How to Reliably Receive Mail and Packages in Saudi Arabia from Outside


aramexI frequently receive emails from readers on how can they safely, securely and reliably receive mail and packages in Saudi Arabia. I have written previously on the problems and challenges of sending and receiving mail in Saudi Arabia:


If one is not fortunate to have an APO (American Post Office) in Saudi Arabia it can be difficult to reliably receive items from the West. In fact, several packages my own family sent to me never did arrive. I’m still waiting after 2.5 years!

However in the meantime I have since learned that there is an alternative – Aramex Shop and Ship. The Aramex Shop and Ship allows you to acquire a U.S. or U.K. mailing address which in turn allows you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping online from US or UK websites as if you are actually living there. This service offers you a personal mailing address in the US and the UK where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and more. Aramex then forwards the mailbox contents to your doorstep back home at very competitive rates, saving you time, effort and money.

Shop and Ship levies a one-time set up fee of US$35 and then charges a fee per shipment thereafter. As an example, a 3 kg package would cost 240 SAR to ship from the US to Saudi Arabia.



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