Feeling like a Saudi Woman…


I’m still in Houston as I take care of a family member who is here from Saudi receiving medical treatment.  Now due to my family member’s condition, he cannot drive and must sit in the backseat of a vehicle.  And guess who is driving this Saudi male to and from his appointments?  Your’s truly…the female.  I happened to ask him today out of curiosity how well he felt he knew his way around Houston from sitting in the back street.  He responded “It’s almost impossible to learn my way around with the darkened windows in the back seat”  And then I guess he was also thinking about being in the back seat because he then added “And I wish you would also unlock the back seat door lock more quickly too.”

I couldn’t help it… I started laughing at that point.  He looked at me with puzzlement on his face wanting to know what I thought was so funny.  I told him he now knows what it must feel like to be a woman in Saudi Arabia who must be dependent on a driver to take her around, having to sit in the back seat as well as waiting for the door to be unlocked by the driver.  Fortunately he saw the irony of his situation with good humor and agreed with what I said and that he believes he now has a better perspective on what it must feel like for women in Saudi who wish to be independent and drive.

This also has me curious.  I’d like to hear from the Saudi women who participate on this blog.  When you are outside of Saudi Arabia, do you drive?  And if so, please share with us how it feels to you when you have the chance to be behind the wheel.  Did driving come naturally?  Do you feel nervous sometimes?  Do you prefer to drive a particular vehicle such as a truck or SUV instead of a car and why?


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