Saudi Arabia/World: American Bedu Has Received More Than 5 Million Visitors!!!

5 million

It gives American Bedu the greatest pleasure to announce that the blog has received more than 5 Million visitors since its inception in 2006:

Visitors Stats

  • 5,002,360 hits (as of 2000 hours EST)

I wish to thank each and every one of YOU for visiting and being a part of the American Bedu blog family.

In honor of this milestone, American Bedu would love to hear what keeps YOU coming back to American Bedu; what have been some of your favorite posts on American Bedu and what can American Bedu do to continue to improve the quality and blogging experience for you.


Saudi Arabia: Why Bedu Has Stopped the Trivia Quizzes


Perhaps some regular readers have noticed that I have not been updating the monthly Saudi Fun Quizzes.  The reason for this is that the web site which I had been using to create and store the quizzes decided to charge for its services.  Yes; I would have to pay them for the honor of having a quiz on their web site.  That does not sit right for me.  It is the quizzes which bring visitors to their web site in the first place.  I think they could better earn revenue with ads on their sites.  Somehow I doubt that many will continue to use their site if you have to pay a monthly fee for your quizzes.

Which brings me to the next question.  How much did you enjoy the monthly Saudi Fun quizzes?  Should I look for another venue in order to continue the quizzes?  I could always just have a monthly blog post at the end of each month with a quiz and then have the answers in a separate post a day later.  Let me know your suggestions and thoughts for after all, there would not be this blog if it were not for everyone who comes to visit and read and hopefully comment.

Saudi Arabia: When Have YOU Needed God the Most?

Unless an American Bedu reader is a professed atheist, most of us can at least agree that there is a God.  Here is my question which I am confident can be answered –and- discussed without arguments, barriers and pretenses.  When have YOU needed God the most?

Speaking (or rather writing) personally, I’ve gone through a lot of life-changing experiences in the past year.  I don’t believe I could have made it to where I am now without feeling the presence, strength and comfort of God.  I needed and felt His presence when Abdullah and I were both battling our cancers at the same time. I felt His presence and comfort when Abdullah lost his battle to cancer. He’s been with me every step of the way as I have rebuilt a life without Abdullah and while continuing my own battle against cancer.

Yes, I am feeling very introspective and reflective as I write this post.  I am writing this post in advance as I am getting ready to undergo a medical procedure that will likely have me incapacitated for a few days and away from my computer. I’m not eager to undergo this procedure but realize it is necessary in order to better understand the growth and spread of my cancer. This is again a “God moment” for me who allows me to face this procedure with strength and courage. By the time you, American Bedu readers, view this post the procedure will be behind me.

However, as I started out in the beginning of this post, let’s start a dialogue of sharing of when YOU have needed God the most!

Saudi Arabia: December 2010 Saudi Fun Quiz is Now Available


Yes, it is true.  I have been lapse in the monthly Saudi Fun Quizzes and slowly starting to get caught up.  The Saudi Fun Quiz for December 2010 is now available!


You can reach it at this link .  However I suggest you may want to review the December 2010 blog posts before trying your luck in order to reach the highest score!


Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

Saudi Arabia: November 2010 Saudi Fun Quiz Available!


Hey American Bedu trivia fans…the November 2010 Saudi Fun Quiz is now available for your enjoyment!  Go ahead and try your luck.   You may want to review November’s daily blog posts in order to have the best score!


Have fun and Enjoy!

Saudi Arabia: October 2010 Fun Quiz

The Saudi Fun Quiz for October is now available for your enjoyment!  Go ahead and test your knowledge (or luck) at some Saudi trivia!  Helpful hint:  You might want to review the blog posts for the month of October first.


American Bedu apologizes for the delay in getting this quiz posted.

September 2010 Saudi Fun Quiz


The September 2010 Saudi Fun Quiz is now ready for your enjoyment! Go ahead and test your knowledge, skill and luck about Saudi Arabia. However, a helpful hint…you may want to review September blog postings first! Have fun!


and yes…the October quiz is in the works!


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