Saudi Arabia: A Year End Review of American Bedu

2011 has been quite a year!  American Bedu has prospered.  2011 saw American Bedu surpass 3 million hits and an increased reader base.  American Bedu has 412 subscribers who automatically receive new posts via email.

What were the most popular or controversial posts of American Bedu during 2011?  Which posts had the highest number of reader comments?

Let the countdown begin:

January 2011:  A Saudi Student Love Story and Heartache in Progress was most popular with 182 comments.

February 2011: The post about Saudi national Khalid Aldawsari received 207 comments.

March 2011: Saudi Arabia’s Day of Rage…or Not was most popular with 254 comments.

April 2011:  Muslims in America had a lively discussion with 240 comments.

May 2011: Reaction to the Death of Usama bin Laden was the most popular post in May with 128 comments.

June 2011:  Discussions about the post Removing the Fear of Muslims in the USA had the highest number of comments with 394.

July 2011:  A Perspective on Islam had 154 comments.

August 2011: August was the month of Ramadan and the most popular post happened to be A Non-Muslim is Invited to an Iftar which had 84 comments.

September 2011: Reflections from 9/11 had an active discussion with 138 comments.

October 2011: October was a somber month with the passing of late Crown Prince Sultan.  The post of his passing received 113 comments.

November 2011:  November was a busy month with many posts exceeding comments of 100, but the most active post was about the Mutawa and received 431 comments.

December 2011:  Where is Allah is the most popular post with 359 comments.

The end of a year is also a good time to evaluate and analyze what can make American Bedu blog better and even more appealing?  Would you like to see more posts with straight talk or more videos?  What about polls?  How do like participating in those? An increase in guest posts?  More Interviews?  Let me know!

American Bedu blog wishes everyone a joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year!

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14 Responses

  1. Nice to read about AB in review. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Carol and All

    @Carol, I hope the clinical trial will make 2012 the year you turn the corner in your fight. You are an inspiration to us all.


  3. @Lucretia – Thank you for your input. I have written a number of positive articles about the Kingdom since I’ve been writing this blog since 2006. If you have not read it, you may enjoy the post on the Kingdom and conjoined twins.

    @MoQ – I pray that this trial is exactly what the doctor ordered!

  4. All the best in 2012, Carol. I like your blog as it is. You post on a variety of subjects and they are generally very interesting and thought provoking. I have learned a lot from your blog!

  5. Thank you, Wendy!

  6. Happy New Years Carol and everyone. Hope your trial goes well and everyone has a good year.

  7. Thank you Onigirifb! It’s good to hear from you!

  8. A very happy new year carol, Hope the new year brings loads of good news, peace and happiness.

  9. It just didn’t seem right not to wish all of you a Happy New Year. So have a great New Year’s Eve and keep safe. Think designated drivers for those of you who really plan to usher in the New Year with a few spirits.

    May this year be one filled with hope and happiness. Congratulations on the blog traffic, AB.

    Happy New Year.

  10. Radhaa, Lucretia,

    Thank you for the well wishes!

  11. My warmest wishes are for you in this new year. I hope that you get the best news in the future and that we can share many celebrations in the future, inshallah.


  12. Thank you Gwendolyn. Best wishes to you in 2012!

  13. There is no sign of new year here .They follow lunar calender.

  14. Happy New Year to all, especially the millions of Arab men women who are struggling to have a better, free and dignified future.

    “Arabs dream of building democracy as 2012 begins”

    The most positive and empowering outcome of the Arab Revolt thus far is the fact that people are no longer afraid of the sword. The assessment in the article below (see link) is accurate and anyone who still doubts the Arab people’s awaking and political maturity needs to listen to what the people quoted in this article are saying: New regimes will not survive if they don’t learn from what happened to their corrupt and tyrannical predecessors. The majority of the Arab masses of today are very different from their parents and grandparents. It will take them time to weed through centuries of enforced marginalization and its concomitant sense of worthlessness.

    The marginalized peoples of the oil rich and tyrannically ruled Gulf Arab States are no less aspiring than the rest of the Arab people. In fact, most of them suffer from harsher policies than the Arabs who took to the streets and overthrow their despots. The autocratic ruling monarchs of the Gulf States, their descendants and commanded media ought to read the glaring writing on the walls, rethink their outdated policies, perceptions, practices and start transferring power to the people before it’s too late for them and the well-being of their restless populations. They have to understand that the people’s demand for freedom is irreversible regardless of intimidation, bribery and the use of religion as a tool to justify oppression, segregation, discrimination and exploitation.

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