Saudi Arabia: Tribute to Dr. Majed and in Memory of Max A’Million

Finding the right vet whom one can trust and have confidence in can be a challenge anywhere in the world.  It is even more of a challenge when living in Saudi Arabia where having pets is not as widespread as in the West.  In the Kingdom there are vets available and most pet stores in the Kingdom will have a vet on the staff or who can be called.  However in some cases, these vets and other vets in general may have questionable credentials, outdated credentials or credentials which cannot be verified.  Or given the stigma with certain kinds of pets such as dogs, a vet may be reluctant to treat one if it is ill. 

 When ones pet is ill one wants to know that the vet can be trusted, is compassionate as well as an expert and professional in the chosen field of veterinary science.  Here is where Dr. Majed comes in.  Dr. Majed was born in the Kingdom and is an active practicing veterinarian.  He studied and received his licenses in the States.  He continues to keep apprised of the trends and updates in the field of veterinary science.  He is compassionate about animals and equally important, available to those who need his services.  He has a kind and patient demeanor when handling a sick animal that does not want to be bothered with human contact.  He is the vet one wants to call if they have a sick pet.


I can personally testify to the compassion and caring of Dr. Majed.  I’m sorry to say that this weekend my 13.5 year old Persian, Max A’Million (the old man) passed away.  He was ill for several weeks and Dr. Majed was always right there.  Not only taking my calls at various hours but initiating calls himself to see how Max was doing.  Unfortunately though, in spite of the outstanding care, Max really did not have a chance as he passed away while in my arms from cancer.  I now have to reconcile myself that it was his time to go and he is now free from pain.  I cherish all the precious and fond memories I had of Max.  I had him since he was a 6 week old kitten and he traveled around the world 3 times with me on various postings and assignments.  We saw and were through a lot together.  This may sound odd to one who has never had an animal as a pet, but trust me when I say that a unique bond is formed and that pet becomes one of the family.

  So in closing this post, if you are in the Kingdom and specifically in Riyadh and need the services of a competent vet, Dr. Majed is who you want to call.   His contact number in Riyadh is:  0505208451

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  1. Thanks for the number of Dr. Majed.

    This is a nice and touching post. As a cat love and owner, I truly feel for your loss. Only those who shared their homes with cats really know how smart and affectionate they are.

  2. Abdullah,

    Thank you for your comment and comforting words. Program Dr. Majed’s number into your mobile – you will not regret it.


  3. Dear Carol, I very sorry the ”Old man” has passed away. I am sure Max has had a lovely life, there could not have been a better and more beautiful end than in your arms.


  4. Sad to hear that. I remember when the dog I had growing up died. I was abroad and got the news on the phone. It is interesting how much of an impact pets can have on our lives.

  5. Dear Carol, I am so so sorry to hear about Max. I know the experience is devistating having gone through the same thing with an 8 month old puppy 6 years ago. God, I can’t even imagine going through this with a pet owned for almost 14 years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of your family. Karimah

  6. Carol,

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I know growing up with animals (cats and dogs) how attached you can become and they definately are part of the family.
    Thought it may put a smile on your face to tell you that I have a brother who also has a Max-A-Million who is 13 1/2 years old but he is an English Springer Spaniel. He still tries to go every where with my brother but it has become increasingly difficult the past couple years.Like you,my brother has taken Max all across the U.S. and Canada to go fishing, mushroom hunting,bird hunting,and exploring.He definately has had a “dogs life!”

    Peace & Blessings!

  7. Carol,


    I am sorry to hear of your loss. You could not have written a better tribute to Max. Rather than focus upon your grief, you carried the subject- via cyberspace- into society, where other people will undoubtedly be guided to Dr. Majed for high quality care that is hard to obtain for pets in the Kingdom. Because of your and Max’s experience with Dr. Majed, and your willingness to share that here, other pets (and their families) will benefit.

    That doesn’t lessen how much you’ll miss him, but it is a small comfort, I am sure. Thank you.



  8. All,

    Thanks so much for your comments and support. They are all very much appreciated.


  9. Oh My Dear Carol! I am so sorry. We have 3 cats. May Allah (swt) comfort you and may He reward Dr. Majed.

  10. Thank you Safiyyah.

  11. That is so sad; at least he died with you holding him, Carol. Pets do become one of the family – we had several cats, birds and a dog when I was growing up. Losing them was hard. My favourite cat was hit by a car, and she died in my father’s arms. Pets love you unconditionally, are always around to give some affection and can’t answer back. And they don’t judge us!

  12. Oh, Carol, I am so sorry. We went through a similar experience a decade ago, also with Dr. Majed, with our beloved cat “Buddy,” who had almost as many frequent flier miles as we did (the US to Saudi to India to the UK [including 6 mos in quarantine!] and back again to Saudi). We buried him in our back garden in Riyadh, so there will always be a piece of us in the Kingdom.

    I am pleased to hear Dr. Majed is still as compassionate and caring now as he was then.

  13. Carol, as you know I am a cat lover myself and I can understand the loss. Not easy I am sure, especially when your pet has gone through a lot with you and has become so much part of your life altogether.

  14. To all who have posted such kind, warm and caring comments, I sincerely thank you and appreciate your support.

  15. So sorry to hear about your loss – as someone who has had cats all my married life, I know how you must have felt.

    Having returned to the UK from Riyadh last summer, I can also recommend Mr Majed. I took to feeding one of the compound cats and her litter of 5 kittens, who were born on the roof of next-door’s carport. Although they were feral cats, I managed to trap them and Dr Majed came out and neutered and vaccinated them at a reduced charge. To have paid the full rate for so many operations would not have gone down well with my husband – but luckily Dr Majed was concerned about the welfare of these, often abused, creatures and I know he did similar work for other people who were trying to control the numbers of cats on other western compounds. The only other method of control used was mass culling.

  16. Thanks, Lynda.

    Dr. Majed truly deserves a reward for his compassion and his many activities towards sensitizing the citizens on the joy of pet ownership and his efforts towards reducing the massive population of strays.

  17. Ohhhhh Carol I’m sorry to know about your cat. I was in high school when my cat sneaked out of our garden & got caught in a trap. The poor thing came back & was in real pain. Didn’t survive though 🙁 It broke my heart & I remember I cried a lot. By the way, really you’ve been sooooo helpful in ways you don’t know about. And this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot & you should congratuate me because tonight we bought a cat. (very wide smile). Any suggestions for a female name?

  18. Love – How wonderful!!! I am so happy to hear you have a new little kitty.

    Let’s see…How about Emira or Shismu? Although I guess much will depend on her personality. You’ll have to tell us more about her!!

  19. Thank you sooooo much. It’s little older but cute though. She’s about 1 year & couple months. She’s a very very curious cat, alert, attracted to sounds (loud Tv), she meows to draw attention to her, purrs when I pet her & rubs herself against our legs non stop lol. I guess she’s marking us! I had a long list of names but it was male cats names. That’s what we were planning to get, but we couldn’t find the breed we wanted. I like the names, thanks for the suggestions. Last night she looked like a Betsy to me. What do you think? I’ll send you a picture of her later on 🙂 I guess I’m too excited & just want to share my cat’s pic, even if you didnt ask. lol.

  20. Another suggest is “Fallah” which is the Saudi slang word for “cool.” And I’d love to see a photo of her!!

  21. […] distance, then perhaps it is not a coincidence at all.  What do I mean?  In February 2008 my cat, Max (Max a’Million) passed away at our home in Riyadh.  Although he had been a housecat his entire […]

  22. […] to my cats.  When Abdullah and I first arrived in Saudi we came with my three cats:  Max, Tripod and Saheba.  Max was an all-black Persian which I acquired while in the United States.  […]

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