Saudi Arabia: Comfort Foods


I will be away from the blog for the next few days since I have to get a chemotherapy treatment and then on 07 March I’ll be receiving an infusion of the experimental drug.  First of all, I hope that you will behave during my absence…and you know who you are!  (warm smile)


Secondly, I want to talk about the subject of this post – Comfort Foods.  Regular reader “Okie Homestay” who has some Saudis staying at their home wanted some advice.  Two of the Saudis are under the weather.  What are some of the Saudi ‘Comfort Foods’ that they may like while they are feeling poorly.


I can speak for my Saudi family on what they preferred and encourage other Saudis to share too.


If the ailment is something like flu, then just like anywhere it is most important to stay hydrated while receiving nutrients.  Lentil soup is a favorite among my Saudi family.  Chicken soup is also a welcome second.  Fresh fruit juices also help an ailing Saudi towards feeling better.


Other favorite dishes my family preferred when not feeling well include white rice with milk and sugar; kupsa (chicken and rice); seleek;  and as they are feeling better, foul.


When a Saudi is not feeling well, it is probably best to avoid Saudi kawa (coffee) and instead, serve piping hot Saudi tea.


Last but not least, my husband would like to snack upon warm Arabic bread dipped in honey.


Now I look forward to hearing some of YOUR comfort foods for a sick Saudi!

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  1. We eagerly await upcoming suggestions and recipes. That was a common event in every Arab home my wife and I visited, the exchange of recipes. Both between wives and husbands.

  2. My Saudi prefers Soup, broth and arabic bread, ( or roti) .constantly when sick.

    Unfortunately i’m vegetarian, so he has to make do with vegetarian soup, his favorite ( for those really bad days) is roasted veggie or lentil veggie. I thnk my kids can drink gallons of that stuff.

  3. This site has a few different Saudi/Middle Eastern soup recipes. There are other recipes for main dishes and desserts too.

    I do my Shorbet Ads (Lentil Soup) somewhat similar to the recipe on this site, but I sauté the onions before I add them, plus I add some milk for a creamy feel.

  4. I don’t add milk to mine, but I DO add sumac for an earthy, mild bitter to the taste (some use vinegar for the effect).

    Last week, my cousin stopped by and delivered a fresh load of norovirus to the house, which infected my father, my wife and myself.
    The only thing we could tolerate was plain chicken broth and water. Forget anything dairy, that sat like a stone. Coffee was totally out and I’m an avid coffee drinker.
    For a family that is unknown to miss a meal, we didn’t bother with anything for a couple of days, other than one or two servings of plain broth.
    For those who are unacquainted with norovirus, that is the bug that infected those cruise ships a few times over the years, quite ruining vacations and undergarments…

  5. It’s out of my hands now as he’s been admitted to the hospital and is in the ICU. 🙁 luckily the other one only has the flu and is able to fend for himself in the kitchen. I’ll be sure to come back to this post later on and copy what everyone writes for future reference.

  6. Here’s a recipe for all of you Bedu’ friends:

    As my mother is from Mexico, there is no soup I love more than her “consume” when I am sick with a sinus infection or the flu.

    It is a blend of chicken broth with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and a little salt and pepper. Once you serve it, it’s great with fresh slices of avocado as well as toast for dipping. 🙂

  7. @Okie – please let us know how your Saudi is doing. I’m so sorry to hear he is now in the ICU.

  8. Hello American Bedu,
    it´s nice to get some recipes from you, I will definetly try it.
    When I saw this on youtube, I really wished somebody to ask about the recipes cooked there. Maybe you could help me. Especially the yoghurt-soup and the “saudi pizza”. Do you (or somebody here) maybe know the recipes?
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing the Youtube clip! I enjoyed watching it very much. I’m familiar with barley soup but not with yoghurt.

    In regards to the pizza, my Saudi family would fix their own pizza. You can take the large round pieces of Arabic bread, spread sauce on it and then place the toppings of your choice atop. It’s an easy and quick way to make pizza.

  10. He has Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. He’ll be in the ICU for quite a while. Thank goodness for Saudi health insurance! He’s getting all the plasma removed from his blood and replaced by donor plasma on a daily basis.

  11. The poor guy!

    Do you know if the hospital is equipped to receive and print emails for patients? I think it would be uplifting for him to receive words of encouragement. Please let me know.


  12. Okie, good heavens! That is a very nasty problem! It’s good that he has good medical care, as it can be misdiagnosed in the early stages very easily.
    My wife and I will keep him in our prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery.

  13. Okie,

    That is sad, it’s a bad one. Hope he is comfortable and recovering with plasma transfers..

    best wishes for his speedy recovery.

  14. Not sure what “comfort food” means exactly. Is it something that makes the sick get better soon or is it something that the patient enjoys, finds comfort in and cheers him up?

    Whatever it means, something hot like chicken or lentil soup helps. Personally I like to sip on hot spice tea. Not only does it make one feel better, it is also refreshing and tastes wonderful. Spice tea contains a blend of cinnamon and cardamom with a dash of black pepper, Plain hot black tea with honey also does wonders,

    Sorry to hear about the Saudis. I hope they feel better soon. I wish full recovery for the one in ICU.

  15. Yikes,sorry to hear about the sick person!

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