August Test Your Saudi Knowledge Fun Quiz

The Test Your Knowledge of Saudi Quizzes have been very popular with the readers. I have decided to make a monthly quiz that I will post at the end of each month. These are a little more challenging, but all of the answers can be found in the posts I made this month. Cheating is allowed, just do not brag 😉


Enjoy the quiz:


Saudi Quiz – August 2008

How is Saudi Arabia Perceived?

You must have some kind of an interest in Saudi Arabia or I doubt you would be reading my blog.  Perhaps you are a Saudi, an ex-pat in the Kingdom, a woman married to a Saudi, a woman interested in a Saudi or just have a general interest in learning about the Kingdom.  The primary purpose of my blog is to help inform, educate, sensitize and share about day-to-day life in Saudi Arabia – the realities and not what is generally picked up by the media.  So with this post, I’d like to get your responses and reactions.  If someone asks you to describe Saudi Arabia or asks you what do you know about Saudi Arabia, how do you respond?  If you are not in the Kingdom, is this a place you would be willing to come to and why?

And toughest of all, what in your view is the best way to describe Saudi Arabia to someone who is not familiar or knowledgeable about the Kingdom?  What do they need to know?  (and of course, your responses to all these questions will likely give me additional topics on which to follow up and post as well!).


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