Observations on Saudi parking techniques

May 20, 2007 – Sunday

Observations on Saudi Parking Techniques
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I have travelled to more than 75 countries and seen a number of crazy drivers, crazy conveyances and places where rules of the road are simply..well, suggestions!Saudi Arabia does seem to head the top of the list in regards to unorthodox driving practices and have mastered the art of ignoring the rules of the road.The parking skills are also interesting and humorous to observe (unless it is at one of those times when you desparately need a parking place and become overwhelmed with annoyance and frustration when you pass the 5th car which has taken up 3 spaces).Towards implementing better parking practices, the parking area where we are currently staying has been redone.  First spaces were designated by marked lines.  Nice try but these were blatantly ignored.  Secondly small and long concrete blocks were aligned up to designate where cars should park.  Another example of good initiative but drivers would still tend to park sidewise or at such angles that 2 to 3 spaces would be taken over by one vehicle.  So finally the gold medal effort goes to this latest technique which was put into place yesterday, the long concrete blocks which are in an inverted U configuration where the vehicle must pull in between the pieces of concrete.  This method is working but it is both entertaining and amusing to observe from the window the number of multiple attempts some of the drivers need to make to successfully get their parked appropriately!Kudos on the efforts of the administration where we are presently living for persevering in their efforts for control and effectiveness!If you wish to comment on this posting  and not a myspace member, send me an email.  Site the subject which I gave for this posting and then your comment so I will post it to the appropriate blog posting.  Also it helps to advise how you wish to be attributed such as anonymous or some other name.I will state upfront that if a comment is inappropriate I would not post it.  I’m pretty open and an example of what I mean by inappropriate is that at one time someone posted links to anti-american videos and the like.  My blog is not for anti-America or anti-Saudi bashing.  Yes; there are aspects to each country or society one may not like but if it is going to be discussed, it is going to be in an adult and constructive manner!so, my email address for your comments to be uploaded is:  american_bedu(at)yahoo(dot)com

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