Arabic Navigation – Try Yamli

yamli2When I learn of a site that may help me with Arabic and therefore making it easy to navigate not only in Arabic but in Saudi Arabia, I like to share these finds. Now many of you may already be aware of the site but I only recently became acquainted with yamli.

Yamli is the tool that finally allows you to easily access and expand the Arabic Web.

Yamli is inspired by the Arabic verb “يُملي” which comes from the noun “إملاء” referring to dictation or transcription of spoken text.

Using Yamli is very easy. Simply spell out each Arabic word the way you would pronounce it, and Yamli will convert it to the corresponding Arabic word using its patent pending technology. Yamli is the web’s best solution for Arabic transliteration.

You can also use common shortcut characters. For example “3″ for “ع”, “2″ for “ء”, “7″ for “ح”, etc …

For example, type “3arabi” or “arabi” to enter “عربي”

In addition to its search tools the yamli editor will allow one to write in Arabic too.

It is a nifty tool and worth checking out.


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