Drivers and Driving in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

October 10, 2007 – Wednesday

Mecca Drivers
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I have posted before about drivers in Saudi Arabia.  Last night my spouse and I were out and about in Mecca.  I happened to remark that perhaps since we were now in Mecca where everyone is Muslim as well as it being Ramadan which among other things is the month of kindness and patience, that the drivers in Mecca would be more polite.  Did I ever have to eat those words!  Not even two minutes before issuing that sage edict we observed some of the stupidest and rudest drivers who were disregarding traffic lights, cutting in front of others and paying no attention to what else was going on around them on the road.  We rapidly came to the conclusion that drivers in Mecca seemed to be worse than elsewhere in the Kingdom!

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