Saudi Men versus American Men


What makes a woman attracted to one man over another? Is it his personality? Is it his looks? Is it his values? Is it his money? Is it is nationality? Is it his color? I may not have those answers but I can cite some of the traits that seem distinctive in Saudi Men versus American Men. And I have no doubt that readers will add more such traits as well.

So here goes:

Most American men will wear a wedding band when married whereas many Saudi men will not. Maybe this does not matter to some women but it is nice seeing that visual sign of commitment. When asking Saudi men why they choose not to wear a wedding ring the responses vary from to not liking jewelry of any kind (except a wristwatch), having reactions if wearing jewelry (allergic to marriage?), to the most candid response of “I have more than one wife” (so where one on each hand or finger then).

Most American men are more likely to help their wife with domestic tasks such as american-guyscooking, cleaning or laundry than a Saudi man. However I don’t think one can be too harsh on the Saudi man on this trait given that the custom in Saudi Arabia is to have domestic help.

American men are generally more proactive in the care of a child starting at birth to being in the delivery room and seeing the child born. Again, the customs of Saudi Arabia seem to discourage a Saudi man from having the same interactions with a child. Many public hospitals will not allow a man to be in the delivery room with his wife. And in a lot of cases, even the Saudi woman will not change a baby’s diaper so it should not be expected that the man would do so. Again, this is based on the custom that many in Saudi will have domestic help who tend to such tasks.

So with tongue in cheek, here are some more distinctions on American Men versus Saudi Men…

AMERICAN MEN –   Don’t treat you very nice until you marry them. Then the AmericanWoman forces them to be nice!!!

SAUDI MEN –  Are cassanovas until the honeymoon is over….and after that, CAVEMEN.

AMERICAN MEN –  Will give you diamonds and jewelry that you keep forever so that you can pass them down to your children and grandchildren.

SAUDI MEN –  Ask for the jewelry back right after the honeymoon…to give to his next wife.

AMERICAN MEN –  Will buy you a house that is half yours even if you leave him next month.

SAUDI MEN –  Will buy you a house in his name in case he decides to leave you.

AMERICAN MEN – Expect to have to take out the trash everyday as part of the ‘man’s job’ in the house.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire an expat ‘domestic’  to take out the trash for him.

AMERICAN MEN – Will cook you dinner sometimes….and help you with the dishes.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire a cook to make dinner and a maid to clear the dishes away.

AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the ballgames with him and introduce you to his crazy friends and their wives that you can laugh and hang out with as you all grow old together.

SAUDI MEN – Will leave you at home with the maid and hide you from his friends, whenever they come over, because they might want to marry you if they see you.

AMERICAN MEN – Will take you to the movies with him on the weekend and buy you popcorn and a hotdog while you watch the show.

0000258412-007SAUDI MEN – Cannot take you to the movies, (no movies in Saudi), but will send the driver to buy you a movie and have the cook make you popcorn and a schwarma.

AMERICAN MEN – Will go outside and cut the grass while you plant flowers in the garden.

SAUDI MEN – Will hire a gardener to plant the flowers after the driver returns with them from the store.

AMERICAN MEN – Will run away most of the time at even the thought of marriage.

SAUDI MEN – Try to see whom of their friends can get married the most times in a single year….

(all the while their identity cards say they are still SINGLE.)

AMERICAN MEN – Have their wife and children on all of their official papers.

SAUDI MEN – Have their 10 children with the first foreign wife listed on their identity card with the  Saudi wife.   (foreign wife is not allowed to be added on the  ‘Saudi’  ID card without having Saudi nationality.)

AMERICAN MEN –  If the AMERICAN MAN dies, the property and money go to his wife.

SAUDI MEN – If the SAUDI MAN dies, the property will be shared by his first wife, his ‘hidden’ wives, and all 500 children that he forgot to mention to her while he was alive, along with his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

AMERICAN MEN – If he becomes single at age 80 due to his wife’s death, he might marry a 50 year old.

SAUDI MEN – At age 80, he might marry four 15 year olds.

AMERICAN MEN – Will buy his business partner a dinner.

SAUDI MEN – Will buy his business parner’s daughter.

AMERICAN MEN – Will open up all the curtains in the house to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

SAUDI MEN – Will not put any windows in his house.  (ha ha….just kidding!)

AMERICAN MEN – Will turn off all of the electricity and lock up the house when he goes on vacation.

SAUDI MEN – Will lock up his wife and maid in the house while he goes on vacation.  (kidding!)

AMERICAN MEN – takes his wife out for a stroll and they walk hand in hand.

SAUDI MEN – takes his 4 wives out for a stroll but pretends to be single.

AMERICAN MEN – meets his girlfriends openly in public.

SAUDI MEN – pretends not to have girlfriends.

AMERICAN MEN – will flirt with other women when his wife isn’t looking

SAUDI MEN – will send his kids or his friends to do the flirting for him

AMERICAN MEN – will ask a pretty woman for her phone number

SAUDI MEN – will walk 10 miles waiting for a bluetooth message from ANY female aged 8 – 98 !

AMERICAN MEN – will walk his dog in his neighborhood for exercise

SAUDI MEN – is not allowed to walk his dog because a woman might speak to him

AMERICAN MEN – will be proud to admit that he has been married for 30 years.

SAUDI MEN – will be embarrassed for anyone to know that his wife is over 30!

AMERICAN MEN – will play tennis or golf with his wife

SAUDI MEN – will not play with his wife in public …. especially with balls!

AMERICAN MEN – Keeps all his money in the bank so everyone thinks he’s poor

SAUDI MEN – Keeps all his money in his pocket so everyone thinks he’s rich

AMERICAN MEN – Will honk the horn and yell for his girlfriend while he waits on the driveway

SAUDI MEN – Will introduce himself to the girl’s father while his driver waits on the driveway.

AMERICAN MEN – Loves to go for walks in the sun

SAUDI MEN – Loves to go for walks in the rain

AMERICAN MEN – Picks a WILD flower for his new girlfriend

SAUDI MEN – Buys a bouquet to give his WILD girlfriend

AMERICAN MEN – Gives his girlfriend a ride to school

SAUDI MEN – Buys his girlfriend a car for school

AMERICAN MEN – Buys a painting from the artist for his girlfriend

SAUDI MEN – Buys the artist for the painting of his girlfriend

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have oil wells in their backyards

SAUDI MEN – Wishes all Saudis had oil wells in their backyards

AMERICAN MEN – Goes to the bank to take money out

SAUDI MEN – Owns the bank where he puts money in

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks all Saudis have harems in Saudi

SAUDI MEN – Wishes he could pull off having a harem in Saudi

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks that Saudis ride on camels

SAUDI MEN – Has never ever ridden a camel

AMERICAN MEN – Thinks that all Saudis are Sheiks

SAUDI MEN – Wishes that all Saudis were Sheiks

American Bedu footnote:  Many special thanks to “MA” for helping to come up with this comprehensive list!


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