So What If Riyadh Has a Women-Only Hotel

The Al Luthan hotel and spa is the first women only facility of its kind in Riyadh.  It is a luxurious hotel and spa for women only.  It is a full service hotel and spa offering deluxe, comfortable and safe accommodations.  Al Luthan welcomes both Saudi and non-Saudi females.  Now some women have spoken out to the media that the opening of Al Luthan is a step backwards.  According to these women, they see it as a backwards movement for the Kingdom due to the fact that there is already so much enforced segregation and women not only have few rights but promoting and endorsing a women’s only hotel and spa further diminishes women from receiving rights.

Maybe I am in the minority but I take the opposite view.  Al Luthan is not unique when compared to the rest of the world.  Women hotels or women-only floors are actually common in most major cities (and some not so major) all over the world.  Back in earlier times when I was doing a lot of international travel, I enjoyed staying on a women-only floor, especially when in foreign cities which were not as accustomed to business women traveling alone.  So to me, I do not see a women’s only hotel as a step backward at all but another nice option to have for women in the Kingdom.

The web site to check out Al Luthan and its facilities, Click here…


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