Saudi Arabia: Promising news on the pet front

March 2, 2007 – Friday

Promising News on the Pet Front
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Thanks to a recommendation by a friend, I believe I have discovered a very promising pet store in Riyadh.  The shop is Life & Nature located in the Al Warood area not too far from the Saudi British Bank and Harari House.  The shop is clean and the staff are not only very presentable but those with whom I spoke were knowledgable on care and upkeep of pets.The shop had the widest variety of animals that I have seen to date in a pet store ranging from the traditional dogs, cats, birds, hamsters to the more exotic such as monkeys, tiny crocodiles and a variety of snakes!  Unlike many retails places in Riyadh where the atmosphere is subdued and people do not interact with one another, this shop has a jovial atmosphere.  Perhaps it is the common bond of pets with people smiling at one another and readily saying hello.The shop is two level and the upper level holds the cats and dogs.  When I was there, a friendly off white color persian was perched near the cash register.  This was a friendly cat who was obviously used to people and being petted.  When I approached it, it was if it lifted its head higher just to reinforce that it wanted attention!The cats and dogs were all in healthy condition.  Not surprisingly the typical breeds of cats for sale were persians, Siamese and Himalayan and other long hair cats which looked like silver chinchillas to me.  All were beautiful.  I did also note a black and white domestic shorthair with a full litter of kittens.  When I saw here, she was busy nursing five kitties – a lovely and heartwarming sight.I’m not as knowledgable on dog breeds but I did recognize terriers, german shephards, maltese among the breeds available.Several customers also arrived with their own dogs in tow and of course, on a leash. On exiting the shop there were several individuals outside on the street walking their dogs.This was a lovely atmosphere to discover.  I’ll be going back there later this week as I made an appointment to have my Persian bathed, groomed and given a lion cut in anticipation of the hotter weather that is almost here.  Yes; the shop also had a separate area where it does grooming, bathing, clipping of nails, etc.

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