Want to Die Young? Be a Woman in Saudi Arabia

Okay, now that the title has captured your attention, as you might have guessed I am being a tad sarcastic. I had read the article that “Saudi Women Face Gyms Ban” and it raised my ire. You see, this article advises that private sports clubs and gyms for women may be shut down in Saudi Arabia because the government is only authorized to provide licenses for men’s establishments only in this regard. If that is not bad enough, to add further fuel to the fire, some leading Saudi clerics have described female fitness centers as “shameless” and an opportunity for women to abandon their husband and children! Saudi women are not meant to exercise.

Not all Saudi women are taking this edict laying down thankfully. A group of Saudi women launched a campaign opposing this ruling called “Let Her Get FAT.”

Too many Saudi girls have little to know opportunity for exercise at school. Many of the government schools do not have physical fitness (PE) for girls. Then at their homes the sedentary life continues. As a result, too many Saudi females grow up as sedentary beings which of course plays a major role on their health and lifestyle.

Saudi women are more prone to osteoporosis, high percentage of cancers, anemia, and seem to encounter the worse menstrual cramps and pains that I have ever observed. All of these to a degree are impacted by the lack of exercise and now for the few women who realize how important it is to be able to exercise, that opportunity may be taken away.


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