Saudi Arabia: Another Month Beginning


In America it is the first day of November.  In Saudi Arabia it is still the Islamic month of Dhu’l Qi’dah when ends with Eid al Adha. Since my blog runs on the Gregorian rather than the Islamic calendar, I thought it would be a good time to review what is going on and promote some of the upcoming posts you can expect to see on American Bedu for the month of November.

I plan to have some joyous posts during November as well as my monthly memorial post to my late husband, Abdullah.

I believe you will find the personal interviews for November to be interesting.  Two amazing Saudi women have allowed me to interview them as well as an expatriate man who has only recently arrived in the Kingdom.

I will be writing and showcasing a variety of perspectives about Saudi students in the United States.

November is the month during which the American holiday, Thanksgiving, is celebrated.  Readers will learn about the different customs and traditions observed by American families during this special time.

What should a Saudi know about snow?  Many places in the United States will receive their first snowfalls during November.

As always, I also welcome suggestions from you on topics which you’d like to see me write about.  What would you like to know more about?  What is of most interest to you?

In sincere appreciation, thank you for following American Bedu.

10 Responses

  1. I just saw some Halloween pictures from a friend in Upstate New York in which I saw a dusting of snow on the deck. Meanwhile today in North Carolina it was warm enough for shorts.:)

    I’m looking forward to your November posts!

  2. Yep, we got our 6 hours of snow last night, in Ottawa. But serves us right! We’ve had our thanks giving turkey in October ^_^
    Fun stuff coming up Carol. I really appreciate how you plan the posting schedule in advance, and yet manage to be so timely and updated on hot issues that are circulating in the press.

  3. I guess since ya’ll had spent time in Oregon that snow is not new to you. How are the children enjoying snow though?

    Thank you! I hope to have some pertinent issues coming up resulting in good discussions!

  4. I am very excited to read what you will write and interviews in addition to the report on the Saudi students in the United States.

    I wish you luck and always waiting for the new.


  5. Hi Carol,

    Would love to read your articles on Saudis and the snow. I can remember my Saudi husband layered up in sweaters, a Marlboro jacket and thick leather gloves as he shoveled the driveway. He said, “This weather is NOT fit for humans! How have you managed all these years?”

    My reply, “Long underwear, of course!”

    On a more serious note, you might want to write about lost iqamas here in KSA. The article was in the paper yesterday and basically stated that if a foreigner lost his iqama, he could just wait for the phone to ring. He would need to go to a certain part of town and pick it up…after paying a huge fee of course to those that had ‘found’ it.

  6. Can’t wait for some snow and ice, all this hot weather is getting me down!?

  7. ” In Saudi Arabia it is still the Islamic month of Dhu’l Qi’dah when ends with Eid al Adha. ”

    Actually Eid Al Adha is next month after Hajj.

  8. AB,
    Sounds like there should be some good topics planned! I can’t wait to read them!❤

    Having dealt with conflict recently, maybe a topic about how conflicts (differences of opinions, disagreements, etc.) are dealt with in both Western and Saudi (and similar) culture(s)?

    And possibly the best ways to explain one culture to another. *sigh* Sometimes, when I bring up that it’s cultural differences, someone tells me that what the person from the other culture is doing isn’t right and it has nothing to do with culture. Yet, I know for a fact that it does have to do with culture and that both people care about me and what want is best for everyone involved. So in a way, I feel trapped in the middle (no matter which one I tend to agree with more). Just explaining this on here ’cause I feel that this happens on this blog some, too- that people aren’t quite understanding the others’ point of view because of cultural misunderstandings.

    I’ll gladly trade you weather for a week!❤ I’d love some hot weather right now. It’s not too cold here right now, either, but cold enough for me to miss the heat. 85-95F weather would be lovely for me!?

  9. Thank you ALL for your input and suggestions!

    Stay tuned!!!!

  10. I was just watching something on the TV here pertaining to body image, children, and the media. This is an issue I am very sensitive to considering that I have studied dance, fashion, and some basic nutrition courses. I know what should be healthy, and I also know how diets can be taken to an extreme. I have seen thin teenagers concerned about gaining five or ten pounds while they are still growing, for example, and this disturbs me.

    I would be curious to read about body image perceptions in Saudi Arabia. What is considered the ideal figure (for both men and women), how healthy is this perception of beauty, and how common are eating disorders? I am not sure if this topic has been covered on here or not…?

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