WORLD: What Exactly is Metastatic Breast Cancer



My journey with breast cancer began in Saudi Arabia in 2008.  My cancer was caught early.  I had a mastectomy and believed my fight with cancer was behind me.  Sadly I was very wrong.  The ugly disease reared its head again almost one year exactly in 2009.  By that time I was in the United States where my late husband had chosen to come for treatment of his own cancer.  He lost his battle and mine continued.  Again, by summer 2010 I had hoped my battle was over.  That was not meant to be.  My cancer continued to metastasize to the lungs, bones and abdomen.  Now I have to live daily with metastatic breast cancer knowing it is a disease that will not go away unless I am blessed with a miracle.  Not everyone may know or understand what it means when they hear that a person has metastatic breast cancer.  I’m sharing this youtube video which I believe provides a good explanation and puts faces of those like me who know that now every day and every moment counts.



This video has motivated me that I will create my own video in the near future to share with American Bedu followers and others.


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  1. We never know how much time we have. We can only do our best to realize within our divine image and likeness.

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