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American Bedu Blog Rules

These are the rules as written by Carol which she liked to see applied to her blog:

When you travel in different countries you may want to learn about the local customs and etiquette. Depending on the country and customs you may inadvertently insult people you wish to communicate with, or even get into serious trouble yourself.
For example, in Saudi Arabia a man should not ask a Saudi man about his wife.  Instead he may inquire about his family since in general most Saudi wives are never seen by an unrelated Saudi man let alone an expat man.

As a part of cyberspace the Blogworld is like a country of its own too, and has its own rules, politeness’s, and etiquette.
I would like to share some of the peculiar rules when engaging into the world of Blogging, both as a blogger, and as a visitor to other blogs.

I sincerely hope that all my esteemed readers and commentators will abide by these rules:

For visitors to blogs:

  • Make sure you know what the blog is all about before you start commenting.
  • If you want to ask a question, put it in the right post, if it does not pertain to the post, take it to the ”Dear Bedu” page or the Debate Page.
  • When commenting, try not to go off-topic!
  • Do not yell! (using caps contuniously is like yelling)
  • Be polite both in your comments, and in responding to the blog-owner, or other visitors.
  • Don’t be a “blog hog” and make too many comments. Leave some space for other visitors.
  • A visitor who is rude, or even abusive is called a ”troll”, the best way of dealing with a troll is to ignore them!
  • Do not repeat what other visitors have said before you: if somebody has made the remark you wanted to make, and they were there earlier, leave it.  Rather than repeat their words, acknowledge that you agree with them.
  • It is the blogowner responsibility to respond and greet visitors. Others may welcome a new visitor but choose the words very carefully, mentioning that you are a regular reader and welcoming them to the blog.  It should always be clear as to who is the owner of the blog.
  • Do not make your comments too long: try to make your point in a few sentences. Longwinded comments tend to get skimmed over by other readers.
  • Comments once placed will not be removed unless they violate the blog rules.
  • If you are a blogger yourself, your own blog can be accessed by clicking on your name, there is no need advertise your own blog by adding a link to your comments, this is considered ”spamming” in the blogworld.
  • Repeating the same comment multiple times is also considered spamming.
  • Some visitors may feel they are ‘invisible’ when posting to the blogosphere.  However attacking individuals and or characters will NOT be tolerated.  It is okay to disagree with what another visitor has commented upon but do so in a respectful manner.
  • No proselytising for any sort of religion

I want people to speak their minds freely here, and everybody is entitled to freedom of speech and their own opinions and convictions. This is an open forum, I welcome everybody here. But, this blog should be regarded as my living room. I want to make it clear that some actions are absolutely not acceptable. Unfortunately I have been forced to put some visitors in moderation or ban them. Unacceptable are:

  • Personal attacks on other commentators, bad language, cursing, rude gibberish
  • Attacks on children (now that I have interviews with children).  Attacks on children will never be tolerated and visitors who do so will be banned immediately
  • Shadow accounts. Unless there is a good reason and it has been approved by me in advance I do not allow shadow accounts. (a shadow account is when one person uses multiple persona’s to comment)
  • Disclosure of personal information of third parties. Some people who comment know each other in the real world, or have read personal stuff on their own blogs. It is unacceptable to disclose personal information to which you are privy and thereby injure another blogger’s privacy.

Some general information on commenting:

  • New commentators always have to go through moderation the first time they comment
  • Sometimes a comment ends up in spam, for reasons unknown
  • If the comment contains more than one link it goes to moderation automatically
  • I am not able to check moderation and spam on an hourly basis, it can take a while for a comment to be posted
  • I have two or three moderators who know my rules and wishes and apply them when I am unable to visit my blog. They do not comment or discuss, they only apply my rules

If you find you really enjoy blogging, and sharing your thoughts and views with many people all over the globe, you may decide to start a blog of your own! Most people enter blogging in this way. Here are some rules you will want to keep to when you are a blogowner:

For the Blogowner:

  • You really write for yourself, that is the reason most blogs are interesting
  • Don’t keep your visitors waiting, write every day or maybe only once a week, but write regularly.  If you want regulars to come to your blog they need to know you are reliable and dependable.
  • If your blog has a theme, stick to the theme.  Remind your readers in a diplomatic way if they tend to go off theme or off post.
  • Welcome each new visitor.
  • Respond to your visitors when they comment on your blog; they put in effort by writing, give them the respect they deserve.
  • Always be polite to your visitors. Remember; if you really don’t like a visitor, you can always block them from your site!
  • Be alert to spam, mark those comments as spam, by doing this you are helping other bloggers as well!
  • Research your posts, and make it easier for your readers to look up the information for themselves by adding hyperlinks, and/or list your sources,
  • Don’t quote other peoples blogposts, or writings, or link to their sites without their permission
  • Send trackbacks when you link to a post
  • Don’t be longwinded; try to keep your posts short. the Blogworld is like a newspaper; few people read really long posts.

The entire content of this website is copyrighted to Carol Fleming and should never be reproduced/copied to another website without written authorization from the owner. Websites that are scraping content in the form of RSS feeds, bots, or manual methods will be reported to their web host with a DMCA take down notice.

Copyright © 2006-2013 Carol Fleming (Al-Ajroush)


13 Responses

  1. I found your blog searching for info on google.
    I grew up in Jeddah from 1966-1980. We used to frequent the shy stands in the desert when we would ride our dirt bikes. I remember the tall bench/platforms we would sit on. I want to build one of these and am looking for pictures to get an idea how. Can you help me with this?


  2. Mark – welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that some of my other readers will answer your query as I have never seen any kind of stands or platforms in the desert but maybe that is because I live in Riyadh.

  3. More specifically: They were outdoor places of leisure where one could get tea and hookah and relax. Many taxi drivers used them and others taking advantage of the cooler nights. Most had generators and tv’s (at that time there was only one station). Anyway, the benches were about 40 inches high with small backs. I believe they were rough framed and woven with a type of hemp weave.


  4. It sounds like something one could find in Batha or Al-Owais or have made….but those places are in Riyadh. I realize you are seeking a picture though. Maybe if you try searching under the terms “beduoin tea house” you might find one. I’ll see if I can find any images.

  5. I tried the search terms “saudi wooden bench”, “saudi furniture”, “bedouin tea house” and “bedouin furniture.” All came up with very interesting images but I don’t think they had what you are looking for. Although ‘saudi wooden bench’ did come up with some interesting wooden benches.

    On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Carol Fleming wrote: > It sounds like something one could find in Batha or Al-Owais or have > made….but those places are in Riyadh. �I realize you are seeking a > picture though. �Maybe if you try searching under the terms “beduoin > tea house” you might find one. �I’ll see if I can find any images. > > On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 5:28 AM,

  6. Thanks for the rules…I like them…but i have to say something…I use the caps sometimes when i want to stress a word….generally we use the italics icon, but in replies there aren’t any….so when i use them i am not yelling 🙂 so forgive me if i ever do that 😉

  7. @Maha – I think that is common among many of us!

  8. With the latest constant personal attacks on the blog, I have decided to take action. I have put a number of commentators in moderation in the hope that they will focus on the topics.

    This is a free forum for discussions about Saudi Arabia. A certain amount of disagreement is expected. However, I would like everyone to start focusing on the ideas not the person who writes them. Please, refrain from attacking others and bring back some civility to the blog.

  9. Soooo…wonder who the unlucky individuals are? :mrgreen:

  10. A wealth of information on Saudi Arabia. I got to know about this through a friend of mine. Hope we in Saudi can enjoy and benefit from your blog.. Good Luck.

  11. Thank you Farhan and welcome!

  12. Asalam Alaikum,

    Thanks so much for the rules! Since I’m a new blogger I really benefited from reading them. I am amazed at how thourough and professional you are!

    Please forgive me if I’ve broken any rules unknowingly.

    Best regards,

    -Aisha, Natural Mom

  13. These are some good guidelines. I like that Carol addressed both the reader/commentor, and what is to be expected from the blog owner/moderators, as well as advice for future blog writers.

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