How to Reliably Receive Mail and Packages in Saudi Arabia from Outside


aramexI frequently receive emails from readers on how can they safely, securely and reliably receive mail and packages in Saudi Arabia. I have written previously on the problems and challenges of sending and receiving mail in Saudi Arabia:


If one is not fortunate to have an APO (American Post Office) in Saudi Arabia it can be difficult to reliably receive items from the West. In fact, several packages my own family sent to me never did arrive. I’m still waiting after 2.5 years!

However in the meantime I have since learned that there is an alternative – Aramex Shop and Ship. The Aramex Shop and Ship allows you to acquire a U.S. or U.K. mailing address which in turn allows you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping online from US or UK websites as if you are actually living there. This service offers you a personal mailing address in the US and the UK where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and more. Aramex then forwards the mailbox contents to your doorstep back home at very competitive rates, saving you time, effort and money.

Shop and Ship levies a one-time set up fee of US$35 and then charges a fee per shipment thereafter. As an example, a 3 kg package would cost 240 SAR to ship from the US to Saudi Arabia.


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  1. Having a US post box usually means that delivery and shipping from within the States is free, and taxes low, saving considerable sums. This has prompted many Canadians to rent a post box across the border for personal or business use. Some also share a post box, splitting the cost. The savings can be impressive, especially for businesses. So I would imagine that if the costs to Saudi are reasonable this ARAMEX option would be very viable.

  2. If one plans to routinely receive packages then the Aramex option is indeed the most viable in Saudi Arabia.

  3. My mother – bless her quirky soul – seconds your vote on Aramex. She recently ordered 4 Jane Fonda Aerobic Class Videos from Amazon, and they all came through Jeddah customs and clearance.

    Whether or not the video has helped her lose weight is still in question.

  4. I’m from Spain, and really it’s too difficult to send something to KSA !
    I’ve send a give to my friend, 1 week ago, and he’s still waiting the give… When they told me that it would be delivered in 2 days…?

  5. It’s very expensive sending stuff to KSA?
    But I suppose I should be grateful it arrived….?

  6. oh! it would be really difficult

    at India too, the postal service is not that good – the courier agencies are capitalising the market – they are giving better service at cheaper cost

  7. Aramex is the way to get things in but it is also costly to ship things out. )-:

  8. Well bahrain has come a long way since Ive been here. In years past it was nearly wishful thinking just to receive snailmail within a 4 or 5 month period…usually much longer than that.

    When my first child was born…my mother sent a package with all new baby things in it…by the time it arrived…new baby was crawling…sigh!. She never sent anything again…lol.

  9. I still have a package enroute from two years ago that has never arrived!

  10. And to think much is being made of the US Post Office’s decision to cut mail delivery to 5 rather than 6 days per week!

    Interesting that some Arab states seem to have trouble with street numbers and names even in major cities whereas others do not (linked posts). A tribute to the remnants French colonial bureaucracy perhaps? Or does oil wealth obviate the need for such mundane amenities?:-)

  11. There are many many neighborhoods in Riyadh (and throughout KSA) where the streets have no signs or visible name and the houses are not numbered. When one gives directions here they usually are heavily interspersed with landmarks.

  12. To amazement of many for sure, I have to say that all the parcels my family sent to KSA/Riyadh from Europe (Poland) got here! It usually took from 2 to max 6 weeks to arrive….

  13. I currently study in the UK, and past August I went back to Saudi for a moth on university holiday, the thing was that a couple of days before I left, I purchased a couple of silly looking baby teethers for my nieces but they didn’t arrive in time of my flight, so I asked a friend to check my mailbox and forward them to my Saudi address (giving that the postal service here estimated they would arrive in 5-7 days).

    I went, stayed, came back and then my father called and said “you have a mail package in your name”
    I was the the teethers finally arriving after about 5 weeks

  14. Thanks a miilion Carol!!!

    We usually have to ship DHL to my husbands family in Saudia. It costs an arm and a leg just to send pics and takes foreveeeerrrrrrr!!! Insh’Allah we’ll try this new way.

  15. Thanks so much for this info Carol – it is just what I was looking for.
    – Riyadh Mom (back after being a blurker for several weeks)

  16. How do you send mail out of KSA? I have not seen a post office anywhere. Also I haven’t seem any card stores. I have told my family & friends back home not to expect any birthday greets.

  17. I generally use Al Tayyer Travel and Courier services to send mail and packages out. In regards to greeting cards, you will find some in the little markets which are inside of King Faisal Hospital compound. I believe the Good Ship Lollipop Store on Olaya also has some. E-cards are an easier choice with wider selections.

  18. Hi all I am Sidney from UK, I have a boutique in UK and Saudi Arabia. I just want to mention that I have been using and I am very happy with them. I ship a lot worldwide and they help me with drop shipping direct to my clients. This saves me a lot of time and money. What Essam is talking about is typical in this industry, they quote you low fees at beginning then they hit you with hidden fees. what you see is what you get, I have direct access to their CEO and Executive desk and so far they proved to be honest. I was quoted $250 on a shipment but the actual rate came lower to $189.50, where else can you get this kind of honesty!


  19. Welcome and thank you very much for that valuable info Sidney.

  20. […] Online shopping has not taken off in Saudi Arabia as compared to other parts of the world.  This is due to the lack of a sufficient infrastructure to support online shopping and the low number of credit card use in the Kingdom.  Most online shoppers in Saudi Arabia are expatriates who order items from abroad and generally have them shipped to Saudi Arabia via Aramex. […]

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  22. […] While Skype is software based, equipment would need to be purchased for Vonage and Magic Jack. (Aramex is a reliable method to receive mail and packages from outside of Saudi Arabia.)  Last but not […]

  23. want to order 100 kg something . It’s push ups vest and also used for pull ups and workout . Whats the most cheapest way to order from amazon t saudia arabia ?
    Aramex is not giving any discount on this .

  24. Aramex??? What a joke! These are the worst courier service ever! Do not use! They still deliver by camel!

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