Recap: Monthly Saudi Travel – Discover Saudi Arabia

While there remain many places to explore and discover in Saudi Arabia, in order for those who have not been with my blog from the beginning, I’d like to take the opportunity with the January 2010 post of Monthly Saudi Travel in recapping some of the places which I have covered.  I may have gotten a little bit carried away for as I did searches within my own blog, I also chose to add in some links of things to do too.  I have not included every single link on travel and things to do so I encourage those who are interested to use the search bar within the blog and go back to early posts since I have been maintaining this blog since mid-2006.  And in turn, I solicit your requests for locations I’ve not yet covered and that you wish to know more about.

9 Responses

  1. I bookmarked this posting! It’s so interesting!

  2. Glad you think so Tiffany! Putting the travel posts together made me realize that after 3+ years of daily posts, I do need to get some more organization to my posts! Any volunteers?

  3. Carol, Thanks for providing the links.You have a wealth of information about the country here. Have you thought about creating a guide to Saudi as a separate site for Western visitors? A book may also be a good option. I think people will appreciate a first hand account and your experiences.

  4. Thank you MoQ. It is a thought but I need to have a publisher. Know anyone?

  5. Carol, you and Susie should be writing and organizing a tour company for the kingdom! I’d be over on the first plane with my “sensible shoes” and abaya 🙂

  6. Now that is indeed a great idea!

  7. […] of the Kingdom.   An overall recap of Saudi travel destinations for consideration can be found in this […]

  8. […] in Saudi Arabia.  In addition to the numerous activities and facilities, I had composed an earlier post which consolidates the many places within the Kingdom for one to visit and […]

  9. How tourist friendly is Saudi Arabia?…

    Saudi Arabia remains in the process of developing tourism for expatriates who reside outside of the Kingdom. It is not easy for someone to decide he or she would like to come to the Kingdom for tourism. All expatriate arrivals require a sponsor and tha…

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