I actually did it…blogging from Saudi Arabia

Whew…I actually did it.  I set my goal today that I would get all my postings transferred from myspace into wordpress.  It was quite a job but thankfully all the postings are now here.  As you will learn about me though,  I am not a technophile.  I enjoy writing but not all that great with adding bells and whistles.  As a result, I apologize in advance that I did not know how to add the earlier comments I have received to postings while hosting from myspace.

Already I can see the major difference in volume of traffic from myspace to wordpress and happy I’m here at last (thanks to John of Crossroadsarabia.org.)

I hope that you will enjoy reading my musings, views, experiences and perspectives on life in Saudi Arabia.  I try to be fair but not afraid to express my opinion either!

6 Responses

  1. You’re welcome! My URL, though, is http://www.xrdarabia.org.

    Any rumors about what happened to the Internet today in the KSA? It was down in Jeddah by 0700. I heard reports that it was a country-wide outage and know that it affected Jeddah at least. It’s only now coming back, piecemeal.

    I can get to your blog, but not to my e-mail! Talk about priorities….

  2. Interesting…I know that both myself and my spouse have been online since pretty early and encountered no problems. However we use the Mobily wireless internet if that would make a difference.

    Yes; it can be frustrating. Until I got the Mobily wireless internet my own web site was blocked from me!

    Welcome to the Kingdom and look forward to chatting with you.

  3. Many of the organizers for this program are using their Blackberries, all of which are supported by Mobily. They had no problems, either. I suspect it was something as mundane as a bulldozer ripping up a major Internet cable.

  4. I can easily envision that happening…. well as they say, tomorrow is another day and I hope you have better luck in being able to get into your email. That can be very frustrating for sure!

  5. Thanks SSW! I am so happy to see you here and am confident you’ll find this much easier to view and comment upon than myspace.

    All the best,

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