How to get a Job in Saudi Arabia


I often read as well as receive direct queries from individuals on how can they obtain a job in Saudi Arabia.  These are individuals who are presently not in Saudi Arabia and in many cases have never been to Saudi Arabia.  However for various reasons, feel strongly that they would like an opportunity to go and work in the Kingdom.  The following are practical tips and guidelines to help facilitate ones search for that ideal Saudi position and what to expect once an offer is received!

First and foremost have a professional resume.  Ensure that key accomplishments are clearly stated.  Have a strong objective statement such as why you want to work in Saudi Arabia, what position you seek and why you are the most qualified individual for such a position.

Circulate your resume.  Put it on the usual web sites and/or message boards.  Some useful places to submit a resume for employment in Saudi Arabia include:

Career Builder – this web site is utilized by many Saudi companies and institutions seeking candidates. – this web site specializes in advertising positions and opportunities in the Middle East region and always has a variety of differing types of positions available in Saudi Arabia. – this well known web site also has search engines and links for jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Executive Jobs in Saudi – as the name states, this web site specializes in positions in Saudi Arabia.

Clarendon Parker – an international recruiting firm with a local office in Riyadh.

Helen Ziegler – the best web site for those who are seeking a position in Saudi Arabia’s medical industry.

Aramco – with US Headquarters in Houston and locations throughout Saudi Arabia, this is one of the largest of expat employers in Saudi Arabia’s oil industry.

It is further suggested that instead of waiting for an employer to find your resume, bring your resume to the attention of a target employer instead!  There are directories which identify American companies which have a presence in Saudi Arabia.  And if one works in a specific industry, again there are global directories organized by industries too.  Use these directories to identify potential employers.  And of course as with any perspective opportunity – DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Know the company, know its mission, vision and values.  Is it a public or private company?

This segues to the next step which is for any interaction with a prospective employer, do not simply send your resume and hope for a response.  In many cases a good cover letter will give a lesser qualified candidate an edge over a more qualified candidate who only submits the resume.  Let the employer know why you are interested and why the employer should hire you.  This is the time to not be shy and advertise your strength and skills.  If you do not consider yourself number one for an opportunity then why should a Saudi employer? (or any employer)

The initial contacts with a prospective Saudi employer may likely be through email which should lead to scheduling of a telephone interview.  In all dialogues (email and voice) be professional.  Do not try to be cute or gushing or showing off ability of Arabic.  Answer questions candidly which illustrate your experience, understanding of the position and sensitivity to the Saudi culture.

Once selected for a position in Saudi Arabia, it is absolutely essential all the “ducks are in row” and by that I mean have your paperwork in order.  Requisite documents include passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), shot record, degree, certificates, letters of reference, employment verification for starters.  It is not unusual to be asked to present letters of reference and employment verification from all past employers.  And Saudi Arabia is more formal than the States in the sense that reference and verification documents should be on the company letterhead and ideally with a raised stamp/seal and an actual rather than stamped signature.  Educational documents, employment documents will need to be certified by the issuing state, authenticated by Department of State and then authenticated/attested by the nearest Saudi embassy/consulate.

Once accepted for a position in Saudi Arabia it can take from one month to up to 9 months for all the processing to be completed.  Be patient, it will happen!

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  1. Carol, Great article.

    Saudi Arabia can be a wonderful place for an expat to earn money, tax free, after which, one can leave with enough cash to retire or at least put a nice downpayment on a home. However, one needs to be sure that they are employed by a highly reputable company. The contract needs to be iron-clad. It’s a good idea to go online and chat with other expats who have worked for that particular company to get an ‘inside view’ so to speak. Don’t forget that you are on a 90 day trial at first, so it’s a good idea to wait before setting down roots and becoming stuck if you are sent home.

  2. 5 months and counting… I’ve been taught quite a well deserved lesson in patience.

    It seems quite strange waiting so long because in Aus employers are always very keen to have you start ASAP so I feel quite bad that its taking so long – even tho my employer keeps telling me this is normal. Being in constant contact with my employer and my agent at the embassy has helped tho and its out of my hands now.

    I think I now understand the phrase “Insha’Allah” and will definitely be a lot more relaxed by the time I get over there. It will happen when its meant to happen.

  3. oh plz dont brag about aus,how cool it is and how good jobs are there,load of BS.
    aus one of worst places to work and have a job,
    if u dont like saudia,way things are here,dont come here and get lost,
    no one needs u here,u want high pay with low quality of work u give.

  4. @ ali

    :s what sort of comment is that??? needless to say it was amazingly rude too, plus expats usually offer a good quality development of their jobs…

  5. ali: I don’t know where you took that sentiment from my comment. I am very excited to be coming to Saudi. I’m not there yet and that was what I was writing about.

    I apologise if anyone else reads my comment and thinks I was being rude. Just letting you know that it does take time and that that process in itself can be a rewarding lesson in patience. I can’t wait to get over there, but I guess its not my time yet.

  6. @Stacy – there was nothing at all rude or improper about your statement. Most of the time I put Ali’s messages directly to spam because every single one is usually full of some kind of a hatred. He seems to be very anti-western regardless of the topic or who has posted.

  7. That was extremely rude of ‘ali’ and totally unacceptable.

  8. @Stacy:
    I, a Saudi guy, welcome you to Saudi Arabia with arms open wide. Please do let me know once you arrive here and I’ll arrange for a welcome gift delivered to your place of residence. I mean it. You can get my contact information from Carol.
    Wishing you a pleasant stay. 🙂

  9. yikes! what Ali said is rude , so he doesn’t represent in any kind of way the Saudi people , i love what Nader said , that’s the kind of thing that is nice to say , and if you are going to live and work in Riyadh i am your girl i can show you around and give you the proper welcoming, you will love it Insha’Allah, i have an Australian friend-Sean – who went back to Australia last summer( tears) and he really loved it here. I say this not just to Stacy to all of you guys who came recently or to the ones who are about to arrive ,i am more than glad to be your guide around my lovely city Riyadh , and remember that Ramadhan is two days away so i am your girl if you want to have an inside look of what Ramadhan is , my mom cooks wonderful stuff so i have to warn you about your weight lol
    welcome to KSA stacy .

  10. @Nader, Al,

    Both of you are GREAT and showing the type of hospitality Saudi Arabia and Saudis are known for!

    Al – I am not back in Saudi yet but I so look forward to meeting you on return.

    Nader – I can indeed vouch for you and your lovely lovely family too!

  11. i am looking forward to meeting you too. it is going to be lovely .

  12. Is there a website to find Wasta related to jobs?
    (pun intended. may be not)

  13. @Aamer – I’m not quite following what you mean…can you explain a bit more please?

  14. As salam alaikum I want to get a job over in saudi and i would like to talk to someone from there to in lighten me about the country,so can a female email me so we can talk insha allah

  15. As salam alaikum Iwant to move to saudi and get a job in the medical field and I would like to talk to someone from saudi and tell me about the country so can someone email me

  16. Saudi Arabia is quite literally a HOT SPOT for jobs. Just imagine getting to feel the luxury of working in a BURJ AL ARAB, or for that matter, THE PALM ISLANDS… AND WHAT NOT!!!
    Really, the right job and it could be a life changing event. Only if you could bear the heat though !!!!

  17. Carol, I was referring to one your earlier posts about Wasta in Saudi; about how people use it in various walks of life.

    It was all for fun.

  18. @Aamer – thanks for explaining!

  19. Hi guys, read some nice comments and found people here very supportive. I hope one of you can help me find reliable ways (website / agent / recruiter) to find job in Saudi Arabia. I am mechanical engineer with automotive background with PMP certification and LEED AP.
    Thanks and good luck to all who are starting in KSA!


  20. @Imran,

    I suggest if you have not done so, use some of the links provided in the blog post which allow you to look at available jobs and some also allow you to upload your CV.

    Good luck, Carol

  21. Carol, thanks for prompt reply. I did see those links under blog, most of them are what I’d tried in the past but never got any response. That’s why I was asking for specific agent / recruiter who work with candidates to hunt the job. I’ll still keep looking on these sites however if any one knows about something more direct and responsive, please let me know.
    Thanks again,

  22. I am a Saudi living in khobar and i just noticed a lot of American families showing up more and more
    To honest I like the blend with more and more new nationalities
    For all Americans what to work and invest to make this land better we all Saudis welcome you all


  23. Thank YOU Ibrahim for the warm welcome to American expats.

  24. Asalamu Alaikum

    I would like to know , if its possible to get a job teaching English in KSA with an online degree (from an accredited university, Athabasca University). I have recently completed m CELTA but would like to broaden my horizons. Thanks for any help in advance.

  25. Salam Alaikum Amal and Marhaba (Welcome) to the blog.

    In response to your question, I recommend for you to contact where you would be apprised of the various options available to you.

    Best Regards, Carol

  26. i wil be very happy if this my requist hase consederret it is job i am lucking at saudi arabia

  27. Job opportunity


  28. i am looking for a job in saudi with my husband who is an electrical engineer, he is good in automechanic too and im an office clerk .We are a muslim and we want an employer who is a muslim or american.Hope you can help us find a job.thanks

  29. you can email us here at [email protected]

  30. hi, anybody here knows any agency from the U.S. or Canada that are deploying health care professional to saudi?

  31. Check out Helen Zeigler and Associates based out of Canada.

  32. Assalamailekum everyone,
    My husband is in jeddah since last 6 months, he is
    MBA with 3 years experince . Has been looking for jobs
    But really sad to say no responce yet everything comes to
    A stop at point of vaasta “reference”of any person .
    Really going through hard time. If anyone can help
    Would be a favour. May Allah reward u with success and
    Prosperity in ur wealth.

  33. Hello,
    Thanks for this great article. I am currently looking to relocate to Saudi Arabia for employment. I’ve used and but I’ve never received a single response.

    Trying to figure out what may be the issue, Im looking for a position in IT, have a BS in Computer science, and additional 6 years of experience.

    Can it be my resume? I’ve been using the same resume for employment in Saudi Arabia as I do for employment in US. This maybe too much to ask, but would anyone be willing to take a quick glace and see what I may be missing on the resume?

    It would be appreciated, but I would definitely make sure the favor goes around 🙂



  34. Hi Fahad,

    I always recommend tailoring your CV to the job for which you are applying. In addition to circulating your CV on the various web sites, seek out specific jobs. You might wish to try the National Guard Health Affairs or King Faisal Specialist Hospital web sites since these are large organizations with many non-medical positions. Aramco is another suggestion. Lastly, participate in professional networking sites too such as

    Good luck!

  35. I am a US citizen and confused on what attested means? If someone could explain it to me (and why/how it is different than notarizing) I would truly appreciate it!! I do not currently live in the USA and assume it would be very difficult to do from outside the US.

    Thank you Bedu for all of the information you share. I have just read all the posts you have For November 2007 and am now going through all your other entries!

  36. Dear Fellows. I have been searching for a job in Accounts, Finance or Audit here in KSA. But to date nothing seems to be coming. I have 12 years of experience, with SAP exposure and working environment of MNC’s. I also have been registered with but since my registration i.e. 12 years I never got any call from them. Also are other famous job boards. I need your support to please cooperate with me to find any compatible job. Thanks and regards.

  37. please cntct me. .need an admin/dvlpt/sales job. .

  38. Hello every one,
    first of all i would like to thank you all for your responses to the above post because these responses have given me a better idea about saudi and their hospitality, And
    Btw Im Laxman from India, i have mastered in business administration(MBA) in Marketing and Hr. currently i want to go to saudi for a job, can some one please help me knowing the opportunities available for an MBA graduate in the areas like advertising/media/marketing/FMCG.

    thank you in advance:)

    thanks and regard

  39. I am looking for employment opportunity in Saudi Arabia, if anyone knows of a good staffing agency in US that caters to placing candidates in Saudi Arabia please email me at [email protected]

  40. I am a postgraduate in water resources management and looking for job a job opportunity in middle east nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi in water sector dealing with water treatment or irrigation practices.

    For further reference Please email me at [email protected]

  41. What is a CV?

  42. Curriculum Vitae

  43. I am here in Riyadh and love this place. I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people and discover an interesting city. i have loved travel and adventure since i was a child and this place keeps me stimulated each day. I am working and thank god with warm, fun people that keep me laughing all day. At the same time, I am getting alot done professionally as I also do my MBA online.
    I want to encourage people to come here and you will find networking with people from all over the world. I reccommend signing up with your embassy here because they will direct you to social functions as well. Dont hesitate to email me please if I can help in any way. Good luck.

  44. – Saudi Arabia has job listing website database to deliver you the job vacancies throughout the world.

  45. [email protected] I am interested in possible moving to Saudi Arabia to work in the construction industry. I have a General Contractors license in the State of Florida but it is not active. I have 30 years in the construction industry. I was working as a Project Manager for Structural Contractors South Inc. for 1 1/2 years and managed multimillion dollar project and at times over 150 men. I kept the projects at a 30 to 35% profit for the company. We were doing work in the disaster areas and eventually I worked myself out of a job. I am 55 years old but most people think i am in my forties. Please feel free to email me at the above email address. Thank you for any help you can throw my way.


    Jay W. Day

  46. r sir, my name is shahid hussain i done my master in business adm, and i also did diploma in information technology now im in k.s.a and finding a suitable job

  47. Assalam-o-Alaikum dear sir. Sir i belongs to Pakistan and i have a great love nd respect of Saudia Arabia. I m completing my education nd want to go to Saudi Arab because there are sacred places nd i want to take a permanent settlement after the completion of my education. so I m requesting from all Arab traders nd other people to give me a chance of a job. Thanks

  48. Assalam-o-Alaikum dear sir. Sir i belongs to Pakistan and i have a great love nd respect of Saudia Arabia. I m completing my education nd want to go to Saudi Arab because there are sacred places nd i want to take a permanent settlement after the completion of my education. so I m requesting from all Arab traders nd other people to give me a chance of a job. Thanks. my email add is [email protected]

  49. I am A Food Scientist by profession,I’m in need of job in saudi Arabia.IF there is anyone who can help,please mail me Thankyou

  50. Hello sir,
    My name is Niyat
    I am from eritrea
    I born in jeddah saudi arabia
    i finished my o’level
    But still i didn’t found for a job
    Please bro & sis Find For Me For A Job…

  51. hi everyone, i want job in Saudi Arabia. My Qualification is M.Sc Organic Chemistry (GOLD MEDALIST) from Pakistan n m doing job as Chemistry lecturer in Govt. College for three years but total experience in Education Field is 7 years…. looking for job in saudi Arabia

  52. Hi my name is abdulrahman and I am 15 year old and I am looking for work in saudi arabia

  53. i want to work as a homeopathic dr in saudi arybia

  54. I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies in your company. I enclose my CV for your information.

    As you can see, I have had extensive vacation work experience in office environments, the retail sector and service industries, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. I believe I could fit easily into your team.

    I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I’m flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I’m keen to work for a company with a great reputation and high profile like [insert company name].

    I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV on file for any future possibilities.
    *complete high school in Ethiopia Addis Ababa
    *Basic fares &ticketing from Yemeni a
    *Intermediate fares ticketing from Yemeni a
    *Advance fares ticketing from Yemeni a
    *Basic fares Galileo ticketing from yemniya
    *Dangerous goods awareness for passenger handling
    *Sales skills gulf air
    *Saber product training
    /*New fares constructing rules
    *Saber electronic ticketing
    -*Electronic ticketing work shop
    *Future for quality technical consultancy (manhal) certificate
    *Planning preparation and measurement of quality objective
    *Basic fire fighting traing certificate
    *Customer service certificate
    *Computer course window word excel power point
    I often read as well as receive direct queries from individuals on how can they obtain a job in Saudi Arabia. These are individuals who are presently not in Saudi Arabia and in many cases have never been to Saudi Arabia. However for various reasons, feel strongly that they would like an opportunity to go and work in the Kingdom. The following are practical tips and guidelines to help facilitate ones search for that ideal Saudi position and what to expect once an offer is received!
    First and foremost have a professional resume. Ensure that key accomplishments are clearly stated. Have a strong objective statement such as why you want to work in Saudi Arabia, what position you seek and why you are the most qualified individual for such a position.

  55. I went to Saudi Arabia and worked for three years. if you want the money, no problem, you will get it, paid 2 months vacation, done. housing, travel, education, insurance… get it all. but remember, nothing for free. you will lose your freedom. How: first, they take your passport and lock it in a safe. if you want to travel you have to get a visa every time you leave. God forbid if emergency happend back home, you might not be able to travel right away. if your wife is not working, she will be locked at home until she rots. women in Saudi Arabia is like an alien, every body want to look at her. I am a muslim and married to a western wife, and every man was looking at her as if she is a piece of meat from House of stakes in TX. You know, even I started to get minded sick and started to stare at other women. No Saudi will allow you to come to his house, especially if they are married, but they will be more than happy to come to your house and wish to see your wife.

    I can talk for two days about this ………….good luck

  56. i often read as well as receive direct queries from individuals on how can they obtain a job dubai or other cities. These are individuals who are presently not in uae and in many cases have never been to uae. However for various reasons, feel strongly that they would like an opportunity to go and work in the Kingdom. The following are practical tips and guidelines to help facilitate ones search for that ideal and what to expect once an offer is received!
    First and foremost have a professional resume. Ensure that key accomplishments are clearly stated. Have a strong objective statement such as why you want to work in dubai or other, what position you seek and why you are the most qualified individual for such a position.
    i have been in the travel industry the last 15 years i am from yemen
    tel contact 713810479

  57. assalamu alaikum
    i am a BTech qualified in Electronics and Communication .And having around 4 year experience in Telecom field as BTS Engr.Now i am looking for job in saudi..What should i do? can anybody help me. or any suggestion.

  58. Wow!
    How does an article titled “how to get a jon in SA” end up as a place for people to leave job ads is baffling. Needless to say, for those who are coming, and speak and understand the “Ingrish” language, these are the things to be aware of. Most people are similar to this board, they start of nicely and end up floating endlessly. So what must you do as the original poster requested, tons of patience and then some. Then you need to be unassuming. However go with your instinct, if the shoe fits, well you know what I mean. But there are alot of tunnel visionaries here and if they are not at your work place you do not have anything to worry about.
    Best of luck and to those looking for jobs, i suggest you learn to read backwards. elgoog ti. 🙂
    Bedu, hope you are well, love your site. K.I.T

  59. I am CMA and having more than five years experience in accounting and finance filed. I am Pakistani & live in Pakistan and would like to relocate Saudi Arabia. Please guide me how to get job in KSA.

  60. Well if your looking for an EFL post in KSA please go on to our website. we have a contract this year for 600 teachers all must have a minimum of a BA and a TEFL/CELTA/TESOL ECT no experience needed but those with experience will gain higher salaries.

  61. Hello Everybody,

    This is my very first time on this site and after reading reviews i really liked to communicate with you guys, i am Sr.Network Engineer ( LAN/WAN/Wireless) in CANADA, i am looking for some links or recruiters in Saudi Arabia who can help me finding a nice job there,
    any suggestion or advise will be appreciated.


  62. Iam algerian I look for job in saoudi arabic

  63. To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of Computer and obtaining a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational experience, educational background, and ability to work well with the people to utilize my skills and abilities also in Graphic Designing/Computer Administrator.

    i need a job relating my objective

  64. Seeking for job cnc vmc programer operator job setter Worked in 4 AXIS and 3AXIS machines.

  65. Hi Everyone,
    I am a US citizen of Pakistani origin. Have been working in IT field (Business analyst, system analyst and now senior IT project manager) for past 10 years in highly reputed companies in US. I have 20 years experience, Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (from Pakistan) and MS in Information systems (from US). I am planning to relocate to Saudi Arabia with my family. Need suggestions on how and where to apply for jobs. Have been reading the comments on this blog and it seems posting resume on job boards like monster and the likes does not help a lot. I will appreciate if someone can give me a suggestion that really materializes into a tangible job opportunity.

  66. hello guys…. i visited Nation Manpower Bureau, Lahore Pakitan some day ago. it’s a well known recruiting agency in lahore, i directly met with the Operation Manager. after my short meeting i decided this is a Fucking company, it may b possible the owner or Chairman would be a nice person but the Operation Manager Mr. Qaiser is rude and offensive man. i don’t know why he’s working over there and who make him an Operation Manager.. he really make his company image bad in my mind and more than 5000 person’s mind because i had more than 5000 customers and now i’ll definitely refer tham an other recruiting agency..
    it’s my humble request to all other fellows who wish to go dubai or Saudia for work that please don’t go toward National Manpower…. they are making money only….

  67. I need a Job,cant wait to be in saudi Arabia,what does it take me to get there,what do i need i am a Teacher

  68. My name is Mohamed and I am from Somalia but now I live in the USA. My friend, who gave from Saudi Arabia told me: they treat you like royal, if you are coming from America or Europe. Everyone else treated like a dog. Why do they have so much respect for westerns and not rest of the world. This usually happens as you trying the country. I have been told enormous times by Saudis and non Saudis who traveled to Saudi Arabia. I am engaged to saudi woman and she confirmed my suspicious.

  69. my name is mazen . i m from lebanon . and i work now in Qatar in a Lebanese Restaurant as a supervisor , i m searching for a better offer . email : [email protected]

  70. hi everyone
    im romanian(Europe),i’ve been in Dubai for the last 2 years and would love to search for a job in Saudi but have no clue from where and how to start,how’s there with the work.Any advice?…Thanks and regards ,Alina

  71. Hi there…great blog! My husband has recently been offered a job in saudi and we are currently waiting for a work visa.i was curious to know if you had any insights for a woman finding a job in saudi? I have a BS in comp sc and over 8 years experience, I am Canadian….what might be my chances? I find it frustrating that there are no recruiting companies that I can work with or how do I find mentors to guide me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  72. Fresca,
    Please take a look at this website:
    It is only for female job seekers!!

  73. Im a Fresh Engineering Graduate and it is so difficult to find a job here in Saudi Arabia. From my experience “Apply Online” does not work here in Saudi, very inefficient ! They never reply to emails, never answer their phones, its just ridiculous ! …and when they do they say “we will call you later,InshaAllah” or “I will call you soon,InshaAllah” and never do.

  74. Don’t know what to say. But, if you look for money then, come to Saudi Arabia. BTW, I’m muslim

  75. Thanks M for the glowork website, I had already found this website through google search a long time ago and have applied to all applicable postings with no feedback (yet). I have to admit that I think with other posters who feel the whole ‘apply online’ does not really work the same way in saudia as it does in North America..

    Any other suggestions/advice?

  76. Fresca
    Do google search about Aramco or King faisal hospital. from there you can see if there is any vacancy to apply. Im a network engineer with three years experience. I bet you will find a job. But here, men and women dont work in the same place. They are separated. Try Aramco or king faisl hospital. I hope they will hire you and they give high salary better than that in Canada.

  77. This comment directed towards poster ‘Nadi’: thank you for taking the time to comment for me, I appreciate it. Believe it or not, my father in law who works in a managerial role for a prominent engineering company in SA knows of a HR related person in Aramco who has been taking a personal interest in procuring employment for me for…..brace for it, two years now! It’s ridiculous how things progress so slowly in that part of the world. I had not heard of King Faisal hospital, I shall look it up and apply. My FIL now advices that perhaps the best thing to do would be for my family to move there based on my husband’s visa and then hopefully it might be easier for me to find a job, do you agree? is there a way to contact you privately, if you do not mind that is, you can drop me a line at [email protected].

  78. @ Fresca.. tell me about it ! I graduated last year and Im fed up right now. Im in Engineering. What iv learnt is that the “apply online” does not work here, I think all the applications go to trash. No follow up emails..nothing..They dont even reply if you email asking a question. Iv tried through Saudis I know, who have been in good posts, but all they say is “InshaAllah, no problem, I have spoken to my friend he will contact you” ..then the friend never contacts…call em up..they say “yeah yeah no problem, I will call you soon” ..thats it !

  79. Dear friends,

    I am an Agroecologist, specializing in sustainable agriculture ad biological pest management. I studied in Sweden (MSc. Agroecology) and in Pakistan (BSc. Honours Food Science and Technology). I have 8 years experience as a researcher and as a lecturer in biological sciences. As things are bad here in Pakistan, I am planning to relocate to S. Arabia, however my biggest worry is if my qualifications or skills will get me a decent job in KSA. Please help me with your suggestions or e. mail me at [email protected]

    Wish you all the best!!

  80. Dears All,
    I Am Mr. Zabih Ullah Safi is a candidate has more than four years experience with MA (sociology) and MBA (banking & Finance), recently i had left to Riyadh. this is second months here that i am looking for job as a accountant or researcher.. i did applied for more than numerous positions but unfortunately i couldn’t find any response to my email from any company. even i did registered my CV with numbers of online companies but no response till now. this is what actually i am thinking is discrimination and nepotism.. please if any one guide to have a job here its Okay, otherwise i have go back to my country….Regards

  81. Dear Mr. Safi, please send me a private e. mail on [email protected]. I have some friends in Riyadh and they might help you.

    Good luck

  82. Thank you Altaf. hussain, i am going to send you email right now on your private email..

  83. Dear friends,
    I had completed my B.Tech with ELECTRICAL background….
    Can anybody show me a way to get a job in saudi….

  84. Hello,

    My husband is a professional from Uk who has just been offered 6 months work in the kingdom. Do you have any advice? If so it would be very much appreciated

  85. unfortunatelly i tried too much to have a job but no respons so good bye saudia arabia… and which kind of wishes i have for this country i ll tell you, when i ll find someone saudi there…….

  86. Assalam-o-Alykum
    Dear friends I am looking for job in saudi arabia.If any one of you have any information about this.I am from Pakistan and I am doing is Bs-civil-Technology.I shall be very thankful to You.My email address is [email protected].
    Thank you.

  87. @ Tracy
    Re. your husband coming here for a 6 month job- Tell him he must keep an open mind and treat it as an adventure. Expect the unexpected and when things are different, remember that different doesn’t = wrong. If he is coming to work for government or for major companies then things may be a little smoother. He REALLY MUST look very closely at his contract. Verbal promises are so much hot air. If he objects strongly to something in the contract he must get a written reply and preferably have that part of the contract changed.

    A contract will be used to make you do things like work days you expected to have off or other minor irritations. If he is strong and self assured he can stand anything for six months and make it into an adventure with pay. If he likes it he can consider coming back unless the contract blocks him from working for anyone else for a certain time. This is illegal elsewhere but very common here.

  88. Hi All,
    My husband is a professional from India who has just been offered Head of Trade Sales position in SABB for 2 year & will be based in Riyadh. He will be joining next month. Do you have any advice? If so it would be very much appreciated


    Welcome to American Bedu.
    Please read the blog rules, writing in capitals is against the blog rules, any further comments in capitals will be edited or deleted.

  90. looking for job in KSA of procurement or material coordinator

  91. assalamualailum wa rahmatulla
    my husband with 8 plus years of expeanrience is in al kharj now… he is a SAP BUSINESS ANALYST.can anyone help him finding a good job in riyadh .Profile Summary

     8+ years total IT Experience
     5+ years experience as SAP Business Analyst/Consultant
     4+ years work experience in SAP MM
     Worked on IS-Retail and exposure on SAP SD and ABAP
     Can read, write and speak fluently in Arabic

    it would be great if someone would help us.. may ALLAH reward u for this.

  92. I am a diploma engineering in civil.can i work at soudi arobia

  93. Iam water treatment technician . I have 15 years experience in this field . Now i am working in king abdul aziz university hospital as a water treatment technician since 2006 . Our contract end of this we can get release from our company . That is i will try .benny c

  94. Hello all! My husband & I have been trying to move our family from America to ksa for abt 2-3 years now. He is an American & has a TESOL but we recently were informed that you now must have an education related degree to get a TESOL job. He also has 8+ proffessional years in the sales industry & A bachelor degree in International business. Any thoughts/help out there? This has been our dream for so long!

  95. Umm Asiya- is that the requirement for a certain place of work? Or is that a general rule for working in TESOL anywhere? Also what is “a TESOL”? Not all certifications are considered equal. Generally CELTA is considered strongest- but really it is a school that would hire him- so the school will say the requirements. I’m sure there’s a government minimum but it might not be the same for college, adult language centers, HS etc. Whoever is hiring should know the specific requirements.

    That said- I’d stay in the states! The grass is always greener…

  96. No job in Saudi Arabia …they are very conservative people, would never giving job to someone..

  97. my first on your site indeed i am very much impressed with peoples comments and Carols answers to the questions yes mam we need people like yourself to uplift mankind may god shower his infenite mercy and blessings upon u and your husband and stil grant you the strength to fullfil all your obligations aaameen
    kind regards


  98. i want to do a teaching job in Jedd-ah , Saudi i move here with my husband who is already doing business there.i want to do teaching job, kindly guide me which one is more effective to be a teacher in Saudi Arabia , TESOL or CELTA ? generally i am having MBA degree and interested to teach business subject in Saudi Arabia.

  99. @sana

    there is a business college here in Jeddah called CBA – college of business administration. I think it suits you since you have MBA degree.

  100. I have seven years work experence in western_Geco as a lineboss post now I am scarching job for any post. ,,,,,,, My conct 00977_9846022942

  101. Hi there
    I’m looking for a job in Soudi arabia as Fire Figher Cruiser ships Fork lift Waiter Barman Driving and other hard work i got respect for everyone and i don’t drink even smoke but still life is hard for me so please if you know any one looking for workers
    my cell+25775146120 thanks

  102. Salam aleikum.
    My name is Usman Abdulkareem. I am 34 years old Ex-soldier of the Nigerian army. I am currently employed as Assistance confidential secretary to Managing director of an estate developing company. I have HND in accountancy studies, Diploma Security/safety management, Diploma computer studies and professional certificate of Institute of professional managers of Nigeria. I am searching for a job that befits this qualification in KSA and I hope to hear positively from you soonest

  103. As salaam wa alaikum,

    I have a dream to live and work in Saudi.

    I converted to Islam 13 years ago, Alhamdulillah.

    I am married to a muslima and have 3 children. I think it would be a good experience to live in a Muslim country learn some Arabic and for my children also.

    I have a college degree in social sciences. I also did 2 years in University towards a BA (major in psychology) but never completed it.

    I have been running my own small business for the last 10 years.

    Any advice on what type of job I can do in Saudi and where and how to apply?
    Thank you all for your help!

  104. Thank you American Bedu for the article with the details to get a job in Saudi Arabia.

  105. ASA everyone,

    Would someone please tells me how I can start to apply for a Job in Saudi Arabia, I am American citizen born in Saudi in Riyadh and I have a Civil Engineering Degree with more than 10 years experience in Construction and management working now but always chasing new challenges.

    I tried to send an email to the Executive Jobs in Saudi but unfortunately no reply so far.


    Al Sigar

  106. Hi

    I’m looking for jod Saudi Arabia I have completed my 10+2 and I have 3 years experience in customer service.. Hope u I’ll read this try to contact me
    Thank u

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