Saudi Arabia and Mistaken Identity

I recently had an experience that was quite embarrassing and now I know exactly how my family member must have felt when he had his own embarrassing encounter, article here.

I had received a call that a car was waiting for me from the transport service I use. Most of the time the transport service sends the same driver but this time he was not available. So I was told the car was parked out front waiting for me and that it was silver. So I depart the building and sure enough I see a silver vehicle parked right in front idling as if it is waiting for someone. Naturally I proceed to the vehicle, open the door and say “Hi” as I am sliding myself into the back seat. As I am almost fully inside the vehicle I notice there is a completely veiled Saudi woman in the back seat and that the driver of the vehicle is also a Saudi and not the Indian driver I was expecting. Yes, I was quite mortified. I managed to say in Arabic I was sorry and quickly exited myself from the vehicle. The woman never said a word and the Saudi driver simply smiled as if it was no big deal. Turns out that the driver who was waiting for me had parked further back from the main entrance and was watching for me to exit before he approached closer!


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