April Arabic Adventures


I know it is near the end of the month but I would not forget the monthly Arabic post!

This month I’ll provide some practical words that are very useful to know:

Days of the Week (and remember, the work week in Saudi is Saturday through Wednesday with weekends (at the moment) falling on Thursday and Friday:

Friday: yawm al jumah

Saturday: yawm al sabt

Sunday: yawm al ahad

Monday: yawm al ethnain

Tuesday: yawm al thalatha

Wednesday: yawm al arba

Thursday: yawm al khamees

Tomorrow: bukrah

Yesterday: ams

After tomorrow: ba’ed bukrah

After two days: ba’ed yawmain

Day before yesterday: qabi a’ms

One week: osboo wahed

Two weeks: osboain

Weeks: asabee’

Black: aswad

Blue: azraq

Green: akhdar

Orange: portacallie

Pink: wardi

Red: ahmar

White: abyad

Yellow: asfar

Brown: boonie


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