylvania which I mentioned in my story of my husband and I and how it all began (although we did not meet in the States). But I guess I’ve become a true expat having spent most of my life in various countries around the world and like to think I am adaptable enough to be able to settle anywhere.

  34. Thank you Carol –
    You are kind of my neighbor then, I am from NJ.
    Thank you for your advise. It has been very valuable.
    I am talking to my accountant on taxes and other related matters. Thank you.
    Hope to catch you sometime soon.

  35. You are very welcome. Please do not be a stranger and participate with your comments on some of the other posts too.

  36. Hi, i read about your blog about the internet options here in the kingdom. Its horrendous to say the least, but we have to live with it.

    I heard from a friend about a new prepaid wifi service at 1gb per month. I Know this is not much but since i am only interested with emailing and chatting with overseas loved ones this one seems to interest me. Do have any information about this? personal experience or those of your friends? If you do, i hope you can post a blog about it. Thanks a lot!

    I found your previous blog very informative! More blessings!

  37. Welcome Hana!

    I suggest you search my blog on the term “internet” as I’ve written a number of posts. What you have described may be Wimax (available from Zooom or Al Bayanat) or Mobiliy Connect. Former posts of mine do go into detail on both of these options and my experiences with both of them.

    Best Regards,

  38. Dear Carol,

    I am trying to help a friend here in the Philippines whose work contract in Saudi was pre-termintated due to the non-renewal of her iqama.

    My friend argues that the renewal of her iqama is the responsibity of her employer while her employer argues otherwise.

    Article 40 of the Labor Law of Saudi imposes upon the employer the responsibility to pay for the fees of iqama, but quite silent whether the “act of renewing” belongs to the employer as well.

    In the even that you know any legal basis (a law, decree, etc.) that states ir clearly provides that it is the duty of the employer to renew iqama, you will be helping us both.

    Thanks and all the best for you and your family. Please email me. Thanks again.

  39. Lance, thanks for your comment and query. I can say from my own experience after working for two of the largest employers in Riyadh that the EMPLOYEE is expected to initiate renewal of the iqama before its expiry. This was clearly stated in the employee manual given to employees as well as a verbal briefing during orientation.

    So I am afraid it really depends on whom one works for in regards to whether action is initiated by the employer or employee.

    Best Regards,

  40. Hi Carol, i’d lost track of your blog for awhile. i love your “you know you’re in Saudi when:”
    I just visited Jeddah for the first time last week. I’d choose Jeddah over Riyadh anyday!
    The lady thinking to move here as a single mom- tell her to think long and hard. Most of us move here already married, with or without kids. It’s hard enough at that. without a husband and with a child- it will be difficult for her.
    OK, there is my opinion for the day.
    send me an e-mail when you have time.

  41. Nice to see you back Michele and thanks for the comment!

  42. Yes.
    A much better, clearer and very attractive template for your great blog:)
    Love it.

  43. Thank you Jewaira!!

  44. Respected Sir,

    Kindly Help me publish my letter of plight to Saudi Royal court addressing custodian of two holy mosques his majesty the king Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz for his attention.


    King and Prime minister

    The custodian of two holy mosques

    His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

    Royal Courts, Riyadh

    Saudi Arabia

    Your Majesty,

    I have previously submitted my plight to you through postal mail in Royal court last months and still I’m waiting for my case to be justify by your hand. I have worked previously in Saudi Arabia in Herfy Food Services Co; Ltd. and I have still some dues for medical compensations in which company officials have failed to provide me as I claim again and again. As I have mention that according company insurance policy I have right to claim and entitled for it. I have paid previously for 13years to insurance company every months for the purpose of medical terms as stated by company. Now it’s become three years I have try to claim or address to company officials but still they are refusing directly for which reasons I ‘m not known for it. As you have make new reforms in labour law according to action plan passed in the Gulf Cooperation Council convention in Doha accord but still it is yet to fulfill or came into action in Saudi Arabia. I have being physically disable working in your country for 13 years of my life and now I’m rewarding back by this way through your people. This is not act of human nature or it is also against the islamic ideologies as Allah teaches show mercy on other, but is this the way muslims payback others in time of help needed. Your Majesty this is not about the reasons that I have asking something it’s because your country is rich but I have real reasons to ask for my financial assistance as your country took out my happiness in life.

    Prabal Rai


    Email: [email protected]


    P.O>Box 15142 K.P.C. 485

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Tel. 00977-9803148536 or 00977-1-6636281

  45. As salam aleikum Carol,

    It is so nice to read your blog, Insha’allah your health is in excellent shape now. I am happy that your experience was not dissapointing in the saudi hospital.

    I am joining my saudi husband soon in Riyadh and I will be working there as a designer, We have lived married for 5 years in USA but I am really looking forward to live in the Kingdom within the saudi culture.
    I would love to stay touch with you and maybe meeting someday insha’allah.

    We are looking for a villa to buy in Riyadh, maybe you know somebody who can help us with it?

    All The Best,
    Umm Sultan

  46. Salam Alaikum Umm Sultan,

    It is a pleasure to hear from you and welcome to the blog. That is nice you will soon be shifting to Riyadh.

    In regards to buying a villa, you should first know what area of the city in which you wish to live and then work with a realtor familiar with that particular area. If you know what area you are interested in, let me know and I’ll see if I am able to put you in touch with someone.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  47. Salam again, Carol:)

    The area we wanted to buy is in old Riyadh, close to Olaya st, but I know there are old villas there…
    I prefer something newer and stylish ( I am an interior designer?
    My husband works on Olaya across Kingdom Tower so it will be good to have something close there unless we find something much better, newer in other area.
    When we were looking at houses in USA we wanted great value, good location and good architecture, not in specific place.

    Thank you so much for all advices,
    Umm Sultan

  48. AA Carol,

    Hope all is well with you and your recovery. I have a suggestion for a post, if you don’t mind. With my due date not too far off, I was curious to know if the new parents in Saudia still follow the 40 day rule of seperation. Here in America it really isn’t followed. I’m sure its probably due to lack of family and friends who can help accommmodate the situation while trying to take care of their own family and possibly work or go to school outside of the home. I do know in Africa it is still followed. Normally the new mother will go to her parents home or maybe a sisters or in some cases the new father will go to a relatives and the new mothers relatives will come to her home.
    Also curious to know how much participation the father has as far as doctors appointments and the delivery in Saudia. I’m sure you know that here in America men can be present for most anything and nowadays most are.
    Also once mom, dad, and baby are home together how involved are most Saudi dads? Do they change diapers, do feedings, do baths, help in the middle of the night? Alhumdulillah, my husband helps with most of the above mentioned but I don’t know about the other African dads!!! ; )

  49. Umm Sultan, There are indeed villas available in the Olaya area. Olaya is considered a very prestigious area and one of the most centrally located being in the City Centre. As a result, be prepared for villas which will be priced in the millions for this location. Also if you are not aware, Saudi Arabia does not yet offer mortgage options like one is accustomed to in the USA. I will also ask around for reputable realtors specializing in the Olaya area but I am not optimistic that much progress or interaction would be made prior to arrival. The system here in working with realtors is quite different than other places. You are usually the one having to track them down and go to them instead of them “working for you” readily making appointments and taking you around. Most people I know have also made sure to contact multiple realtors to help them out.

    Tina – how exciting that your due date is near and you’ll have to keep us apprised! Do you know yet what you are having? And thanks for the post suggestion. It will be a pleasure to write on that topic!

  50. AA Carol,

    Mosh’Allah its a girl! Insh’Allah we will name her Aisha. I’m doing alot of “nesting” right now! Insh’Allah I will get it all done before she decides to come! ; ) Insh’Allah I will let you know when she arrives. The OBGYN says Aug.21st but I think between the 8th and the 16th. We’ll see!!! Hope all is well with you and your health!

  51. Aisha is a lovely name for a daughter! Do that nesting and conserve your strength and energry — you’ll be drawing upon it soon. And early August I’ll be having that post about pregnancy you had requested.

  52. Hello! I’m not sure if this is still an active blogspot or not, but I found it while searching online for a phone number for Mariyah Center in Riyadh. I’ve been living in the ME for 23 years, many of those in Riyadh. I’ve been more out of the Kingdom than in for the past three or four years, and am now planning to spend most of my time here again and would like to reconnect with the community. My husband is Egyptian and works in the banking sector. I’m American, and am a freelance writer. I love to read, write and meet new people. Thanks for this blog!

  53. Mayabaraka,

    Yes; I can assure you this is an active blog! It is a pleasure to have you here and look forward to additional comments.


  54. Hi Carol,

    Just a quick comment, stumbled onto this informative site. Really great read and appreciate the insight into Saudi life and culture.

    Looking forward to moving to Riyadh in the next month or so.

    Shannon (Melbourne, Australia)

  55. Welcome Shannon and happy to see you here. Please let me know when you arrive in Riyadh.

  56. Carol, I learn so much from your blog. It’s fascinating. Could you do a review of the Princess Trilogy by Jean Sasson? I loved that series. May I link to your blog on mine? Thank you, Karen

  57. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the nice compliment. Actually I have shied away from the Princess Triology by Jean Sasson as they go more for sensationalism rather than typical realities of life in KSA. Well…I guess I just gave you a mini review! (smile)

    And you are certainly welcome to link your blog.

    Best Regards,

  58. Interesting! Thanks for the mini-review!

  59. you’re welcome.

  60. Hi Carol, you were referred to me by John, I am considering moving to Jeddah for a new job. It is wonderful to be able to read your vastly informative information. I love it! So helpful. Thank you,

  61. JJUSA1 – thank you and welcome to the blog! If you have any questions I can address, please do not hesitate to post a comment or email me directly at admin(at symbol)


  62. – found you through google, because I’m trying to re-create the saudi breakfasts I enjoyed when living in EP. Thanks for the shakshuka recipe; foul was never my favorite. Do you know how to make what I knew as “galaba” – like foul, but different (dahl, I think), and eaten with tameez, and dashes of sour cream and other spicy sauces of I know not what! – appreciate any help.

  63. Jon – welcome! I’ll have to check on the dish you have referred to. I don’t know it myself but I’ll see if I can find out!

  64. There is no recycling program in Riyadh. Every day millions of plastic bottles have the opportunity of being reused but instead gets thrown into the desert. Is there any way we can build awareness to start a recycling program in this part of the world?

  65. Jawad – please stay tuned for an upcoming post on this very subject!

  66. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your page while working ( I am a software engineer and computers takes some time to do what you want it to do ). This is also the first blog entry i have read so far, but i did scan the titles of your other ones and i am interested ( so what if i do judge things by there covers).

    I have spent the time between 2002 and 2008 in Oregon USA, which I would consider very liberal. and I was very fascinated by the cultures of the north wester Americans. But now I am back after completing my studies, an I find the the only way to keep myself interested in people around me, is to look at them as would a foreigner.

    I am a person who grew up around educated parents, and also around so many wester cartoons ( family was recording cartoons when betamax first came out, while they were studying abroad. )

    but now, after a couple of years of soul searching, I found that I am more comfortable relating to westerner who are looking for the alternatives in there lives, culture and thought.

    So after that that introduction, I would like to express my happiness to see blogs like yours. I am not yet introduced to the social blogging thing yet in saudi, but I have been reading tech blogs for a while. I even made mine, even though I don’t update it often. maybe I should expand it to do more social blogging.

    again thank you ^.^

    please visit my blog

  67. Abdullah – welcome and thank you very much for your comments. I hope that you will become a regular reader.

    Best Regards,

  68. hi carol,
    i enjoyed reading your blog. i am trying to find some information about saudi misssionary visiting bangladesh (british india) in the 1930s. there is a personal story behind it. but first i want to find out if a pattern existed where religious leaders going to far off land to teach or spread islam during that time frame. i was born in bangladesh, grew in kuwait most of my childhood and now live in iowa.

    i look forward to hearing from you.


  69. Welcome Ahsan and glad you are enjoying the blog.

    I know that different charities and islamic organizations have indeed gone far and wide to promote Islam and build schools. I did an earlier post which I’ll see if I can pull up the link for you.

  70. Hey Carol…blogging question…I just put a widget for recent comments…but I cant make it look like yours…post title and author name….mine shows first few words of comment only…any idea how I can change it to look like yours? I realize wordpress and blogger are different but Im hoping this particular thing might be similar…thanks in advance.

  71. Coolred – I wish I could help. I believe the wordpress template I use automatically set up the comments the way it did and I did not have to do anything. Have you thought about switching over to wordpress?

  72. There is no recycling program in Riyadh!

    There will be a “Recycling & Waste Management” event Sunday, May 3rd 2009 until Wednesday, May 6th 2009 at the Riyadh Exhibition Center. Look it up on google.

    It’s free admission and I hope you can get the word out and hopefully I will see you there and hopefully you can take many pictures to put on your blog!!!!

    Jawad Ahmad

  73. The website for the “Recycling & Waste Management” event is

  74. I actually have a post already drafted on the topic of recycling and to include this event and its website. It will probably be posted in November. Stay tuned!

  75. American bedu please reply me once u had my message on ur email above, i really need ur help

  76. How can you meet up with American groups?

  77. Abu Abdullah – I will check my email.

    Ron – Call the International (American) school and ask to be put through to the American Community Riyadh office. Additionally there is the American Business Group of Riyadh which meets monthly for breakfast/networking meetings that is a good venue too.

  78. Hello
    We are two girls from sweden, and right now we are doing a work about women in saudiaarbia, we found your blog and, and thought that we could ask you some questions.
    -How do you experience the treat you get from saudi men in buissnes?
    – Are you supposed to act in a different way among men?
    -Whats the biggest differens between living in saudiarabia and USA?
    We would love to hear from you
    Gabriell and Emelie

  79. Dear Gabriell and Emelie,

    Welcome to my blog!

    I am happy to say that I have had positive business experiences with men in Saudi Arabia whether they are a Saudi or an expat. The key of course is profesionalism and knowledgability of the customs, cultures and traditions. In a sense one does act differently among men by being more formal. For example, I will not extend my hand first unless the man does. Instead I will put my hand over my heart and say “pleased to meet you.” In a meeting with men, a woman will usually retain her abaya and therefore it is beneficial to have a professional “business abaya” which is more formal or tailored than an “everyday abaya.” Depending on the type of meeting, I may or may wear a lose cover over my head. But most importantly the key to success is to know your role as pertains to the business meeting and maintain your professionalism. Western women due to upbringing tend to be less formal and friendlier than an Eastern woman in business which sometimes can be misinterpreted.

    In regards to biggest differences in living in Saudi Arabia and USA I suggest you read through my blog postings as there are many about this exact topic!

    Best Regards,

  80. I am to be traveling to Jeddah from the United States in the near furture for work. I am the first female from the office to be traveling to Saudi Arabia and need some advice as the men in my office obviously do not have the same issues and therefore not sure what to tell me.

    I am understanding I need an abaya. But I’m not understanding what is an appropiate style/color/material for professional meetings? I was looking online and felt a little confused. I have been reading your blog some, but a little nervous about purchasing the wrong abaya.

    Any advice would be very appreciated.

  81. CB,

    Welcome and thanks for your comment. To begin with I am sure you will find Jeddah to be a lovely seaside city and it is much more open, less conservative than Riyadh. Yes, you will require an abaya. Many expat woman prefer a black abaya which is predominantly all black which falls from the shoulders (vice the head) to the ankles. Usually the abaya is worn loose rather than fitted and of an opaque material.

    It does not need to be completely black. It can have some contrasting color if you wish.

    These can be found in the States at any Islamic store and even some of high scale department stores will also have a section offering abayas.

    Please do a search on my blog for the term abaya and you will see earlier posts I’ve written which also include links and photos of differing styles and types.

    Do you also have a point of contact in Jeddah with whom you can communicate? Will you be working with Saudis? Depending on what kind of work environment you are going in to you may or may not need to wear the abaya while at work but only when out and about.

    Best Regards,

  82. Carol, did you get wind of the All Saudi Female rock band? I came across them in crossroads blog. It’s a very interesting phenomenon!! I think it says a lot of how even conservative, the Saudi youth is diverse in it’s opinions and directions. Social change is happening on a very fast level.

    I am having trouble posting this.. tried 3 differnt browsers for 5 times. I hope I am not spamming you.

  83. Yes, I did and I think it is great!!!!

  84. I’ve been reading your blog almost everyday lately Carol & I was wondering if you’re going to blog about driving in Saudi arabia??

  85. 1stbite – I encourage you to use “drive or driving” as a search term (see search bar in upper right corner of blog) and you will not be disappointed as I have addressed this topic from different directions and perspectives.

  86. I’ll try to add a few of the links that I think would interest you:

  87. Oh! I guess I came to the party late..
    You know why I asked? It’s because it’s the main thing that get us pissed off me & my husband whenever we go out. People honk at you, cut you, try to pass you even if the light is red & they’ll have to stop in less than 30 seconds! It’s really a chaos to live in Riyadh & I really get worried about my husband’s safety all the time. That’s why I was asking you if you’ll blog about the way some Saudis & expatriates from asia drive & behave here..Really I’m so mad at them & I wish I had some authority to change this. And by the way, thanks a lot for the links:)

  88. Here are some tips about driving in KSA, especially in large cities.

    A- Avoid driving on weekends in Costal cities like Jeddah or Dammam/Dahran.
    B- Avoid going out for a drive on weekdays in any city in KSA at 6-8 am 12:30 to 1:30 pm. This time usually you will encounter young highschool students driving to and back from schools. Also other drivers you might be able to identify as trouble are those private owned vans/mini-buss types, those are especially trouble because they try to maximize their profit per day by driving fast so they can transport more student per day. Those guys can be extremely reckless.
    C- I am sorry about this ladies, but it’s something that one of my friends noted, I agree with him to some extent. Be wary of domestic-help type of drivers who take their household women to markets. I think the drivers are usually unexperienced, while my friend adds that some women have spontinous whims to stop at some store at any given moment, making the driver panic.
    D- Stay wary of taxis, white ones and especially yellow ones! They do some sudden movements without even calculating just to try to stop next to the customer. I believe this might be a problem in other places too. But the yellow taxis are usually poorly maintained and old made that their owner doesn’t care about their car or the road.
    E- Try to figure out which roads you can commune with without having to enter the center of the city or crowded areas.
    F- Keep glancing your side mirrors while driving and pay attention to them when you want to change lanes, this is pretty basic but it will help you avoid people who overtake from the left.

    One last tip, I read this somewhere but I found it pretty useful in any place. When you drive, just think everyone else driving around you are crazy.

  89. Sorry in Tip E, I meant people who overtake from the right or the side lanes.

  90. DW – thank you – those are excellent tips indeed!

  91. Thank you so much for the tips DW.

  92. Carol,

    I was looking for pictures from Taif and I’m not real sure how I came across your blog. However, since I did, I have enjoyed reading everything. I’ll be bookmarking it so that I can read regularly.


  93. Amal,

    Thank you very much. I’m happy to have you here and enjoying all your comments!


  94. AA Carol,

    Am I losing my mind!!! Since you changed your blog around has the American blogroll disappeared?! I only see the Saudi Arabia blogroll. I used to be able to link to other blogs from you but now its gone : (

  95. Tina,

    Since I have decided to highlight the focus and emphasis on Saudi Arabia you are correct in that I removed other blogs from the blogroll….you may now find them under the new LINKS page that I created!

  96. Hey, I was wondering if you know anything about children’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Or anything about Social work with children in S.A? Also, are there job opportunities in S.A for social workers?
    I am studying Childhood and Social institutions in the University of Western Ontario as a major and I am thinking of getting my social work degree as well. I am might be moving back to S.A this summer and I would like some help in this area if you have any information about it. Thank you! btw you are great and i love reading your posts. I just discovered you today not sure how. I usualy just surf the net and end up at sites that ireally like. I would like to make an account but I am not sure what the site is called cuz I was directed to your site right away. Thank you so much!
    Have a great day in ksa, i really miss itttttt….i think for the amazing food and shopping! loool.

  97. Hey, I was wondering if you know anything about children’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Or anything about Social work with children in S.A? Also, are there job opportunities in S.A for social workers?

  98. Welcome Heba! I do not know much about children’s rights in KSA at this time although I can say this is a subject much discussed…particularly with recent cases of 8 and 10 year olds being promised in marriage. These cases have attracted international attention and getting much local attention as well and showcasing the need for child rights.

    To my knowledge there is not a great demand for social workers in KSA at this time…that does not necessarily mean the need is non-existent!

    I’m glad you discovered the blog and look forward to seeing you return.


  99. AA Carol,

    Thank you!!! Nice to know I’ve not lost my mind!!! ; ) Though it sometimes feels like it!

  100. AA Tina,

    No problem and you are very welcome.

  101. Hi Carol,
    I just stumble upon your website last nite and began reading all the informative info. provided. Very helpful especially when visiting Riyadh back and forth from the USA. I have a question pertaining to a channel 2 show recently aired the other day . It was The Way Of Life and the focus of the show was Saudi traditional clothing. There was a woman interviewed who is a collector of Saudi costumes in Riyadh. I tried to get her name but by the time I found a pen it was to late. Is there anyway of contacting her? I too am a collector of Saudi antiques for the last 25 years( also a saudi cooking instructor and lecturer over the years in Eastern province and Riyadh ACS) and have aquired many things including a few pieces clothing of which was was shown on the show and it had a name I did not catch. I would really like to get in touch with this woman if possible ASAP as I am leaving KSA next Wed. Feb 4.
    Thanks for your help and your website

  102. Sabrina,

    You should call Saudi TV channel 2 directly or email me directly and I’ll see if I can put you in touch with someone ([email protected])

    You may also wish to obtain a book published by Awatif Al Qunaibet which is about the history of Saudi traditional dress of Al Qassim. The book also contains pictures with the various styles models as well as history and background behind the different costumes. Again, email me and I can give you more info.

  103. Don’t know if this might help …

  104. Thank you Susan – that is a very interesting link!

  105. Thank you Susan viewing the link help a lot in identifing some of my customs and thank you Carol I will contact you directly. For the book you mentioned where might I find it in Riyadh, Jarir?

  106. Sabrina – I will have to put you in direct contact with the author.

  107. Thanks again Carol I’ll be waiting for that contact number and info. on the Channel 2 Way of Life recent guest a collector of Saudi customs here in Riyadh.
    I also plan to visit the spa you recommended Monday.

  108. hello Carol,
    I’ll be heading back to the US this friday will be back later this year. Could you tell me where I can find that book you recommeded in Riyadh? I will stay in contact while I’m in the US.

  109. Sabrina – are you receiving my emails? I sent you one with info in that regards.

  110. Hey Carol,

    Have you considered writing about the Riyadh Comdey Show this weekend. It’s a ‘face’ of the strict city we’ve never seen before.

    Search for ‘riyadh comdey’ on facebook for more.

  111. Viviane,

    Thanks for the info. I will do the search but not sure if I’ll be able to write about not being there firsthand but l’ll see…

  112. Hi American Bedu

    I really like the layout of your blog. If you don’t mind sharing, which software do you use? I am guessing

    I just started using blogger by google, but it doesn’t look as professional as this.


    Fellow Blogger

  113. Hi fellow blogger. Yes; I use wordpress as a platform and chose the Digg 3 Column theme.

  114. In case you missed it, a subject you pioneered, a while back:

  115. Abutaza – so glad to hear from you! Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading the story on drifting. And yes, we still routinely see this activity practiced on the streets of Riyadh.

  116. I need your help to support for my signature campaign drive in your
    blog for supporting the cause of all Asian migrant workers who have
    been exploiting day by day due to Saudi government weaker policy to
    protect their rights and welfare. I have sending you two sites for
    detail informations. First one is article written in Gates of Vienna
    and other one is for Petition signature. I hope you will support this
    cause to stop crime against humanity by signing it furtherer.
    Thank you
    Prabal Rai

  117. Hi American Bedu,

    even I haven’t got time to read all, I love your website especially for someone new living here like myself. This is the place I can think of for my questions :

    * Getting a professional furniture repair for several items broken during the removal from Australia.
    * Getting Japanese and piano tutors for my daughters who are 15 and 10 years old.

    Thank you.

  118. @Two angels,


    What city are you located in? If in Riyadh, I suggest the following:

    furniture repair: you can find reputable individuals at either Al
    Owais (Kuwaiti souk) or in Deira. These same individuals can also
    make very reasonable customized furniture as well.

    Japanese tutor: I’d suggest placing a call to the Japanese embassy
    and ask them for a recommendation.

    Piano tutor: The American school (International) or American
    Community Riyadh (ACR) can provide recommendations. They have lists
    of individuals with various skills and are seeking students.

    Best Regards,

  119. I have a saudi arabia hooka pipe and would like an estimate in your opion how much it is worth. It is from the 1960 and 1970s era. Can u help? please email me response to [email protected] Thank you so much

  120. hi…
    hope there someone out there who can help me to clarify
    if i passed the saudi council examination….please you can send your reply in my email add…
    god blesss…..

  121. @caironsalam – I do not understand exactly what you are asking in order to try and respond…

  122. Hi,
    Can you tell me anything about the Prince Salman Social Centre?

  123. Hi Carol,

    I had sent a thank you note about the furniture repair info you gave me, but I dont know where it posted … Honestly it was difficult to find a subject in your old blog, but now it’s very nice and neat, looks very inviting professional.
    Good on you!!!
    I’ve been in Riyadh for 7mths now, and .. survived haha!!!
    What I’d like to say to the new comers is just getting a lot of info from blogs like yours and similar sites, getting to know people around but not meeting the same people too often … otherwise gossip and talk nonsense will start. Do some activity or projects with lots of different group is nice.
    So far I enjoy scanning and collecting my family photo and … facebook, haha ..
    I most welcome to make friends with any of you. I was born in Indonesia with Aussie husband.
    Once again, I’m so happy with your informative blog and be happy to share my experience too here …

  124. Hi Krys,

    I am aware that one can acquire membership at the Prince Salman Centre and I believe it can be for men, women or families. I think I may have written about it earlier but I’d have to search for the post.

    @Two Angels,

    Very glad to hear that you have made it to Saudi!! Welcome! And please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

  125. Hi Carol,

    do you know where I can get party costumes with reasonable price in Riyadh?
    Thank you.

  126. Two Angels,

    Try the “Good Ship Lollipop” on Olaya.

  127. Hello!
    This is the package I was offered in Riydah. Is it a good deal? Would I be able to live comfortably?

    Salary – from 1850 $ till 2150 $
    Accommodation: 3 months’ salary will be paid to you
    Yearly ticket: An annual economy yearly ticket will be provided to you
    Annual Vacation: As per Academic Calendar
    Medical Coverage: Private medical insurance will be provided to you
    Schooling: 50 % tuition discount will apply to your children
    We cover all expense related to issue the visa (medical exams, application expenses, ticket)

  128. Hi Muneera,

    My first question is what is your nationality? Salaries and benefit packages are based on nationality (among other criteria). What do they mean three months salary will be paid to you for accomodation? Are you to identify your own housing? Many places require a year’s rent paid in advance.

    Regards, Bedu

  129. hi Carol,

    I just noticed that you grew up in northwest PA. Me too…Erie, in fact. What was your “small village”?


  130. Hi Jim,

    Have you heard of Pymatuning Lake? My family lived there for years!

  131. I can’t believe my name is Carol and I am from Aliquippa,Pa.(near Pittsburgh) and I’ve been married to a Saudi from Majmaah and have had this e-mail address for over 10years.We met at the University of Pittsburgh where my husband got his PhD in 1990.We have been married since 1988.We have a daughter named Sarah. I received several messages asking if this was my website.I can’t believe we have all of this in common.I also live in Riyadh.I’ve lived here for 18 years.I would like to talk with you.

  132. Hi Carol,

    What a surprise! I know where Aliquippa is! It would be a pleasure to chat with you. You can contact me directly at [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards, Carol

  133. Hello, thanks for your blog. But is there a way you can help me acquire some copies of the holy Quran for my community Masjid in Zimbabwe?

  134. Welcome Isaac. I would suggest you contact the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate to see if they can put you in touch with the Quran Printing Company in Median.

  135. I meant Medina.

    On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 11:55 PM, Carol Fleming wrote:

    > Welcome Isaac. I would suggest you contact the nearest Saudi embassy or > consulate to see if they can put you in touch with the Quran Printing > Company in Median. > >

  136. Dear americanbedu,

    i read today about the passing of your husband.I would like to convey my deepest condolences.
    I too lost my wife last year to cancer.But I have 4 wonderful girls who are living with me here in Riyadh.
    As you mentioned in your article,it is trough our children our Partners live on,and we will never forget that.
    And when we are down, we just have to be strong for our kids.
    again my deepest sympathies….
    Mat and family

  137. Dear Mat,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your words of condolences and support.

    I am sorry to hear of your own loss. Take solace and comfort in the presence of your children. And like you said, children can give us hidden reserves of strength we never knew we had.

    Regards, Carol

  138. To my favorite aunt –
    Love your blog!! First time posting on it – thought I’d let you know I sent a couple of surprises your way this week because you are the best! Also – if you get a book published I fully expect a personally autographed copy and visit from the author – take care and remember we love you!

  139. To my dear Favorite Niece,

    You are so welcomed and I am absolutely thrilled you are here!!

    I got the box of books, hats, and other lovely goodies opened!!!! Thank you. The black and red hat is hilarious and I’ll wear it my support group meeting on Tuesday.

    I’m opening the other box tomorrow as I need sciccors.

    Your so sweet and thank you!!!!

    Love, Aunt Carol

  140. hi,
    my case is the strangest and the longest case which me nd my family have been fighting since 2001 without any proper solution, its a result of delayed procedures and negligience on the part of the system here i cant blame fully anyone as i had always beleived that every problem has a solution in life i have been residing and working under hospital groups since 1993 i never had any problem i got married here to a muslim filipino national and for 16 yrs we are married with a 15 year old daughter on 2001 i was at al noor specailist hospital with the ongoing mobilization team my wife was working at king fahad hospital i always visit my wife and daughter on weekends but some personal interfered and made a false escape report whereas they knew very well where i was as we had a branch and subcontract at king fahad hospital at albaha but still they filed an escape reort against my name for the first year i was scared a i never came accross these things my peacful life was devastated then after a year i took a step and met the idaratal wafedin director and on his advice filed a case against my sponsors it took me almost 4 yrs through the imara and one fine day god answered my prayers and i was ble to meet the governor of al baha and discussd my situation he immidiateley issued a royal to cancel the escape report and my sponsorship e transferred to my wife visa which was initaily supported by the ministry o health who were her sponsors i paid the penatyof 2000sr and got my escape report cancelled later when i went to the immigration the irector said they need a letter from her sponsors but the sponsors refused saying tht ican transferto my wife name they have no objection couldnt understand still went on further waiting for another 3 years going to offices embassy and governate finally the governor wrote a letter for my releas so i can be transferred to his excellency name but as i had worked here before and some individual who has relatives and influence here always blocked my case i have all he legal documents from most of the offices fro the interior ministry to foreign affairs and the governate papers including royal order which was duly signed by immigration sposors gave me all the form stamped by them for the purpose of renewal of iqama and labour card 17 yrs in the kingdom straight without taking an exit re entry and 10 yrs of struggle to solve a problem here,now they are asking me to pay 15,000sr to resolve this matter even i had paid this amount before but was turned down by the immigration saying i shouldnt pay it throughtbanks so i just cleared my loan as or 10yrs my friends who have helped me in this fight against the injustice i had to clear my financial debt i approaced arab news to take up this matter but nothing happened.i tried my best for everything in my power supported my filipino wie who stood by me in this fight my word could not be heard neither my cries.even though i cn travel in the ingdom but cant do any job now i havea new passport but still the old information was not transferred i dont know what else to do i see my wife and daughter sufering here and she wouldnt let go off me we are both from different natinality and its so difficult for me to separate from them.please advise me and guide me as iam losing all the faith as some individual ho have influence here are delaying my case i dont know what else to do. i just wanna get legalized and be transferred to my wife sponsorship to resolve this matter fully .we say we are muslims where is the brotherhood here when my own brothers are blocking my problems to be solved.please help us.
    and may god bless you all.nas

  141. @Nasa,

    Please see my comment to you under the Iqama post.

  142. hi there your reply to see your comments under the iqama post i cant understand as its nothing written here except please se my comments under the iqama post how do i view your comments please advice.thanks

  143. hi bedu,
    I have a funny question. I am getting married next month here in the us my home country to a saudi. and my fiance says that the arab women back home remove all hair from the private areas and body with sugar wax before marrage and after routinely. and I have to follow tradition. Is this true? I think this will be VERY painfull to do. I was just wondering if this is true and what do you know on this subject.

  144. @Janee,

    For those not accustomed to some of the cultural practices, they can come as a great surprise.

    yes; women (and men) are expected to be ‘clean and pure’ on their wedding night. Men typically will ‘cleanse and purify’ prior to umrah or hajj in many cases too.

    sugar wax or halawa (phonetic spelling) are the traditional ways. of course a woman can choose other options which give the same results.

    And women do continue to remove body hair routinely…many many Saudi women also remove the hair on their arms too (not just under the arms).

    Best Regards, Bedu

  145. Hi:)

    Im looking for a painter/artist that can paint a mural for a children’s room in jeddah….please help me if you know of anyone.


  146. @Lydia,

    Welcome to American Bedu. I’m sure if anyone can help from here they will respond. I would also suggest that if you have not done so, place your query on the [email protected] forum too.

  147. As Salaamu Alaikum Carol:

    I know this is strange, lol, but did I read somewhere on your blog where you wrote something about it being illegal for expats to dress like the locals in KSA?

  148. Salam Alaikum Safiyyah,

    I do not recall ever writing something like that!

  149. Salam Alaikum,

    I have been following your blog for some time now, and have enjoyed your posts. They have been wonderfully educational and I have planned my first trip to Saudi Arabia. Since my stay here in Jeddah, I’ve had a few questions that I would love to have your input on gift giving in the Saudi culture. Recently, I was invited to a Saudi family’s house and the wife gave me a very expensive swiss watch (I am also female and my husband is a good friend of this family). I was not expecting such a gift and am wondering what I should give her in return when I see her again in a few days. In one of your previous posts about gift-giving, you mentioned that a handbag is a gift that most Saudi women like. Is this appropriate? Would she expect a piece of jewelry in return? Should I give this to her in private or in the presence of her husband as she did to me? I want to be appropriate in returning her generosity.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

  150. Hi Carol!!

    I came across something I thought you might be interested in? MTV True Life will be doing a show next week on young people in Saudi Arabia:

    Would love to hear what you think of it in a blog post!

  151. @sophia,

    Thanks for bringing the link to the show to my attention.


    What a lovely gift for you to receive. You are not obligated to give a piece of jewelry in return. A fashionable handbag, scarf, shawl or perfume would be appropriate. After all, it is the thought and gesture that counts the most.

  152. Hi Bedu,

    Can you tell me the best expat community on the West side of Riyadh. We are considering a 3 year assignment and I know the community you pick can make or break your stay.

    I appreciate any help you can give.


  153. Hi Carol, I found a website of hi jabs for chemo patients. Your such a feminine pretty lady. I thought of you instantly. If I had the extra cash, I would have mailed it to you. I’m so strained for funds, all I can offer is the web address. Enjoy your summer.


  154. Dear Gabrielle,

    The web site and the hats are simply exquisite! Thank you so very much for thinking of me! (warm hug)

    I have stopped chemo treatments and hair is s l o w l y growing back. My breast cancer support group sisters fondly refer to me now as “the chia pet.”

  155. hi there!…i am from the philippines and im planning to work as a nurse in abha city, ksa. i just want to verify if there is such a hospital(Dr. Hassan Albar Medical Center)?…Could you please help me Ma’am?…It’s kinda new so I couldn’t find it on the internet…your reply will be much appreciated….thanks in advance!

  156. @Carmi,

    I am not in the Kingdom at this writing so it is difficult to easily verify. However if this institution or a recruitment agency is sponsoring you, you should have a contract which has specific information of the facility, its location and other data.

  157. can you feature some cities in ksa? life of nurses there? the problems they are facing.. etc./=) thanks!!!

  158. Miss Little Nurse,

    I believe you would enjoy an earlier post I wrote which provides links to all the various cities and destinations I have written about within KSA:

    If you also do searches of my blog using the term hospital or medical, that will bring up earlier posts I have written about experiences in the medical industry. I would be happy to write an updated post too. Is there a particular aspect you would wish to see covered? What hospital are you working at or interested in working?

  159. I am actually employed to work in MOH hospital in Tabuk..=) its my first time to work there and I have no idea on what’s the hospital of MOH looks like, the system, and its my first time to work in tabuk

  160. Thanks for the info. I’ll be happy to write some additional posts on nursing.

  161. Hi Carol,

    I am absolutely in love with your blog. It’s one of the very few that seem to be completely fair and it’s nice to see how everyone following this reacts to different culture issues. I have found the last few postings very interesting, are there any more articles that I can find on “I Want them Four” ? thank you ^_^

  162. @Persianxrose,

    Thank you so much and welcome! If you mean are there any more articles in the media, if you do a google search on the subject, some additional articles should be displayed.

  163. American Bedu,
    how much can one save if you are on a salary of 525,000 riyals(all inclusive — housing,schooling etc.) and living in a compound and sending your only child to an American or British School?
    from a Canadian

  164. Hi Winner,

    I responded to your query in the other post you had asked on expat life.

    Best Regards, Carol

  165. Question for you Carol.

    Please can you go back and delete my blogs from this site?

    I did not realize it is on public display for all the world to read.

    I am not very fond of this. And while I know that Allah SWT is the All-Seeing, it does not mean that I need to share it with the world.

    Sorry to have to ask this, but anyway you can delete my previous postings, and going forward I would be more careful about what I am writing?

    Thank you and may Allah SWT give you Shifa, and His Light always, Ameen.

  166. Dear Carol,

    It’s been awhile since I have written you last however I read your blog as often as I can and always enjoy the latest on issues concerning Saudi Arabia. Living in Saudi for 23 years, raising 3 lovely girls in the Eastern Province (SA), it’s always good to keep up on the changes occurring both in the private and public sectors.
    I have a question to ask of you and you might be the best person to ask since you were an American diplomat. My daughter who is currently a college student soon to graduate in Dec. 2011 is expressing interest in working as a foreign officer for the US govt. in other words working abroad in US embassy or consulates, as you have done. If possible, could your recommend what steps she must do in preparation for a career as a foreign officer such as advice on the test, written and oral etc. My daughter also speaks both Arabic and English well. She is a product of a mix marriage?
    I would appreciate any help or advice you may have for my daughter.
    On another note congratulations on the safe arrival of your adorable furry little friends. I’m sure seeing them once again, gives you a warm feeling in your heart for dear sweet husband.

  167. Dear AmericanBedu,
    It’s been awhile since I have written you last however I read your blog as often as I can and always enjoy the latest on issues concerning Saudi Arabia. Living in Saudi for 23 years, raising 3 lovely girls in the Eastern Province (SA), it’s always good to keep up on the changes occurring both in the private and public sectors.
    I have a question to ask of you and you might be the best person to ask since you were an American diplomat. My daughter who is currently a college student soon to graduate in Dec. 2011, she is expressing interest in working as a foreign officer for the US govt. in other words working abroad in US embassy or consulates, as you have done. If possible, could your recommend what steps she must do in preparation for a career as a foreign officer such as advice on the test, written and oral etc. My daughter also speaks both Arabic and English well. She is a product of a mix marriage?
    I would appreciate any help or advice you may have for my daughter.
    On another note congratulations on the safe arrival of your adorable furry little friends. I’m sure seeing them once again, gives you a warm feeling in your heart for dear sweet husband.

  168. @Sabrina,

    I would suggest that your daughter go to a Barnes & Noble or other large American bookstore and get the book on preparing for the Foreign Service Exam. She should also follow current events and international affairs very closely. I would recommend reading the Economist, Wall Street Journal and New York Times on a regular basis.

    I wish her all the best. Carol

  169. Thank you Carol I will pass the information along to my daughter.

  170. You’re welcome, Sabrina.

  171. Hi Carol, I got emailed this video and instantly thought about Tash ma Tash. It’s about two brothers married to one wife in India. Thought you’d find it interesting.

  172. How do I change my avatar?

  173. @Sandy,

    Go to and register.

    You can use your email, which you use on your comments on blogs. The site will allow you to add a picture of your choice. That picture will become your avatar every-time you make a comment in wordpress.

  174. MoQ..

    I was wondering that too. I tried that once and had issues and couldn’t get it to work but I will try again too thanks.

  175. Tiffany,
    This is a tradition in some tribes in the Himalayas and is restricted to these tribes. There is no stigma attached to this practice amongst them. The other people in the Himalayas and in plains who practice strict monogamy prefer to let them be as they want to lead their lives.

    I have lived in Himachal where these tribes exist and have travelled through the Himalayas. Anthropologists have done a lot of research on this practice.

    While polygamy is illegal in India, allowances are made for the traditions of some groups of people on the basis of their traditions. Thus, these tribes as well as Muslim men are allowed to practise polygamy if they want. While these Himalayan tribes have retained their practice, 95% of Indian Muslims are strictly monogamous and they look down upon any man who takes more than one wife, even if it is allowed to them legally.

    There are some castes in Kerala who used to be matrilineal and practised a form of polyandry till very recently. Only the eldest daughter married. Her younger sisters didn’t get married but established relationships with men from another caste. One woman could have several visitors, who stayed with her in her apartments. She received only one man at one point of time. the father of the children was responsible for their maintenance.

    Again there was no stigma attached to this in their society.

    This custom is almost dead now as these castes in Kerala have become modernised, monogamous and patriarchal like the mainstream.

    There are Muslim tribes in Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea and under Indian governance, who are matrilineal and used to practise polyandry similar to the Kerala Hindu castes mentioned above. They are still matrilineal, but I don’t know if they practise polyandry now.

    India is an ideal place for Anthropologists. You will find many such practices here which don’t follow the mainstream but are restricted to small groups of people.

    The general population just accepts that cultures can be very diverse and lets them follow their traditions without being judgmental.

  176. Oby,
    Check your mail about your gravatar icon.

  177. Are there any online website like at KSA, I would like to purchase and pay online and deliver the item to a friend working there. Thanks.

  178. Carol
    Hope you liked the review that was written about you at Divan online newspaper. It was just a drop from the ocean you write and take us all to sail on it.

    I wrote it myself:)

  179. @His Sweetheart,

    I LOVED the review and was so surprised when I saw it. Gosh….thank you so much for taking the initiative and writing such a kind and glowing review. (blush)

    It’s funny you mention ocean…I was just talking with a friend a few days ago about the ocean and we referred to it as “God’s bathtub!”

  180. hahahahaha!
    You’re my loveliest bathtub then?

    I will still do jallabya shopping with you when I go to Riyadh:)

  181. It’s a plan, HS!!

  182. Hi Carol, this blog covers an array of stories going on in the gulf region. Do you read this one, and if so is it truthful reporting?

  183. Hi Gabrielle,

    Right now there are a number of articles out about the Saudi Prince and the incident in London. There are facts in the reporting but I’m not sure whether any details have been exaggerated.

  184. @AB,

    The articles were covering the trial proceedings. I have read this from multiple sources including CNN and BBC. They all seem to cover the same facts. The prince was not found guilty yet, but I think the news agencies are covering the case as presented by the prosecutor accurately. The defense has not presented their case yet.

    This must be a huge media problem for Saudi, as the prince is a grandson of the king (from his mother’s side) and is also the son of the King’s nephew. What a shameful mess….

  185. Thanks MOQ for the info.

    I agree with you that this is a real media PR mess. ):

  186. Hi Carol,

    Since you are in saudi and you’ve blogged about the mail service, I need your help urgently!

    I am currently in Kuala Lumpur and I’m flying to jeddah in a matter of days. I am expecting a 20 pound parcel filled with new/used perfumes from florida – US with priority mail. It takes more than a week to arrive so I’m giving my saudi address instead.
    Now, the problem is, I’m really scared of the postal service in Saudi.
    Are they going to rip open and censor or tear something they see? Are they going to destroy and/or loose anything in the process?
    Will they get lost trying to find my address & end up returning it? because when I ordered pizza there, and gave them my full address with directions in three languages, they were still lost and confused.
    please help me! you may be my only hope..


  187. @Leila,

    The best ways to send anything into Saudi from abroad is through an established courier service such as FedEx, UPS, Aramex, or TNT rather than Post. Anything coming from outside of the Kingdom will be subject to customs. Perfume is questionable depending on alcohol content (yes; I know how minimal it is but alcohol is prohibited in KSA) and images on or shapes of perfume bottles that they are not viewed as ‘indecent.’

    Additionally, for any deliveries (mail or pizza) always give a phone number for contact. Be prepared to give directions using easily identifiable landmarks since many streets are not marked or numbered.

    Please do let me know whether you are successful in receipt of your package!!

  188. thanks so much for the quick reply carol.

    Now I’m really worried. The perfumes are made of mostly alcohol, so are they going to confiscate them because of that? but that doesn’t make sense. And the thing about fed ex and ups is its costly. Have you got any personal experience with this?

  189. I ship a lot to Saudi. They are not always careful with packages and sometimes things go missing- but most should get through. Considering that you can buy every kind of perfume here- I don’t think the alcohol should be a problem. There are shopfuls of it.

  190. Sadly I do have personal experience in that I never received any packages which were sent from the US through the regular post. ):

  191. I have only sent a few things regular post. I usually use the courier service “Aramex”. They set up a PO box in the US and then they transport for you. But is still goes through customs etc.

  192. Sandy, how does that work? Do you send it to Aramex PO box in US and can they then send it to KSA?

  193. Yes. That is how it works. I order most of my stuff from Amazon which mostly doesn’t ship overseas. So it goes to the PO Box and they bring it over. If you want exact details check with Aramex here in Saudi. They have a website as well.

  194. Would they ship medication this way? I mean through Aramex PO Box? I will check out the Aramex website.

  195. Thanks, Carol, that is very helpful.

  196. There are Muslim tribes in Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea and under Indian governance, who are matrilineal and used to practise polyandry similar to the Kerala Hindu castes mentioned above. They are still matrilineal, but I don’t know if they practise polyandry now.


    I am hearing for the first time in life that Muslims in Lakshadweep practised polyandary. Yes, Muslims in Lakshwadeep like all over India converted from Hindus but never heard of polyandary. Can you please give a reliable source?

  197. I’ve been following you for a couple weeks now and I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me. I’ve been finding websites that are negative and angry and I’m so glad you don’t do that. And you’re smart. I learn things from you! Keep it up! Thank you, Sue

  198. I tried to email you but I can’t tell if I sent it so I’ll do this again. I’ve been following you and it makes me happy to see that you don’t complain— You explain! You website is one of the smartest I’ve found covering KSL. Thank you and keep it up!

  199. Thank you Sue for your kind comments.

  200. Hi Carol,
    I’ve been keeping reading your blog for the past 2 days, finding in it all information the Saudi man I’m in love with wouldn’t share with me.
    I’m Italian, I met abroad a Saudi student. He was the man I have been waiting for all my life: kind, smart, sweet, comprehensive.
    Due to visa issue, the relation was a long-distance one, often troubled . Unfortunately it turned out of being a series of huge, terrible lies he has been building all year long. He introduced himself as an American born, mixed Saudi and European. Catholic, dual citizen etc. Etc. I discovered he is Saudi, 100%. It wouldn’t have made for me any differences at that time, why laying than? That was just the beginning…
    I’m relived sharing – even not in details – the experience that paralyzed the last years of my personal and professional life. Despite, I have to say, I loved this man and I was able to forgive him.
    I need some piece to put together in order to verify the story he told me. Do you have any information about a Saudi consulate in Chicago between 1980-1990? Apparently it was closed and moved to Huston.
    I would be grateful if you, or any of your subscribers, could help me on this one, considering I have already wrote to Saudi Embassy in Italy (making up I was a student writing her thesis and, needing information) but they are ignoring me.

  201. @micolfc,

    I’m sorry to hear of the relationship laden with lies that you had been in. I’m not aware of there having ever been a Saudi consulate in Chicago.

  202. Good day! I just want to ask if vacation entitlement is applied to every expats. I am a Filipino and working as a teacher. My employer told me that I sign 2 yrs contract that’s why I could not have vacation. Do I have the right to fight for my right?What is the used of this vacation if my contract is ended coz I have no plan to renew my contract anymore.
    Thanks and more power.

  203. Hi, my name is Sherr Fathi and i have metastatic breast cancer.
    i am looking for a support group or to start one,if you can help me find group.

  204. Hi
    I think your blog reflects your orientalist mentality. Please (if you havent as yet!) read Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’. It might help you ease out the confusion in your mind about Saudi Arabia, the “mehram” system, burqua and the like.
    Throughout your blog I find that you have worn the same typically “American”, shallow and unrefined, closed to tolerance for others sunglasses. Like most of the Americans, in whom there is an engrained air of superiority and false sense of perception, you follow the rope.
    remove your glasses, open up your mind to alternative perceptions and existences, which are and might not be “backward/orthodox/patriarchal/oppressive” as people like you and the medai paints it to be.
    high time!

  205. Think of this…
    it reflects the same media created paranoia about Islam, Muslims, Burqua and the rest.
    You are nothing but players in the hands of such political gimmickers!
    Please!!! Think out of the box rather than singing the same old stale song about Saudi Arabia and Muslims!
    FYI women do not become oppressed only if they are covered. They do not become the “second sex” just because they remain covered. What is wrong in being covered?
    Prophet Muhammad’s(pbuh) first wife was a business woman who employed him. Women even fought in wars and their being covered was no hindrance to their victory.
    Being covered doesnt mean that they do not study or are not modern. Of course the “American” mind refuses to accept that any woman who does not show off her cleavage and breasts and legs can be modern. the more naked you are the more “Modern” you are considered to be.
    There are societies in the world, not only Arabian but many more across the world who have a different way of living than ours. The way we look at them as strange, exotic, they too look at us in the same way!
    Reason is a human quality. Reasoning does not mean questioning. It also means understanding. Throughout your blog I see no such attempt at understanding. You can call it your stubborn “American/western” orientation or lack of knowledge about alternative cultures.
    If there is no attempt at understanding “others” then it is pointless to reason!

  206. hi i always visit ur site, can u pls help me to post this n internet coz i like to promote my saloon (MAALI FASHION) < riyadh), pls come and visit our saloon in riyadh we give big discounts now, THANK U and more power!

  207. I would like help with an injured cat where I am staying in Tabuk, Saudia Arabia. i am feeding the cat but it has a broken paw/leg. I have spoken to two vets who say they can’t help.

  208. yes i love the saudi style mens sandals….i was wondering if there is a web site to go to look at all the different colors and to be able to purchase a few pair…thanks

  209. ARAB man respect the women more than the american …. we have the real repect

  210. Hi Carol,
    I am Saudi American and was the Democratic Party candidate for the California State Assembly. I am in Riyadh for a short visit and I would like to speak to you.
    Please call me at 0500062860. Looking forward to hear from you.
    Ferial Masry

  211. Hi Carol

    I just wanted to know where are you located presently and how are you doing?

    With best wishes

    Islamabad Pakistan

  212. Hi, Salam, Bonjour,
    we do not know each other BUT i am desperatly looking for people living in Makkah.
    We will be moving to Makkah in december Inshallah….. and it is so so so hard to find any information about the city, other than hajj / Umrah info.
    I am french born pakistani , living in USA…. now moving to Makkah….. how simple is that ?!:):)
    So basically i speak French, English and Urdu… and I am looking for people who actually live there in order to learn about the everyday life in Makkah….
    do you know any websites? any people, any groups etc? i would really appreciate any information for expats etc…. thanks so much

  213. assalamu aleikum…
    Thank you so much for this site. I put it in my favorites so that i may refer to it again later. I was interested about the blog about how Saud’s break fast. My family is hosting a student from KSA and we want to make him as comfortable as possible.
    Could you make a post about the benefits of the miswak stick? I find this organic toothbrush to be a great benefit for so many things. You can find much information here :
    I am studying Arabic and it’s so fascinating. I love the language, the customs an traditions and the people. They are so kind and respectful.
    Again, thank you, and keep up the great and informative writing. I really appreciate you.

  214. Hi there, Nice blog
    I am working in a school in Jeddah .
    I know its off topic in every sense….I am looking for Native English speakers to teach in the school. Pay is good. Looking to hire locally.
    Please refer anyone suitable to the following Email: [email protected]
    It would mean a lot

  215. Oh by the way I am looking for female teachers ,thanks a bunch

  216. Salaam American Bedu,
    Nice blog…look forward to knowing more about people living in KSA.

  217. Hello AB,
    I have an important question and I’m sure you might’ve answered such a similar question.
    I am a Saudi woman who is residing in America for college purposes. My father is Saudi and my mother is Filipino. I met a lovely guy and we’ve been talking about the possibility of spending the rest of our lives together except I remember reading how it is such a fuss and it probably will be impossible almost.
    I also know that my family is against me marrying someone at all, probably not till I am 30 years and thus I have no support from their side.
    My boyfriend told me that I didn’t need to go through all that fuss but then again he hasn’t read through the articles and such that I have.
    What happens if I do get married to him without getting a dispensation from the King and just had a wedding here in the States.

  218. Hello Carol I’m once again back in KSA . I have a request that I think you could help me on. I am aware you have cats and brought them back to US from Riyadh, figured you be the best person to ask in recommending a good vet for my husband’s new cat? The cat is now 3 months old and will need its shots! ASAP plus my daughters are arriving next week and most likely would like to take the cat back to the US. I will need a vet who knows what paper work we will need before traveling back to the US. I have done this before with a small dog years ago, but from the Eastern Province where I lived. I am not familiar with Riyadh except visiting family and shopping at shopping malls. :)
    Thanks for your help,
    Hope you continue to recover, wish you well!
    I always admire your courage and will to go on after suffering such heartache in loosing someone so special to your heart.

  219. Dear Bri,

    Welcome back to KSA!

    My recommendation is Dr. Majid.

    If he is not available, then I’d recommend contacting Open Paws as an alternative with Dr. Lana.

  220. I am interested in a 28 days on and 28 days off teaching job in English Social Studies mathematics can you help? Carlisle Jukes [email protected]

  221. Hi Carol,

    I read your blog about diving at Yanbu. I’ve just started work at Yanbu and I’m really keen to meet other divers in Yanbu. However, I was told that as a single lady, it would be difficult to dive here. I would really appreciate it if you could introduce me to any divers in Yanbu so that I can get more information about the activity here. I really love the sea and used to dive frequently back home. I just want to continue diving here. Just need to know how to go about diving as a single female. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you for the blog. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

    Take care.


  222. Hi Carol… I just stumbled on your blog today and am grateful for all of the information you have shared. My husband and I are hosting a group of young Saudi men who are studying English in preparation for attending US universities. I am looking for information that will help me to understand them, cook for them and provide guidance and support for them as they face enticing (Haram) temptations here in the US.

    I have already made accommodations for them in the bathrooms and have prepared Halal chicken Al-Kabsa twice and Halal leg of lamb once (using an African marinade). The guys have shared fish and chicken dishes with us and have assisted me in cooking my first Al-Kabsa. Tonight, we will also be joined by a male Asian student for dinner and I am looking for ideas for dinner.

    I would like to learn MORE! I have specific questions that I would like to ask, but am concerned about protecting the privacy of our guests. May I contact you directly? I am not sure what your current situation is with your cancer, but would like to offer my best wishes and thanks for all that you are doing to build bridges and good will between people from Saudi Arabia and the USA (and other countries). Many, many thanks!

  223. I hope you are prepared with your prize for your Three Millionth Visitor. It’s going to be coming up soon. I know it’s going to be me! I’ll even drive down and pick it up myself in order to save you the shipping?

  224. Dear Carol,
    So nice to read your blog and your experience and love for Saudi Arabia. Living in Saudi Arabia makes a person love the country. It is love that brings us together as human beings and we are all leaves of one branch and fruits of one tree (The world is but one country and mankind its citizens). It is so nice to see a person who loves this country I lived all my life in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner and even though I got my canandian citizenship I still consider myself a saudi at heart (I do not have a saudi citizenship). I am particularly impressed by your care for women in Saudi and your feelings for them. In this day and age women have been endowed with the priviledge of education and hence have the right to serve their country as any man, society is likened to a bird with two wings man and woman and unless both wings work together the bird can’t fly and soar. I shake your hand and wish you great progress. I live in Al Ahsa with my family and you are most welcome at our place anytime.

  225. Thank you Lynn for giving me an idea…. I have something but the key is how to know WHO is no. 3 mil????

  226. I thought we had already solved that dilemma by determining that it will be ME!?

  227. welllllll…according to the blog stats you have the highest number of comments! (smile)

  228. EXactly!!:-)

  229. @Lynn – LOL!


    Now, WHY & HOW to identify females / people by religion & country wise?????



    10% DOCTORS’

    WHETHER ANY CASTE????????????????????

    Learn from animals’ / dead bodies / WORLD to discuss as doctors’ learn to save humans and scientists’ learn for developments & safety. PLEASE DONOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON ANY GOD & THINK BETTER / BEST.
    Differences between animals & humans is
    ‘Humans can think & have mind which can think for the best’


    Page no.47 (10th Line) The pride of man is due to his thinking and man are different due
    to his thinking power only.
    Page no.24 (18th Line) To-day the EDUCATION given to females is not good. We should
    give Progressive & Truth Education and it is not only from the books.
    Page no.68 (12th Line) If we think & ask them, they have nine lives in INDIA
    like Cats and Boys are dying like houseflies.
    Above written in HINDI BOOK ———-Bhartiya Nari
    Written by Swami Vivekananda
    ATLEAST BY THINKING / WORKING LIKE DR. ABDUL KALAM / BILL GATES YOU MAY ALSO REACH TO BEST / EXECELLENT TO SAVE PEOPLE / CHILDREN FROM WRONG EDUCATORS’ / LITERATE CRIME. Think & you may RESEARCH, why Muslim males are giving their skin or a small portion of males’ organ in childhood. There is theoretical & scientific reason & behind this reason of ETHICS is also there, you can also think. Other differences may be also RESEARCH for children. TELL THEM TRUTH. Why humans cannot think above neck, if you think below neck, you are male & female. IF A CHILD HAVE MIND OR SENSIBILITY TO THINK BECOME A BEST DOCTOR / SCIENTISTS TO SAVE HUMANS’ OR THINK ON TRUTH for best world for children by automatic system OR simple law AND insist to become a scientists for the best world by healing or other technologies like sensor / laser / Nana technology / remote / reiki etc. A CHILD / YOU MAY UNDERSTAND BY A PICTURE WHAT THEY DO OR HOW THEY DO.
    FROM; KISHAN JALAN, INDIA 0651—2200166 / 3279 & 033—22597321 / 7429 AND 0 98318 22701

  231. Hello Carol, Just wanted to ask how you are feeling? I hope there is good news. Take care. Dolores

  232. Hi Dolores,

    Thank you for asking. I am feeling good! How are you doing?

    Best Regards, Carol

  233. I am doing well Thank you for asking. I am glad to hear you are feeling well. Whatever you clelbrate I wish you a good, and a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Dolores

  234. Notice the spelling I still can’t type. lol Dolores

  235. I need to know if there is place available for my child he is 2 years old
    I wanna know the location and the price please and what kind of facilities do u have
    Thank you

  236. Dear carol,

    I started to read your blog when I became fond of a Saudi I met when I was in China with my mom for her treatment.

    Anyways, i think evrything happens for a reason. I learned in your profile that you also have a CA… you might want to try the treatment in fuda cancer hospital in guangzhou china. They have the best treatment for cancer of any type.

    Kind regards,


  237. Hello Carol,

    I really appreciate all of the informative information you have here on your blog. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I hope you can find the time in answering them.

    My wife is a British Family Physician Consultant living and working in Medinah, Saudi Arabia. I’m trying to find her a job now with the Armed Forces Hospital or with the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh. I’ve heard they have great facilities there and are much safer.

    I’m going to be traveling a lot and want don’t want to leave her in a place where she can’t get her basic necessities. It’s hard to go to the grocery store or do anything here in Medinah or anywhere else in the Kingdom if you don’t have a driver/car. But if she’s living in a compound in one of the military bases then I think she’ll find everything she needs there.

    Do you have any idea of what it’s like to live/work in those hospitals? Do you know anyone that I can talk with that can give us more information? If we decide to live in a secure western compound, how much will it cost us yearly?

    Any information would be great Carol.



  238. Hi Carol,

    The “serious relationships” with Saudi men and being left pregnant or with a baby it’s like an epidemic in U.S. or the westerns countries. I am one of them, I am going to have a baby boy in few weeks and as many women I am alone taking care about everything for my child (Healthcare, Cloth, Furniture, and all the things that he will need, plus my own bills).

    Recently, in Save the women! blog there is an article about the Saudi babies abandoned in U.S. The writer point that all this women have to be together as mothers and do something to let the world and the government of SA be aware of this problem that seems very popular nowadays, because the fathers just gone and they does not care about the problems that their children will face in the future (either psychological and financial). That is why I decided to opened a blog, which will help all the women who want to share their stories, help other women, and be together to do a media campaign, but moreover as a emotional support to know that we are not alone, that there are ton of women in our same situation.

    The blog page is

    For sure this blog has not intention to criticize the Saudi culture, or to be offensive to them. Probably a lot of people will think that the mothers and children left behind want money, but this is an issue that cause more than financial problems. I know your blog is read by millions of people, and I would like to find more girls in the same situation.

    Best wishes.

  239. I’m an American interested in moving to KSA for a few years and would like to know what processess should be taken to do so. I am single. I have knowledge of the culture. My mother was a muslim from karachi before moving to US so I know about the traditional aspect to draw from. I’ve also visited North Africa several times and stayed in Marrikkesh, Rabat. What jobs are availabe, where should a single woman should live, what do single woman do etc. Any information is appreciated. Thanks

  240. American Bedu:

    Have you thought about a blog discussion on why there is such westernophobia?

  241. I like that idea, Bigstick. Thank you!

  242. Your welcome.

  243. @American bedu

    My apologies.

  244. why are you apologizing? No need.

  245. Hi there
    I really liked a lot your blog, My name is Nana I’m a teacher in an international school and I’m a new comer to Saudi, I really hope to find foreigner friend in Riyadh. I’m looking for having a social community where I can enjoy having friends and exchange cultures.

  246. would you all be interested in showcasing this video?

  247. hi there american bedu i was wondering you have done certain blogs on children without there fathetrs and on non-saudi women marrying saudi men. i have a daughter who is two i got pregnant with her 3 years ago i would like to contact her father if you have any sources that would be great and also i would like to ask about any information you have on marrying saudi men as my husband is saudi not my daughters father but we would like to make everything correct and legal in the kingdom.

  248. Hello everyone:) I have recently started a group to help women who have children by Saudi fathers and these men have abandoned them. This is a largely growing problem here in the USA. To date these women have no where to turn for answers or support, I hope to help change that. If you have time or you know anyone in our situation please feel free to give us an add. We could use all the support we can get.

  249. How goes your treatment? Dolores

  250. @Dolores – Thank you for asking. I underwent a liver biopsy on Thursday and all went well. I’m still a little sore and not to lift anything above 2 pounds. However, all is going well and I will start my clinical trial on Monday.

  251. Good luck with the trial. I have a PET scan in March but so far the Herceptin is doing its job. Keep me advised. Dolores

  252. Dolores,

    I’ll be thinking of you and your approaching scan. Let’s have that herceptin keep working. The latest edition of CURE magazine talks about the presentations made at the San Antonia conference on Breast Cancer – well worth reading. If you are not aware, is an excellent website.

    Best Regards, Carol

  253. AB:

    Do you have some specific topics on family activities that go on in Saudi. Such as follows women and men/family’s going swimming together, sailing boats, fishing, river rafting, bicycling, hiking, nature trails, geo tracking, cave explorations, sking, snowmobiling (or 4 wheeling), sand duning, racing car driving, sky diving, scuba diving, surfing, in-line skating, etc. I would just like to know what do they do as a family with men and women that is an activity besides the following shopping, entertaining other family in separate areas, or etc. Could you discuss what they may actually do that is a physical activity of enjoyment together. More than just women going down to the beach to wade in the ocean.

  254. @Bigstick,

    I have addressed some of the queries you have raised in the past but I am happy to post some updates. Thanks for the suggestions and stay tuned!


  255. AB:

    Thanks, I found very few. Some items on golfing and then there was some ice skating but I was wondering how they handle the family component or is it just separate all the time?

  256. AB:

    Thanks and I will stay tuned.

  257. Carol:

    Has wordpress send you the new bill they are trying to pass in the US on internet usage, blogging and censorship yet. If not here is what they sent me.

  258. No; I have not received an email from wp.

  259. Hi Carol,

    I was offered to work in saudi arabia and my agency asked me which two ciites I would like to work? jeddah or riyahd? i do like to go out for shopping and dinning out so I am not sure which two cities would be better for me, I am a single and I will be working as medical techologist in the labaratory. Also do you know how much is the salary of american medical technologist? Thanks a lot.


  260. Hi Trisha,

    My recommendation would be Jeddah as it is a more open environment than Riyadh and also has the shopping and wide selections of restaurants.

    I really can not comment on the typical salary for it depends on whether you’d be working at a government or private hospital -and- your nationality. Yes; with most expat positions in the medical sector the salaries are also dependent on nationality.

    Good luck,

  261. Hi Carole,

    Thanks a lot for the advice…I will consider your advice…I will choose jeddah instead of Riyadh, I will be hearing some update next week from my agency if anymoore cities they want me to choose. My nationality is british.

    Kind Regards,

  262. Please let me know what you ultimately decide and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions about life in Saudi.

    Best Regards, Carol

  263. I would like to know where is ur place and what is ur no plzz thanks

  264. A thought I’ve been pondering:

    Women can’t drive so must have male drivers. They can hire drivers. These are men that they are not married to nor relations. Conclusion the one place an unmarried man and woman can be is in a car?? Could a western woman catch a ride with some man on her compound? Or does the driver have to have some kind of special license to drive women? Could a young Saudi man interested in meeting women get a license to drive women? (I’m just trying to grasp this)

    As always thanks for information.



  265. Those are good questions, Annie.

    It does seem odd that with the segregation and no women driving that unrelated men and women can be alone together in a car!

    However, whoever is driving a single woman should be registered (via iqama or other id card) as a driver by profession. While there are women who will catch rides or go places with men from a compound, they take a calculated risk that they would not be stopped and asked to provide id.

    Best Regards, Carol

  266. Thanks Carol, this makes sense.

    I see now that a western man on a compound would not be able to offer rides to his transportation challenged cohorts aka western women. Also if he showed up at the Dept that issued the Iquama he would be deeply suspect especially if he was a teacher/doc/engineer.

    It’s hard to get my head around how this all works. It’s why traveling is great.

  267. Carol:

    How much do you know on how the Saudi way of life damages men and boys? What I mean is things like being forced to leave wives or children in other countries. I know it is a choice that the Saudi man does this but the fact is that there are times he must chose between them setting up issues and damage to him and his life. How about how the family or government exerts itself against the individual males wishes. Has there been any discussion on this that either you have done or maybe others have discussed? In other words, can we hear the other side’s issues and pressure to conform along with the damage it has done to young men and boys. I would think that you might have had some insight into this and the issues it causes.

  268. Thanks Bigstick for raising the subject.

  269. Dear Bedu,

    Thanks for keeping this amazing and wonderful blog. I wish you the much health and good strength in your battle with cancer.

    I found your blog because I am interested in coming to KSA to teach for a year or so.
    I have two very pertinent questions:

    I am an unmarried 27 year old woman. I read on that they had positions available in KSA for women over 27. How does that work?
    Am I allowed to come on my own to teach? How does that work with the guardian system? I’ve tried to get someone from there to answer that question, but I haven’t had an answer.

    Secondly, I’m gay. I know that homosexuality is punishable by death in KSA. I intend to be celibate, to be safe. Could I be punished if they found out, that I am, even if I haven’t acted on it?
    And one less pertinent question:
    What is the best place in KSA to live?

  270. Carol how goes your treatment? Just checking up on you. Dolores

  271. Hi Dolores,

    Thank you for asking! I am feeling great!! I will not know for a few months yet on how the experimental drug is working for me. I have to receive several cycles of the drug before I get a scan. I will certainly let you know. In the meantime I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. I love it!

  272. wonderful news!!! Not only for you but for others in the same situation. Dolores

  273. Dear Vanessa,

    While you have seen positions for teachers in Saudi Arabia, you would still require a sponsor. If you applied for any of the positions, the institution which hires you would be your sponsor.

    If you choose to take a position in Saudi Arabia my advice would be to not acknowledge your sexual preference to avoid problems.

    Personally I think every place in the Kingdom has something good to offer. However, Jeddah or Damman are more open cities.

    Good luck!

  274. Bedu I love your Blog. Can you please tell me more or point me in the right direction, about Saudi women in Hijab dropping or passing a note or their phone number to a man. I run into this situation in other Arab countries.

  275. Hi Mike,

    I have observed that in Saudi Arabia it is more often the men (guys) who are dropping numbers and notes to women. It can be too compromising for a note to be found with a woman’s number and/or name.

  276. Thank you very much Carol. Thats what I figured and that’s why I asked that particular question. I cannot picture women doing that. Thank you

  277. Thank you so much Carol. Thats kinda what I figured. I could not really see this happening in KSA. By the way are you doing ok now, I mean your health? God Bless

  278. @Smokeybones – you are welcome. I am doing okay! I am participating in a Phase I clinical trial for my cancer. It’s still too early to know any kind of results but I can say that I feel great and actually have a lot more energy. Thanks for asking!

  279. Hello American Bedu,

    have you heard about anything that as a blogger we need to have a registration with the Ministry of Information before we could post anyt blog post.

  280. Hi Dex,

    I know that there were rumblings that bloggers in KSA were to register with the MOI but I’d have to check on whether that became a law or just a hope. This would not apply to bloggers outside of the Kingdom.

  281. @American Bedu,

    That would be a big help if i will be able to know the truth behind this , actually it was in the news about a year ago (January 2011)

  282. You’re right Dex. It made a splash in Arab News and then no more was heard.

    I think that while the Saudi’s could block web sites (to include blogs), enforcing registration would be a challenge..especially since so many blog platforms are hosted on servers outside of Saudi.

  283. Hi Carol!!
    Long time, no “see”! I hope you’re feeling well, especially as it seems the weather is behaving quite nicely recently (here at least):) I found this article in HuffPost today and was wondering if you’d heard of this study, and what you think of it. Any thoughts?

    Best Wishes!

  284. Hi Azur!

    It is great to hear from you. That is a very interesting study and no; I was not aware of it.

    I’m not surprised by the results of the study and the marked increase in the number of mosques in the United States. In spite of 9/11, America and Americans remain very tolerant of all faiths and right to practice such faith.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  285. Thanks for commenting:) I found it interesting given the numbers of American musilms’ perceptions of their reception in the US and of the radicalization (or lack thereof) of muslim youth in the US. My dearheart, has been more than a bit nervous about a potential move to a country he perceives as hostile – maybe this will make him feel better about it.

  286. I think your dearheart will have a warm welcome and I’m confident you will make sure of that too! (smile)

  287. Carol how are you feeling? I was lucky again PET scan was clear. How are the new treatments coming along? Dolores

  288. Dear Dolores,

    That is fabulous news that the PET scan was clear!!

    I am feeling okay and will have new scans at the end of the month.

  289. Good Luck Carol I know you will be better. I am sure the prayers that are being said for you will have a great affect on your health. With your positive mental attitude what else could happen except recovery. Keep me advised. Dolores

  290. Carol I hope you do not mind me asking about your health. Dolores

  291. @Dolores,

    I don’t mind you asking at all. I’m touched you think of it!

  292. We survivors have to stick together.

  293. I have learned so much about the people of Saudi Arabia through you and it was nice to read this article from my local Times Leader newspaper from Wilkes-Barre, Pa of a group of Saudi Students studying here in Pennsylvania.,144298

  294. Dear Karen,

    Thank you so much for sharing the article. I enjoyed reading it. I think the festivals that the international students put on, regardless of country, are well worth attending.

  295. Carol,

    I saw this article and thought of you. How are you doing? I do hope things are going all right for you down there:)

    Also, I wanted to let you know, my Saudi is coming back for another visit this summer – and we may be starting the immigration process? Wish us luck please!


  296. @AzurEyes – thank you so very much for the link. It hit home more than you can possibly imagine.

    And of course I wish you all the luck in the world!!

  297. Dear Carol,

    Thank you very much for adding Jeddah Blog to your links list – I only just noticed! If you visit Jeddah Blog you will see that we have reciprocated in kind:)

    Best regards,

    Jeddah Blog

  298. please send email contact respectively to the King Office on my following address: [email protected]

  299. Hello KIngdom.. I served the kingdom as recommended by the King’s brother, Prince Sultan for about five years in the 90s and I don’t want to bother too much.. I send pleas and stories to [email protected] for storage but they do not know what to do with my problem which is some one in the usa government apparently with USA corporation help is trying to kill me and has attempted to several times in the last three years and as the liers rule they will certainly lie about it, so I do not know what kind of assistance that can be accomplished because perhaps nothing can be done, but I fear (check white pages zip code 66210, Geraldine C Hecht, my former wife and my children will be at danger soon especially if these CIA type people kill me off… may allah bless, mike… I worked for IAP under the Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation and was a good engineer for the kingdom… I am hiding here and there please help if you can ..! mike (michael c hecht pe bsme bsee

  300. I need a muslim who is sure of himself 4 interraction-ALUKO CHARLES(+2347035135761).

  301. I live in USA with my family of 5.I am 59 years of age. Since last 40 years I am suffring with with extreme depression,anixity. I lost all my young age in this never had a real happiness in mylive .In these circumastance I am supporting the family. After 59 there is only one wish to very very often holly Macca and madina to spend my rest of the life in pray over there. Can I request the king of Saudi Arabia to give permenat visa to go there when ever I want.May be this will give some peace of mind with the cronic depression and anxiet.

  302. AB:

    Can you do a story on this. I think it is very important and this website is Quran friendly and it will hopefully reach some people who are debating about circumcision or FGM.

    At the end of the article is some posters that can be used.

  303. I’ve got to think on this one, Bigstick. Thanks for bringing the link to my attention.

  304. This is the best blog I have ever seen!
    Consider me one of your biggest fans!:)

  305. Hello Carol, I hope you are doing better. I was just watching this interview on youtube which might interest you:

    Sincerely, djd

  306. @DJD – Thank you for the link to the video. I think it is worth watching. I started it but am going to come back when I can watch it in its entirety without any interruptions.

  307. THX for your exiting blog & where I can have some personal question?!

  308. I can be emailed directly [email protected]

    I will answer as promptly as I can as I am not feeling 100 per cent now.

  309. Dear Bedu,
    A good topic to talk about would be about the different types of marriages in the kingdom.
    Also about the great number of homosexuals in the KSA as a result of the segregation of the sexes.

  310. Dear Carol,

    Jeddah Blog recently moved to its own dedicated website. I would be very grateful if you could update the link to Jeddah Blog on your blog as follows:

    Best regards,
    Jeddah Blog

  311. @sabaa – Done!

  312. Thank you very much Carol:)

  313. AB:

    How have you been anyway since your last bout in the hospital?

  314. @Bigstick, It’s been a slow and uphill recovery to be frank. I’ve still got some hurdles and road bumps to get through but I’m determined to regain the lost ground. Biggest challenge is zero energy and pain management but that kind of comes with the territory.

  315. AB:

    I keeping hoping for remission but a good day is a good day as well so I will start hoping for several good days to turn into weeks of good days and on.

    No matter what AB, even with our disagreements, I find you to be an extraordinary brave woman. Who can even teach me a thing or two.

    If I get too much on occasion just tell me I am being a pain and go to the debate page.

    PS: I don’t discount that an entity beyond my understanding exists just that religion has nothing to do with any entity. Religion and God are separate as far as I am concerned. One needs the other not the other way around. God doesn’t need religion and man has an innate ability to have faith without religion. Religion is the needy one that must have both man and God in order to survive.

    Take care. Get some rest and think about continous pain free days filled with energy. :)

  316. Thanks much, Bigstick!


  318. hey.. i am currently here in saudi .. reading ur blog has been very interesting. thanks a lot!

  319. How get your egg incubetor

  320. Hi, I am going to Riyadh for a business trip from 1st till 4th of October and I have a 2 years old daughter, I need to put her in a day care from 8am till 5pm is it possible to put her in yours??? Where is your exact location.

  321. The flamingo image you used in Riyadh Zoo is a copyrighted image of Splendid Arabia ( Hope you will provide a credit to the site under the picture.

  322. As a suggestion, if such topics are not already in this blog:

    hobbies/passions of Saudi Women- or does it often just cooking, shopping, etc., traditional women’s activities? Do they belong in book clubs, etc.

    are cities, towns in Saudi Arabia- currently being designed/built for walking, cycling with amenities close by? Or stuck on the old (tired) North American model where a car is needed to go everywhere?

  323. Great questions, Jean!

    I can give you some short answers. Saudi Women are not really known for hobbies. Some (minority) are in book clubs. Some also enjoy going to a ladies fitness center. But the primary hobbies/activities do evolve around cooking and shopping.

    Cycling has not taken off in Saudi Arabia at all. Some areas, such as the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh is planned well where one can easily walk to the amenities. I did hear there was a planned area in Jeddah which was to be convenient for walking to amenities as well. Overall though due to the climate (heat, sand, etc) most folks do not think of walking to the store or the mall. There are generally separate “designated walking areas” for individuals that wish to take walks.

  324. Hi I really like your website and i appreciate your great effort. I want to know if there is any institute for Arabic learners. As i’m looking forward to teach Arabic to non Arabs. or if you know any other place where i could do something with arabs.actually i’m looking for the job here in Al khobar.

  325. Hi
    I was looking if there is a possibility for a saudi woman to marry an american guy.
    I’ve searched every where
    I couldn’t fined an accurate answer
    I don’t know it is really possible or not
    they are not in the same country for now each one is in his home land.
    Does anyone have a clue??

  326. Hi Carol!!

    I’m VERY excited about your upcoming documentary and hope you keep us posted. I can’t wait!

    Also, I found this article today and thought I’d share in case you hadn’t seen it. I found it to be very interesting in that they said they also hoped to eventually apply the process to breast cancer.

    You remain always in my thoughts, though I may not be in contact as often as I’d like.


  327. Hi American Bedu,

    I don’t know if you can help me with this or not. I would like to vist the Kingdom in a few months, but I’m not sure what all needs to be done to do so. I was hoping you can give me some tips or steps on how to begin the process. I only want to go as a tourist for a few days.


  328. Hello Kathy,

    I am an American married to a Saudi. I currently live in Riyadh, if you need anything just e-mail me at [email protected]. I would be more than happy to help you with your stay in the Kingdom.

    Norma Ortiz (aka..Noorah)

  329. Hello American Bedu,

    I just came across your blog….cannot stop reading. I met my Saudi husband in 93, and have been living in Riyadh for 7 years now. I was pleasantly surprised on how well and entertaining your blog is. I nearly broke down in tears when I read about your husbands passing as well as your battle with cancer. You are both in my prayers( allah ya hum a to your late husband). Can’t wait to put my kids down at night to continue racing….thank you sooo much!

    Noorah (Um Mohammad)

  330. Dear
    I live in Taif
    I would like to by Regaine solution for women. Do you know if it sold in Jeddah or anywhere in KSA.

    many thanks

  331. Dear American Bedu,
    I have been very disturbed from the day I heard a Sri lankan gril was executed in Saudi Arabia.. and after digging deep into the topic I have realized how cruel Arabs can be even though they are the roots to Islam and their actions are such that even Allah himself would be ashamed of calling these Arabs Muslims.

    Isn’t there anything that can be done to bring these expatriate workers out of their sufferings?

  332. Dear Bedu,
    Just a concerned reader…how are you doing? My prayers are with you.
    The Reader

  333. Hi, I have enjoyed reading your blog very much, especially your posts on food. I liked that you did not post a recipe, just the emphasis on technique. I spent a portion of my teenage years in KSA and other parts of the Middle East.
    Nowadays, as an amateur student of food history, I am drawn towards this region that has had resonance with me for so long. This was how I found your blog. I’d like to invite you to check out mine.I hope that you will find my cooking as interesting as I found yours.

    raymond at

  334. Good morning, My name is Mohammed and I would like to offer my services to help everyone here in providing apartments and villas in the compound for rent in Riyadh. Where I know most of Compounds if this is possible, let me write my address and telephone number. Thank you

  335. plz i want to go kuwait 03004347294

  336. Good afternoon, I am a British Early years Educational consultant and live in Riyadh . I am looking to open a nursery following the British Early years Curriculum. i have been trying to find a place for a year and a half but to no avail. If someone knows of any nursery for sale or has property that fits the guide lines for the Ministry of Education, please email me at the following email address or call me on my mobile phone between 8am and 5pm
    Thank you
    Mob: Riyadh 0541226435

    Email: [email protected]

  337. hello all,
    does anyone know where to get tattoo removal in jeddah? seems to be an off topic and different area to look into.

  338. greygirl: I asked for you in a Saudi women’s forum and they suggested you try here:

  339. Hello to all and the Admin,

    First of all, I know it is too late for me bid Carol good bye, but I want to send my heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and relatives. I’ve been busy lately and it is only tonight that I’ve read about her passing.

    And lastly, I am concerned about the Syrian situation. I live in the Eastern Province.

    I’ve been following the development of the crisis situation with regard to Syria and the planned US lead military intervention, thereupon could escalate into a regional (and even global) catastrophe. With Saudi Arabia being a key player in the Middle Eastern political atmosphere and its symbiotic economic relationship with the USA, don’t you all think that the Eastern Province, from Khobar/Dammam all the way up to the Kuwait border, is in a precarious situation?

    I mean, the only thing separating KSA from Iran are the Arabian Gulf and the Straight of Hormuz which both are strategic. Control of these bodies of water will likely be a major “vantage point” for that country if the conflict progresses to hostility.

    So what do you think is the Kingdom’s defense, security and evacuation plan should there be any unfavorable outcome in the Middle Eastern crisis?



  340. To,
    Respected MADAM.

    without good feet a horse cannot work and proper shoeing is absolutely essential

    A simple error, such as a nail in the wrong place, a shoe which is too tight, or

    the foot trimmed to the wrong angle, can cause chronic lameness an terrible

    deformities of the leg over time . no leg no horse.

    Sir, my Name is Noor Bacha I worked 11 years as a FARRIER in Multinational UK charity organization

    > BROOKE HOSPITAL FOR ANIMAL Which working in 13 country from Since, Last 75 years
    > including Pakistan.

    > And also 2 years in UAE Abu Dhabi Almotawa Stable. now i am intrusting work
    > in yours Stud stable. in KSA
    > Now i am in Pakistan contact mobile no: 00923314272046
    > be side Farriery i have Multifal working experience in equine

    > please support me to find a good job in KSA. Many thanks for the kind help.
    > Best . regards.

  341. hi, I’m chamari lives in Jeddah with my husband and son, I want to send my son for swimming classes and pl tet me know any places if u know ….my e mail : [email protected]

  342. Greetings!
    I’m looking for day casre for my baby, qnd want to ask availability on your day care
    I want to ask about your location and day care staff education., just wwnt more details about it..
    My baby have year and 7 months
    Time from 7 to 4. From Sunday until Thursday

    Thqnk you

  343. Dear American Bedu,
    In the wake of the Saudi women’s empowerment and its resistance, truth needs to be shed on the reality of our lives with drivers or lack of.
    “Driving me crazy in KSA” is a collection of true stories about drivers that will be published in order to expose the truth of genuine frustration, dependence, and sometimes fear while living in Saudi Arabia.
    We are looking for true stories that can depict feelings, give live examples, and indirectly demonstrate the need for women to be allowed their human right to “auto”mobility. We are honored to invite you to write a short story of creative non-fiction if you like, or to assist us in collecting other short stories from your followers, if they like. We are very excited to bring together our voices to reveal a very interesting part of our lives in KSA. Some stories are sensitive and we understand the need for them to be anonymous, we will publish each story with its own title and the authors name, or by anonymous, depending on the request. Our Facebook page can be LIKED and viewed at
    Stories are being collected at the email [email protected].

    Thank you very much. We appreciate your kind participation.

    Modia Batterjee

  344. Hello. I am working in ksa as an engineer. A colleague of mine has recently come here . His wife is still in his home country. She is Hep B+ but her PCR is negative. He wants to know whether she will qualify for a residence visa in KSA?

    Please reply

  345. Hello American Bedu
    I read your story on Prince Saud Al-Faisal it was a very interesting article and I was wondering if it’s possible to get his office’s address in Riyad or Jeddah.
    Thank you and keep up the good work

  346. Hi. My husbands father was saudi military when he was stationed here he met my mother in law and soon after fathered a child my husband, he had to leave when my mother In law was 6 months pregnant. He asked if she could name him if a boy yahia asiri and a girl layla. Well it was a boy. My husband at one time tried looking for him but with no luck. Now with a daughter who is very curious about her saudi roots we are trying but havent had any luck. Im not asking for help but it is nice to know my husband isn’t the only one .

  347. Does anyone here have informatiion on how a Saudi woman living in America can marry an American and get her residency permit? What are the procedures that you have had to go through if you have had to do this or know of others who have? Any feedback would be helpful. P.S. the American guy is a muslim.

  348. Hello,

    First I’d like to thank you for being such a great resource.

    I’m in very difficult situation. I met a girl while studying abroad and we’ve decided to get married. I’ve spoken to my mother and my sister about our intentions and although they were not entirely supportive, they were not hostile towards the idea and seem like they might eventually warm up to it, especially after getting the chance to meet her. I thought my family was the biggest hurdle.

    I can’t remember where I read this, but I thought the minimum age for a Saudi male to marry a foreigner (she’s a non-Arab Muslim) was 24. We planned on getting married two years after I graduate. Unfortunately, I recently found out that the minimum age is in fact 30. I am only 22. Is there a way to get around this law? I have certain family obligations that require me to live in Saudi Arabia, so moving to the States unfortunately isn’t an option.

    Thank you

  349. Hello!! I am a Physician / Anesthesiologist. I recently signed a 24 month Contract to provide Anesthesia Services to the King Faisal Hospital in Saudi. I am looking to make friends / find ways to maintain my exercise regime / and have a fulfilling life in the Kingdom. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again!! Malini

  350. Hi Carol,

    I’d like a contact if possible for the Australian archeologist you interviewed on your blog please?


  351. Dear Concern,
    My kids have at the age of 4 and half, he have not speech as yet and little bit need special care. Would you please let me know that your school accept him for reregistration in play group? and what is your fee structure for speech therapy?
    Waiting for your kind reply.
    Thanks,,,,Muhammad Imran

  352. Hello,everyone I am looking for an apartment to rent! Can ayone help me with this.I arrived in Saudi Arabia only a week ago!

  353. Hi, would like to know how can i join the hash harriers / riyadh rovers ???would like to join their dessert trips…plz advice …tq…

  354. Hai, dr arjumand here. Am planning to move Riyadh to join king faisal hospital. I am having a 2.5years old son and i am really concerned about his general care, education and learning activities. His father lives in UK , so i am the only care taker but with my job i seems difficult … Also my job timings would be 07:30 to 18:00hrs. Plz guide for a school having day care as well. So daycare staff there would pick him after school.

  355. Hi

    I am Ethiopian living in Riyadh legally. My BF is American working and living there. so now we decide to get married and live in America, and I don’t have any idea about marriages in Saudi Arabia or what I have to do. here am looking for some information and help?

    thank you carol.

  356. Hi, I just came across your blog recently and I was wondering do you know if midwifery is used in Saudi Arabia or is it mainly gynaecologists and doctors in hospitals? Also what is the dress code of the midwives in saudi? Are they able to wear niqab and abaya? I saw a documentary where a Muslim lady was a gyneacologist and was wearing an abaya with a doctors coat on top and a niqab and shayla scarf. Or is the dress code more relaxed sue to the less presence of men? As here in the west women have to wear trousers and short sleeve tops and small hijabs so they are unable to cover appropriately. Thank you

  357. Hello people, anybody knows Fossils hunting hikes going on? or anyone interested in sharing some info. regarding fossil hunting spots on Jeddah and Nearby? Thanks

  358. Is this blog still active? Is the owner Muslim? If so, assalmualaikum wa rahmatualahi wa barakatuh
    I want to move to bilad al haramayn soon to Madina area, probalby Yanbu’ al Bahr, in sha Allah.
    I have to sell my horse here in the states, which is very sad I will miss him a lot, and want to get another horse when I get to the AP. Where can I buy a horse and are there good riding places, and where can I keep a horse? how much monthly does a decent place charge for boarding?

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