WARNING — American Bedu has been CLONED!!!

identity-theftI had a disconcerting experience last night.  I was doing research for an upcoming blog post and was wondering whether any blogs had discussed the specific topic before and did a google blog search with specific key words.  To my surprise a url came up that was certainly NOT my blog but was citing one of MY posts.  Of course I clicked to see what this URL was all about…   http://iugiug9.dangertone.com

Upon clicking that link I was taken to a retro looking ugly blog which is cited as “American Bedu” and contains so many of my posts from the past several years.   It did not have any fancy graphics but it does carry a bunch of google ads.

Now please — before I continue any further with this post, DO NOT click on the link I gave you.   Why?  All this will do is continue to support whoever cloned my blog.

The cloning is just a Google ad scam. If you can hijack contents from many bloggers you may be able to direct searches to the site and hope the visitors will click on those adds and make a few pennies for each click. The site is using RSS feeds to clone the content of other sites. The best approach is not to provide a link to the site and thus providing it with visitors.

If you are too curious and wish to see the cloned blog, then please do the following and report the site to Google in hopes that enough reports will raise a red flag with Google to close the Google ad account associated with the site. Here is how that can be accomplished:

– When you get to the site find the Google ads on the right
– Click on the bottom left corner where you see the words “Ads by Google”
– A Google page comes up you will find a link at the bottom with the flowing “Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw”. Click on that link to see the feedback form.
– Click on “Also Report a Violation?”
– Add a check mark next to “the website”
– Add a Check mark next to “The site is hosting/distributing my copyrighted content”
– Add a comment to the effect “This is a clone site that hijacks content from other blogs.”
– Provide your email to authenticate your comment if you want that option (not required but adds further legitimacy to your report)

This really takes less than 1 minute of your time, but it is worth reporting these content hijackers. Google does run a good business with their ads and they depend on reports like this to catch violators of their policies. The more people reporting the site the better the chances they will close the account.

And I guess under lessons learned, anyone else out there who has a blog should check time to time to make sure your blog has also not been a victim of cloning!!

Saudi Arabia: RV’s – A Market Opportunity


Saudi families tend to be larger than the typical western family.  There may be at least 6-8 children, sometimes more.  And oftentimes when traveling, in addition to the husband, wife, children and housemaid, a mother-in-law or other cousins may be traveling along too.  Therefore it is not unusual to see vehicles on the streets and highways of Saudi Arabia fully packed with individuals with as many as four in the front seat and perhaps seven in the back seat.  Large cars and SUV’s are popular vehicles of choice among Saudi families.  Mini-vans still seem to be in the minority and not seen as often as the large cars or SUV’s.


What I am also surprised by is given the large size of Saudi families coupled with the poor facilities on roadways for long trips, why RV’s are not more popular and in use?   I realize it may not be practical for a Saudi family to outright own an RV but for a long trip such as from Riyadh to Makkah an RV could make that trip much more comfortable and palatable.  There would be plenty of room for everyone, meals could be prepared, no need to worry or fear stopping at the atrocious washroom facilities along the way and the whole environment would be much more relaxed and less crowded.  RV’s have immense storage space so no worries on how to fit everyone and luggage into too small of a vehicle.


I recall many pleasurable trips in America in an RV.  In fact one of my father’s favorite rituals was to drive each summer from the state of Pennsylvania to Alaska via the Alaskan Highway through Canada.  During this trip one would see the miracles of nature at ones own leisurely pace and really appreciate the diversity of America, Canada and the Great State of Alaska.


So why aren’t RV’s as prevalent or popular in Saudi Arabia?  Why is it difficult to find a place where one can rent an RV in Saudi Arabia?  My own conclusion, right or wrong, is that I wonder whether those families who could afford the RV rental are simply flying to their destinations instead whereas it may be those families on tighter budgets who are cramped into the vehicles making such long journeys?  And of course one does have to take into account appropriate parking facilities when in an RV too.


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