Saudi Woman Entrepreneur of the Year!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to focus and promote achievements of Saudi women and Ghadah Baaqil has broken one of the glass ceilings as the recipient of the “Youth Business International Entrepreneur of the Year Award.”  The event was hosted in London by the Prince of Wales and took place in late November.  What further makes the award for Ghadah as a Saudi woman even more significant in my view is her dedication and determination which resulted in the creation of the Ghadah Madinah Autism Center.  In a country like Saudi Arabia where autism is not as widely known for having specialized facilities to help children who have been diagnosed with autism, Ghadah’s initiative is a significant achievement.  Ghadah acknowledged that in her determination to establish the Ghadah Madinah Autism Center she had to overcome misconceptions, parental aggression and resistance towards having the word “autism” included in the name of the center.  Now she runs a center that employs 17 women and is attended by over two dozen children, many of whom are partially funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

For those in Saudi Arabia and wishing to learn additional information about the Ghadah Madinah Autism Center, this link provides more information in the Arabic language.

And in closing, I’d also like to remind readers that bi-cultural American/Saudi family Abu and Umm Sinan continue to face their challenges in raising their son, Sinan, who has been diagnosed with autism in the United States.

Again my proudest and loudest applause to Ghadah for the well-deserved recognition and my continued prayers to the Abu Sinan family in Northern Virginia, USA, that their son will win his battle with autism.

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  2. Thanks for mentioning little Sinan again, we appreciate it.

    I’ll have to have Manal take a look at the site. Reading in Arabic would take me forever! }:>)

    I just wonder her background and the methods and technologies they use in the treatment of their children. Either way, education is what is needed here and it looks like she is certainly doing her part.

  3. It makes me really happy to see such Saudi women, and there are a lot more that the media hasn’t noticed them yet.

    Dar Al-Hekma College, where I work, also provides programs and workshops on Autism, and I think they have a big plan this year.


  4. Thank you for bringing that up to our attention … It is really an honor to know about such distinguished Saudi fellows …

    I add my voice to Maha above; media should really focus on similar inspiring stories instead of wasting our and their time!

  5. its always nice to see women getting such achievment…especially in KSA. it shows progression for the region.
    i also follow the Abu Sinan family blog. i think they are doing an amazing job as parents…putting their children 1st.

  6. I agree with both your remarks completely Angie. Thanks for commenting.

  7. hi,

    im an occupational therapist, new to riyadh.Does anybody know of private centers for autism or special needs in riyadh?

  8. Hi every one, I am planning to move to Saudi Arabia Alkhobar area, I do have a son who is 14 years old and have Autism, do you of any private school or agency that he can jion during the day. Thank you

  9. Dear Ghada,

    I’m not sure of what is available in the Al Khobar area. I hope that someone more familiar with the area can respond to your query.

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