Barak Hussain Obama – Inaugaration is 4 Days Away

I was asked by a friend to share views on what Obama’s inauguration speech needed to focus upon.  This relatively simple query really made me focus and think.  The whole world is certainly going to be watching on Tuesday when Obama takes the oath to office and becomes the next Commander and Chief of the United States.




For many, Obama’s inaugaration is going to be viewed with a sense of expectation, joy, excitement and optimism. Some may expect immediate change given that the whole emphasis of his campaign was it is time for change…and of course his website ( further implies the necessity and desire for change. But will many who are anxiously and impatiently awaiting such change going to be disappointed? Can Obama make change go into effect immediately?

He needs to address the economy – the housing sector, the financial sector, the automotive industry, the telecommunications sector, the IT sector. We hope his administration looks far beyond the bailouts and realizes that with the record job losses this is also going to change the American society. People will become desparate and desparate people take desparate acts. I do not want to sound like a pessimist but I foresee increased crime and unrest until the economy has been stabilized. Thank you George W Bush for that.

The Obama administration also needs to look at rising health costs and difficulty for many Americans to obtain health care coverage. In addition, Americans are becoming less educated. Education needs to be given more attention too.

We, meaning America and Americans, have been very fortunate not to have had any attacks on American soil since 9/11. However we can not delude ourselves or allow a false sense of security. Homeland Security and GLOBAL security must remain vigilant.

Seguing to the international front, many wait with baited breath to learn Obama’s policies, plans and intentions vis-a-vis Israel and Gaza. Will he stick to the existing Bush policies in this regard? Will his regime also be yet “another puppet” to Israel? Will Obama be more pro-active for the Palestinian cause? And Israel, Palestine is not the only issue which he must address on the international front. What actions and policies will he put in place regards to situation and relations in Iraq? What about Pakistan? Afghanistan? India? Al Qaeda? And let’s not forget Syria, Iran, North Korea either.

Naturally being in Saudi Arabia there is much discussion and speculation on how the bilateral relations between the two countries will change with Obama’s reign. It is well known that Saudi Arabia has historically had very good relations with Republican regimes and particularly both Bush adminstrations. How will Obama present himself to the Arab world? So many eyes will be watching …. and waiting …. on Tuesday.

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  1. I think most people who’ve been paying attention understand Obama’s been diminishing expectations. We’re now told to expect few good things the next four years.

  2. I do remain optimistic.

  3. I think cautious optimism is the safest posture.

    In general, at least in recent years, Democrats have taken a broader more collaborative international stance which is part of why internationally they have received massive support in the last 4 elections that I am aware of, especially in “if you could vote” polls. They also have done better fiscally, socially and in terms of human rights at home and abroad.

    Obama seems to be aware of his relative inexperience, the early foibles of even the ultimately best presidents, and the high stakes issues facing the USA nationally, and internationally, since he has put together an experienced, tested team from a broad range of sources. He is also, and rightfully, diminishing expectations since campaigning and governing are different *, the national and international pictures are constantly changing, and there are no magic wands.

    *Democratic President James Polk campaigned in 1844 on expanding the US north to include all of the Oregon territory at the same time as other expansionists were arguing to expand south to include all of Texas. When he became President, Polk tried to be more moderate but was pushed by others to the brink of a war on 2 fronts before settling for only part of Oregon (accepting a face saving offer in the face of British Naval dominance) and concentrating on Texas (Mexican War).
    :-) Which is why we have the borders we do. And one of the reasons why, by a long circuitous route, our current excuse for a Prime Minister lets Omar Khadr- whom the whole world recognizes as an innocent child soldier, or at worst a combatant deserving of rights under the Geneva Convention-sit in Guantanamo Bay, which I hope Obama makes a priority of closing.:-)

    hopelessly Oedipally in love with John Kerry (looks like, sounds like, shares values with my father),
    happy with Obama,
    and looking forward to the end of the reign of George Bush II (scion of a petro baron-King)

  4. There’s no need for pessimism and over-expectations … both make part of the Republicans strategy to act as if they hadn’t been running this country for the last 8 years … and happy inauguration day for you too Bedu …

  5. thanks for your comment, Chiara. I’m looking forward to watching the inaugaration from saudi!

    Gilmour – thank you and welcome to the blog!

  6. I’m looking forward to watching as well. Chiara, cautious optimism is spot on.

  7. Over here people are taking bets on whether he survives the day…it seems many Arabs believe white Americans will not allow a black man to be president…and the fact that he was elected is just glitch that will be corrected by an angry white supremist on the Big Day…hmmm.

    My only positive thoughts about the whole thing is that he couldnt possibly do worse then Bush…at least Im hoping.

  8. People want change and want to know about the “change” that Obama is going to bring to the office of the presidency. But, really…

    “you must be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

    So…if you want to see economic change…change your spending habits…and stop over extending yourself and buying things you can’t afford.

    …if you want to see a nicer, gentler, more compassionate nation…be a nicer, gentler, more compassionate person.

    Etc. Etc.

    He is only one man. And, I agree with coolred…he can’t be worst than that ignoramus we’ve had for the past 8 years. But…hell…I couldn’t believe he was voted in a 2nd time. So…time will tell in regards to Oh-Bah-Mah.

  9. I know everybody is going to be presenting themselves to him very bundled up …. it’s right chilly here in DC!!! Am going to have to break out the under-armour.

  10. hm, wait and see.
    At least he’s not Bush.
    And he’s not republican.
    That must be good.

  11. The first thing the world will tell to BHO is one word: HELP.

    So many crises and people seeking for help, salvation and political intervention with his influence and goodwill, will it be possible for BHO to achieve the impossible? Expectations on him are rather high and let’s hope that BHO’s presidency will be the foundation for a better America and the world.

    Yes, We Can.

  12. I am pessimistic about his foreign policy on Israel. VERY pessimistic. Sorry to say that.

  13. Anthrogeek10-Unfortunately there is ample cause for pessimism about his foreign policy on Israel, both for what he might propose and what Israel might go ahead and do anyway.

    Caution optimism, is preferable, in my view.

  14. I can understand the pessism in regards to his Israeli policy for after all he has a very strong pro-Israel team right beside him. Or alternatively we can hope that he has a team with the power to deviate from the standard stance on Israel….

    The inauguration is coming soon and shortly thereafter we will see his views and policies. I remain positive in my outlook of Obama as a leader.

  15. I can also understand Israel’s pessimism … they’re pretty certain they’ll not get a free hand like they did for the past 8 years … I certainly do hope Obama cuts short any any support for Israel’s Army … people who manage to kill innocent civilians so effectively do not need financial support for their defence system …

  16. This is where I wonder how/if his new Chief of Staff can distance himself? However, I do have confidence and optimism in Obama.

  17. Chiara and Bedu

    You have a very healthy view about it. Is it that we are just so beaten down by Bush that all we can do is go up from here?:)


  18. Some truth to your statement, Anthro! I can’t see how we can go any lower….

  19. It is indeed hard to imagine “worse than Bush” and one must be thankful for term limits of 4 years X 2 (French 7 years X2-horrible to even imagine in this case).

    That said, I do have a generally positive attitude tward o the Democrats (this election any one of the top 6 of the 8 in the primaries would have been a good not just a better leader). I also think Obama has attitudes, skills and an aura/backstory that will serve him well (same for Hillary, Biden, and in 04 Kerry). His emphasis on dialogue and tolerance are sorely needed in general, and in particular right now after the 8 years of secrecy, imposition and lone actions.

    I am hoping with American Bedu that the strongly pro-Israeli team will have the credibility and the clout to effect a positive change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am probably less optimistic though, especially since the biases and “persuasive powers” of Rahm Emanuel are so strong, and Obama’s Aipac statement so clear, and a stance he has not backed away from. Also Israel is busily destroying with impunity if not with help from the US in anticipation of a less free hand as Gilmour Poincarre points out, and its own elections seem to heading in the hawkish direction.

    But then again which one of us (American Bedu and I) was a US career diplomat?:-) I hope she is right in her optimism and I am wrong in my more cautious optimism.

  20. time will tell Chiara!

  21. PS Although Canadians massively support Obama, if he escalates in Afghanistan as he intends, and with international help as he states, our newly elected cluck, I mean Prime Minister, will probably keep us in past our commitment to 2011 (making our commitment there over 8 years long). Fortunately Canada doesn’t have compulsory service, and every WW in which a conscription (draft) was held there has been massive public resistance (overt and covert). Otherwise, my 9 year old nephew could be playing “freedom fighters” for real.

  22. Correction: Canada’s commitment in Afghanistan started in 2001 and we are committed to 2011 = 10yrs (note to self: improve math skills), plus the potential to stay longer in an escalated war. Combat age for Canadian forces is 18 years. Ah my nephew may still star “between the pipes” (in goal) for his favorite NHL team:-) :-)

    Inspired by a Black writer Glen Ford’s comparison of Obama to LBJ (great civil rights at home impeded by war expenditures in an escalated attempt to end a war) in :
    Focus The Obama Presidency
    Obama ‘is no Martin Luther King’

    I remain cautiously optimistic:-) :-)

  23. Seems they’ve impunity as well from Arab countries (and others) who’ve apparently chosen to turn a blind eye and utilize the Palestinians as kindling in the fire against the adversary. But are they really adversaries? It’s so refractive and convoluted, sometimes hard to tell.

    While we’ve clout to a certain degree, it need certainly be realized there is more than what meets the eye or that pundits and/or arm-chair, knee jerk reactivists would have us believe.

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