Saudi Arabia: Islam – A Closer Look

I wish to commend a woman from Saudi Arabia married to a Saudi and who has taken the initiative to help promote a new web site oriented to help dispel the fear of Islamophobia.

The site is: Islam – A Closer Look and has been produced by the group, Young Muslims Canada.

The international phobia of Islam and Muslims has assumed deadly proportions. This irrational fear is a worldwide scourge that is ruining people’s lives and livelihoods and causing normally decent people to develop fear and loathing of “the other.”  Study after study has shown that people with the highest levels of Islamophobia are those who know the least about Islam and have had the least interaction with Muslims. is a project with a specific focus – to succinctly and creatively dispel common myths that are fueling Islamophobia.  Our objective is to break the cycle of fear.

A fully completed website would feature 25 videos addressing widespread misconceptions as well as 50 articles and various online and print resources for further study. The content would also be fully accessible through social networking sites such as FaceBook and YouTube.

Key sections of the web site are:  What is Sharia; Islam and Terrorism; What is Hijab; Muslims Good Citizens?; Honor Killing; Women in Islam; Who is Muhammad?; Islam and Muslims; Islamic Civilization; Islam and Jesus; Who is Allah?; and What is the Quran?

As the Holy Month of Ramadan draws closer it’s a good time for non-Muslims to review this web site and help dispel many of the fears and misperceptions of Muslims and Islam.


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