Saudi Arabia: Stupid Driving Antics

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Well, I think today takes the cake in regards to stupid driving antics.  My husband and I went to our local Safeway (Tamimi) grocery store to pick up a few items.  Now to get into this particular branch of safeway, you step up from the roadway onto the walkway and then go down about 8 steps to the front entrance.  Don’t ask me how as I have no clue but a mini van was stopped less than two feet from the front entrance door.  How this van hopped up on the walkway and then proceeded down the stairs AND managed to stop before hitting the front door is beyond me.  Talk about door to door service…Further to our surprise was when we exited the store about 35 minutes later the van was gone and there was no sign that there had ever been any kind of an accident!Ahhhh… in Riyadh….you never know what you’ll see next!10:14 AM 2 Comments0 KudosAdd CommentEdit Remove

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