Saudi Arabia Traffic Stats and new policies

October 11, 2007 – Thursday

Traffic Stats and new policies
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I realize I have been posting more frequently with my observations and views about drivers and driving in the Kingdom.  I feel like I have been vindicated but am not necessarily happy by the fact.  Today’s Arab News newspaper ( had an article which contained some statistics about driving in the GCC.  Sadly a person dies EACH HOUR as a result of a vehicular fatality in Saudi Arabia.  That fact is a rude and sad awakening.However I am also happy to advise that due to the high rate of traffic incidents, accidents and fatalities, the Saudi authorities have also imposed stricter regulations, particulary in regards to speeding.  Previously if one were stopped for a speeding violation one would receive either a warning, lecture and/or ticket and have to pay a fine.  Now if one is stopped for speeding, the violator will likely receive a lecture, ticket, pay a fine AND be held for 12 – 24 hours in a local jail.  Alledgedly there will be no exceptions to this new ruling.Naturally the reaction to this new ruling and its enforcement are mixed.  Personally I think it is a good ruling.  Given the statistics of a death per hour as a result to a traffic accident it seems to me like previous measures were not working.  This certainly enforces that one should obey the rules of the word and face a penality that will reinforce the rules if violated.  In my view the authorities would not have resorted to these measures if only paying a fine would have had the desired results.  I wonder if more countries will choose to follow the path of Saudi Arabia in this regard?

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