Why Visit Abha, Saudi Arabia?

I have not been to Abha….yet, but it is high on my list of places to visit within the Kingdom.  Abha is a popular destination in the Kingdom for vacationing for both Saudis and non-Saudis.  Abha is located in the southwestern part of the Arabian peninsula and known for its mountains, valleys and fertile plains.  It is a welcome respite from the searing heat of the arid desert.  Abha is known for its many parks which include the Aseer National Park.  The area also includes the Grand tourist lake project and Al Hebia Park which has cable car service!  Additionally one can visit more than 56 different gardens when traveling to Abha.  I’ve heard that one can also see monkeys (baboons) in their natural habitat in Abha and due to tourists feeding them, be careful as they have lost their fear of people.

If exploring nature is not ones favorite pastime, Abha also offers the Al Miftaha art village at the King Fahad Cultural Center.  Here is where one can find and enjoy art works by Saudi painters and sculptors.  Handicrafts, local honey, hand-woven products and many other souvenirs are available for those who enjoy shopping and finding a special memory of a trip to Abha.  I should also mention that Abha includes the Shada archeological palace which dates to 1250 (Hijri) and is filled with numerous artifacts.

Abha hosts a five star Intercontinental hotel  (966.7.224.7777) as well as the four star Al Bouaira (966.7.224.6458).  No doubt once I have made my own trip to Abha I will be able to write a more descriptive post but I hope these musings have whet your own appetite about Abha. I have included a few pictures to show the contrast of this area with the traditional desert images of Saudi.


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