No Woman No Drive

Bad luck for three women who have won the weekly raffle draw of two luxury cars, the prime attraction at the popular “Hayya Jeddah Shopping Festival.”

They may have won the cars, but being women they are not allowed to drive them!

There are six more cars to be won, now if they would only include a foreign driver with those cars won by women…

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3 Responses

  1. Could they apply for a dispensation to at least get the car home?

  2. djdfr, isn’t dispensation a Roman Catholic thing, far from a thing of Islam?

    This is why I’ll not work in certain Arab nations. My wife can’t transport herself anywhere.
    Not that she’s expressed a desire to drive in any GCC state, but the necessity requiring immediate self-transport exists throughout humanity.
    Save in an extremely short list of nations, where dead is cool above the need of self-transport.

  3. Reblogged this on agent L abroad and commented:
    Oh my God. I have to find this man and marry him.

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