Reputable Hair Salons in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Any woman can tell you it is essential to find a good and reputable hair salon when one is living and working abroad. Sometimes, depending on ones location this can be somewhat challenging. I’m pleased to say that in Riyadh there are several good and reputable places one can go. The most popular salons which are frequented by westerners are as follows:


Mariyah Center

Al Manihal Center

Yibreen’s is a full service spa and salon and more. It offers all salon services which include hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure and waxing. It also has a wonderful spa with a variety of treatment packages and massages. In addition, Yibreen’s has a gym which in addition to providing all the usual exercise equipment also offers classes in yoga, aerobics and other activities. And of course Yibreen has a pool where one can take a refreshing dip. Last but not least, it also has a restaurant on the premises. Speaking of the premises, Yibreen’s is like a small compound with the salon, gym, spa and restaurant all housed in different buildings. It is a wonderful relaxing place to come and spend a day of pampering!

Most of the stylists at Yibreen’s are from Lebanon although there is also an American woman who works there and is a specialist with color.

Yibreens is located off of Takhusseessee and easy walking distance from King Faisal Specialist Hospital. Most limo drivers (taxis) know the location.

Yibreen’s: 441 1115 [email protected]

The Mariyah Center is also a spa and salon but not quite as grand a scale as Yibreen’s. The Mariyah Center was established by an American married to a Saudi. Her daughter now runs the business. Like Yibreens, the Mariyah Center offers the full compliments for hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures and waxing. Its spa services are more limited than Yibreens although massages and body wraps are available.

The Mariyah Center also offers a small tea room where tea sandwiches and drinks are served. Adjacent to the tea room is a gift shop where imported (mainly US) items are carried and which are difficult to acquire in Saudi Arabia.

The Mariyah Center is staffed predominantly with Filipinas. It is a cheerful atmosphere.

The Mariyah Center is located in the heart of Riyadh on Olaya Street right across from Saks 5th Avenue (Kingdom Mall).

Al Manihal Center is a full service salon and spa located in the Diplomatic Quarter. I have not been there myself so I cannot provide as many details. It is my understand that it offers all hair, makeup and salon services as well as full service spa. I have also heard that this center routinely offers various classes such as painting, languages and much more. Al Manihal used to have a very good and informative web site but I could not locate it at the time of this writing.

An additional honorable mention is the Luthan Hotel and Spa. While salon or hair services are not mentioned on its web site, it does post information on a wide variety of spa packages.

Naturally there are many many more salons in and around Riyadh. It should also be noted that most compounds will also have its own salon.

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  1. OK..this might be a dumb question but I will ask it anyway. Do Saudi women dye their hair blond, or get blond highlights? Ofcourse it depends on the complexion but I am just curious because I have seen a few Middle Eastern ladies do that. Of course in their case it did not look bad because they did not have a dark complexion.

    Another question and please forgive my ignorance (plus it is a generalization) but are Saudi men into blond ladies/ or in general ladies with fair complexions? I am just curious because I have heard that most Arab men like fair ladies.:-)


  2. Yes and Yes, in my experience, though not all of course in either case.

  3. Some Saudis do put blond highlights in their hair. I’ve not seen a Saudi woman who has gone completely blond. Most will use henna to color and highlight which usually gives lovely shades of red or lighter shades of brown to the typical dark, black hair.

    And it is funny as so many foreign western wives are indeed blonde.

  4. Yibreen’s sounds wonderful!
    Hmmm… getting a haircut…
    You put an idea into my head….
    it’s been a couple of years….

    Gloria, *are Saudi men into blond ladies/ or in general ladies with fair complexions?*
    Lol! Why do you think Saudi ladies stay indoors at day-time, and spend millions on skin-lightening products?

  5. Yibreen’s is where I go regularly and it is a great experience. Yes; I had worn my hair long for many years but when I thought I was going to have to have chemo rather than wait for my hair to fall out I chose to have it cut real short instead. Fortunately it was ultimately decided chemo was not necessary but I am happy to have the new effortless short hair…just wash and go.

  6. Wow! Things have changed, indeed! Twenty years ago, there was only one hair salon in Riyadh, unmarked, unnamed, and audaciously conspicuous in the lobby of King Faisal Hospital.

    Heavy, drab curtains hung from inside the small area, so that no one could see through the glass and know what was going on in there.

    Gymnasium? Only one, in the DQ, exhorbitantly expensive. I would have loved to have a membership; my friend did, and she took me there from time to time, on women’s days, of course.

  7. yep i too am from the dinosaur era…the gym was good at DQ ( when we were allowed:-) ) and i actually got my spa fix during visits to india or US. ( ha ha ha)

  8. Marahm, the inconspicuous heavy curtained salon is still in KFSH and I am also happy to say Yibreen’s is an easy walk from KFSH.

    Oh yes…speaking of Indian spa fixes….how I miss having someone come to my home for massages and also the extra pampering one would receive when going to a salon or spa in India. The place I went to had the most wonderful oils for the hair.

  9. fyi Yibreen’s has a great website

  10. thanks for providing the link!

  11. This might be to do with generational differences or living in a Western culture instead of in Saudi, but it would never, ever occur to me (as a woman living abroad) to worry about my hair in the so-serious terms of “Any woman can tell you it is essential to find a good and reputable hair salon when one is living and working abroad.”

  12. If you are female and have any treatment or color then hair care rises in important but I don’t mean to imply it is the most essential aspect of living and/or working abroad.

  13. I would never travel anywhere if I can’t be assured of getting my hair done by a decent professional, same goes to facials and my manicures, and pedicures….
    I can’t bear going out of the door without being immaculately turned out.

    Besides which, I don’t go to places where I can’t wear my Manolo Blahniks.

  14. Let me tell you I’ve been to some places where decent hair care was quite a challenge!

  15. I have a highly intelligent professor friend whose world migrations include finding the best hair care place in reasonable proximity-partly because she has coloured her hair all her adult life, and has difficult hair in terms of styling. Although she talks about it in a somewhat frivolous manner (“Amazing, the small village near the chateau we are staying in in the southwest of France has a magnificent coiffeur recently transplanted from a Paris salon”) this is less frivolous than it seems-for work presentability, self -esteem, and artistic expression of one’s self image.

  16. Ok…my hair salon story.

    I walk in…tell them to cut it short…they cut it short….I pay and walk out. End of story.:)

    Ive never been to much into my hair. Which is one reason why Ive never understood the Arab/Muslim fixation with hair.

    The most I ever spent on a hair cut was actually paid by my best friend who thought I deserved a “good” hair style for a change. I walked in…told them to cut it short…they cut it short…charged her a small fortune…and I walked out. I didnt see much of a difference…lol.

  17. Alright Carrie Bradshaw. I’m going to have to try on a pair of these raved about Manolo Blahnik’s.

    I wonder if I can still walk in heels like that?

  18. Alright Carrie Bradshaw. I’m going to have to try on a pair of these raved about Manolo Blahnik’s.

    I wonder if I can still walk in heels like that?

  19. I’ve been cutting my own hair for a while now. My cut isn’t complicated, but now shoulder length, layered a little bit, with some wisp in the bangs department. It works out.

    Sometimes turn my own little space into a “spa” … but to upgrade would be great … at least sometimes.

  20. Hi
    Can anyone tell me if you are able to buy blonde hair colour in either Jeddah or Riyadh…If not would you know if you are able to carry hair dyes in your luggage? Thanks

  21. Annie,

    You can certainly acquire blond hair color throughout KSA such as at the pharmacies or grocery stores as well of course at all the salons. And you can carry it fine in checked luggage.

  22. Here is a link for Al Manahil – gym is very expensive.

    Is there a phone # or website for Mariyah Center ? I heard Yibreens closes in August is the correct?


  23. Sorry here is the link

  24. @Krys – Yes; Yibreen’s does close in August and all the employees get their holiday.

    If you do a search on my blog, I believe I have posted the number for Mariyah Centre. It is located on Oliya across from Al Memlika and specifically across the street from Saks. It is also a very good place.

  25. American Bedu,

    Thanks for the info on the salons for ladies. Being new to the Riyadh area, my husband is looking for full services salon, which are clean and hygenic (like back home in the States) which provide not only hair cutting but also Waxing and Pedicures for men.

    Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.

  26. @Jana,

    Any of the five star hotels such as Four Seasons, Al Fasiliyah, Marriott, Intercontinental should have such services for men. In addition, the men’s barbers which have private cubicles for men also are known for offering such services.

    Regards, Bedu

  27. In your experience, is it better to call ahead for an appointment, or do these salons have walk-in services? I am badly in need of a hair trim, and don’t want to have to wait much longer! Thank you.:)

  28. @Krissi,

    If you wish to have services at Mariyah Centre or Yibreen’s, an appointment is necessary. Both of these places are quite popular and busy.

  29. Whatever you do, do not go to La Belle Perle Salon. It is on Olya St. it is kind of near NASA for Pocket PC and the other businesses. This is a terrible hair salon. The work is very poor and they cannot do a nice hair cut or color, walah. The service is very bad, we made appointment and then they said that they could not serve us. The entire salon was empty! Laish? Because they are terrible and have a rude attitude. Go to any other salon that know what they are doing not like the Al-Nafiesah who are clueless. My friend saw my hair….and laughed. I hid in my home for days and cancel my trip to Sunset Beach and Ritz/Meriddean Bahrain because my hair was so bad. Please, please, please AVOID AT ALL costs.
    Shukran masalamah!

  30. I have heard of this salon called Aruba. apparantly they inject vitamins into your scalp for hair regrowth.. how safe and accurate is that? Can someone enlighten me please cause I cant find anything on the net regarding this… thanks

  31. @Joli,

    I’ve not heard of a salon called Aruba nor of vitamin injections for hair regrowth!

  32. so what’s the safest way to thicken hair? my hair strands are very there a way ti give them some body?

  33. Joli,

    I suggest going to a reputable salon and asking there.

  34. I would try to go to a dermatologist, not a salon. A friend of mine went to La Bella Salon (the salon that everyone seems to be saying some terrible things about these days) and they charged her many riyals for some shampoo and other items that did not work. There is Rogaine for women which works for some women, not all. Go to a good doctor-hair salons are always trying to sell products and there is a big markup on their retail items like the stuff they try to sell at La Belle that you can gut much cheaper elsewhere.


  35. If you cannot find information on the product-injection on line, that should be your first sign. Something that is good for you, that works, etc. would be discussed online. Also, even if the seller claims that it is new and exclusive, that is usually BS-do not be the person that they are trying to experiment on! Injections in the scalp could kill the cells and hair follicles, causing you to lose much more hair. I agree that you should go to a DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    I also agree that La Belle Salon on Olya is a place to be avoided-please-my friend had her stuff stolen there and a lot of other people have as well.

  36. hey thanks everyone for leaving me honest and friendly suggestions…i think I’ll just simply stick to sunsilk hair oil and parachute hair cream.. and good shampoos!lol

  37. Hello all,

    Does anybody know of any good reputable sallons in the Khobar/Dammam area?.. I’ve been living here for 4 months and am having difficulty deciding which ones are good enough to trust…

  38. @Safiya,

    Welcome! I’m not familiar with what choices are available in the EP but I do hope someone can respond to your query. I know how challenging it is to find a new salon!

  39. La Belle perle is horrible hair salon in Riyadh. My friend was harassed by that guy Mohammed there, he was not supposed to be there and his family enables his sick sex games. NO RESPECTING ARAB GIRL should ever go there-no girl for that matte.

    A disgusting family of pigs that are helping a sexual sadist.

  40. The best Hair salon in Riyadh is Almultaka in malaz, i had a hair cut and color, it looks great. Very clean place, and friendly staff. I love this place.

  41. al maraiya- the beauty salon, for females, riyadh near kingdom,

    , i went there 2 times,
    there is one hair dresser named ANGIE and she is phillipino .. she destroys ur hair length,
    if u tell to cut it little short she will cut all of ur hair off and u will be left with nothing, ,, if u tell her to dye/ color.. ur hair she will burn them, from ur scalp,, and u will be bald,, and trust me i don’t have a single hair left,,

    and when i complained they said oh … its okay,,, we are sorry it wont’ happen again.. but guys now that im bald,,, and have patches on my head scalp,,,

    so i suggest all pretty ladies out there.. not to go there. as to they will rip of ur pockets.. as well as take all ur beauty away from u

    From .. julie

  42. girls u can try in maali fashion in tahaliya, ive been ther always theirs a lots of professional lady, and they give discounts now, they lower their price now

  43. I tried them all the best is almultaka salon and as a center also. Amazing place, very clean and the ladies are very nice and professional.

  44. yibreen’s sound good i love to go there bcoz i want my hair treatment n lov to swim i m new in riyadh

  45. Hi there ladies, could anyone can tell me how much are the prices for the hair straightening and for the blonde hair dye?
    I badly need an advice. Thanks!

  46. Hi guys, I am new to KSA and Riyadh… So any recommendations on who is the best in cutting hair in Mariyah Center?

  47. tanx ahmal, yah MAALI FASHION in riyadh is the best saloon, my madam and her freinds are always go their for making thier eyebrows,coloring hair and make up/ hairdo, they trust all the beauticians and really they are all profesionals, and yes they lower the prices now, and i can asure all of u their that u ddnt waste ur money. so all of u their try MAALI FASHION, the saloon is located at tahaliya st.

  48. hi Nazanin, i recomend you to come in MAALI FASHION IN TAHALIYA ST. RIYADH, they are all good and profesional, and they are all good

  49. Hi,

    Do you know if Yibereen spa do hair extensions and weaves for afro caribean hair?

    Thanx Nicola

  50. Hello

    I too would like to know if there are any places where they can do afro caribbean hair and I hopefully will be going to Riyadh soon.


  51. Hello all
    I would like to know the best and the cheapest professional parlours in riyadh for my self and my friends. Plz help me……

  52. I am looking for a place that does Afro-textured hair too. Also, a place that does extensions in Jeddah. Please let me know. I’m dying to know where I can go! you can email me at [email protected]

  53. I just came back from getting my hair cut at Mariyah center. To be honest, I don’t think I will be back. This is the second time I went there. The first was just to cut some bangs and today was for a whole hair cut. I don’t really like their customer service, and both times she cut my bangs very different than what I wanted. I thought I’d give them another chance, but I think I’ll try Yibreen’s next time.

    I also went to another salon called Sheeba Beauty World. It’s huge and really really nice, for a pedicure. It’s pricy but they are a really nice place. Check that place out for color, my friend went there for her color. It’s nice. It’s a gym, salon, and spa.

  54. does ny1 knows the mothly fee for yibreens gym ? thanks!

  55. I agree with the comment about Angie at Marayah. I’ve been going there since they opened (when they used to be located in Suleimania). The last time I had my hair colored (it was my first full-color ever) she did actually end up “burning” my hair. My hair fell out for weeks to follow, it became thin, weak and brittle, almost noodle-like. Never again did I let her color my hair.
    I had “Chona” do my highlights last summer, and she did them exactly as I asked. However, a couple of months ago, I went to her for a trim, and she did a HORRIBLE job. She cut off way more than I asked her to, and my bang was cut all wrong and different lengths. She -as all the ladies working there- are overworked, and most probably under-payed. She apologized, and had to keep running back and forth between and another lady’s head!!!! I was absolutely appalled!!

    This place used to be good, but they’ve been going downhill for the past few years now. The ladies seem tired and grumpy. The customer service is NOTHING like it used to be.

    Finally, the interiors have been “remodeled?” recently. It used to look really nice, but now it’s just plain and bare. When I asked one of the ladies if they were moving or remodeling, she gave a very short answer “yes”. ??

    Going to try Yibreen’s. Hope I have a better experience there!

  56. do you some saloon around the vecinity of alkarj riyadh?

  57. i want to ask about the future of beautician in Saudi Arabia

  58. What would be a good place to go for a keratin treatment in Riyadh?

  59. Hi
    i want to know the maali fashion location in tahlia.
    please let me know.

  60. hello…..i want to know the salon that doing lasser hair removal….thanks in advance

  61. Hi, hope you can help me. I’ve moved to Tabuk in Saudi Arabia and have African hair. Do you know of any hair dresser that could do braids or weaving here? Any help will be much appreciated. Please mail me, my email address is provided Thank you.

  62. hi there,
    frrnds, iam very new in riyadh, i hope some one will help me
    can any body please give name of any Gents beauty saloon in riyadh
    now am staying in between lulu and nesto hyper market

  63. hi everyone
    can anyone suggest me – a nice men salon for hair cut, men waxing, massage, pedicure and spa in Riyadh

  64. What ever you do do NOT go to Fitness Technologies off Olaya Streer close to Aljazeera Mall. I bought a Cobone package. Had my hair colored and they totally ruined it! They blamed the manufacturer of the “powder”. They burnt my hair so bad I lost more than half the length and have blisters on the back of my head. They then put ash blonde and Know its black with grayish colour. I look terrible. They apologies and tried to put extension to cover it but to no avail. I have been crying for 2 days and did not go to work today. What ever you do never go there.

  65. Omg! I also had a friend that went there (Fitness technology, not far from Olaya street) and experienced a terrible ordeal. A lady there with short blondish hair calling herself the manager, was extremely rude and argumentative. After they damaged and ruined her hair, they refused to give her money back. They offered to help, but at an additional charge? This seems like a scam to get poor clients into spending more money with them. Shocking. How and to whom can this be reported to prevent such heartless exploitation of customers, especially expats? Please can anyone advise?

  66. Dear Merinda
    Sorry to hear about this. I know a woman’s hair is her crown and her proud and joy.
    If I may ask, what were they suppose to do with your hair? How long was your hair before they ruined it?

    Normally salons put Ash Blonde in your hair to fade away some of the orange tones that you often find in blonde hair when bleached. But if hair is very porous then it can take the color much faster and deeper than it is suppose to.

    What was your hair color before you went there and what color did you want?

    Maybe I can help with a few tips, as I have also had my fair share of bad luck with hair dressers and hair color.

    Good luck

  67. Yibreen has a very rude lady employed as manager.
    She shouts at customers.
    I had been there to return a product I purchased and there she was asking me to leave the premises or she would call the security guard.
    She was asking me to GET OUT pointing at the door.
    I had purchased a loreal color vibrancy shampoo and conditioner for SR 620 and since I was not getting my hair colored by them as my doctor advised me not to.
    I had previously had an allergic reaction to dye and was giving medication for the same .
    So I cancelled my hair coloring and went to return the shampoo and conditioner.
    I had payed by my debit card and she said since it’s credit she can only give a voucher which I have to use within the same month.
    The money could be easily reverted to my acc as I did not use a credit card.
    As I said this she started yelling and shouting at me in front of all present.

  68. How safe is it to use a small “vespa” motorcycle in Riyadh? I recently arrived to Riyadh and can definitely see how crazy driving is but I live on the suburbs of Riyadh and need a quick mode of transportation to get me through short internal distances… Thoughts??

  69. Sarah, that was so rude of her! May I ask if your doctor recommended against getting your hair coloured at all? or specifically at Yibreen’s? That may sound dumb, but I’m about to go get my roots done there, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. Thanks

  70. Sorry for the late reply Emma.
    Was on a vacation.
    My doctor advised me not to get my hair coloured at all( not specifically @ Yibreen) as I have sensitive skin .
    I wanted to get an annual membership @ Yibreen but thank God they revealed their true color before I invested in them.
    Rude people there ,watch out dear .

  71. Hi, Please if anyone knows of a salon that will do african american hair, in Riyadh please let me know I have three daughters who need perms, color, cuts etc…

  72. Only in the Gulf can you shout at customers and get away with it without getting out of business. I have not seen it anywhere else.

    Customer service? Wait for another one thousand years – they haven’t invented it yet.

  73. I would like to recommend every female to visit Lastella beauty salon in Ulaya Talateen street it really a very good one, very clean, and with reasonable massage I just had a thi massage their it is really different than any one els

  74. Update: Yibreen salon is closed since a while…and the spa closes on Jan 1, 2016.

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