In Saudi Arabia The Heat Can Affect your Furniture

For those of you coming to or residing in Saudi Arabia you should know that the heat and the climate can affect your furniture. This is especially true if you have wooden furniture and/or antiques. To try and avoid or slow down the drying out process which can result in cracked and damaged furniture, be sure and routinely oil these items on a regular basis. Speaking of my own personal experience, I have a number of unique pieces which I have had hand made or hand carved from my various travels around the world. This is the first place in which I have lived in my various travels where I noticed some pieces starting to develop cracks. Because this is a common occurrence in the Kingdom the grocery stores have no shortages of differing oils and polishes from which to choose.

Secondly if you have not yet arrived in the Kingdom but will be coming here with a household of furniture, hold detailed discussions with your moving company. Do any of your pieces need to specially wrapped in muslim cloth to help protect it during shipping? Again, if household items are going to be in storage for any length of time one should also be careful as to how items are packed and wrapped. We know of some couples who had delicate items packed in differing cloths for additional protection to only find that due to the heat the cloths stuck themselves to the items resulting in permanent damage.


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