In Saudi Arabia A Good Vacuum is Essential

This posting will fall under “tidbits” of good information to know if you are relocating or newly arrived to Saudi Arabia. Due to the arid conditions and desert practically coming to ones door, be prepared for daily dust and sand to make its way into ones house. It is imperative to dust and vacuum daily. Regardless of how airtight a house may be, the sand and dust particles do find their way inside. As a result, it is typical for most residents of the Kingdom to rely heavily on their air conditioners even during those “neutral” days when it is not too hot nor too cold. Call me stubborn but in spite of knowing I’ll have to do extra dusting and vacuuming, I like that fresh air smell and the feel of the breeze through the house so when the weather conditions permit, I will open the screen doors and windows… and pay the price.

However for all residents, a good vacuum is essential in order to properly pick up all the dust and sand particles. The typical vacuums one will find in the stores here in the Kingdom may be well-known named brands but it seems to my view that they are composed of so many more plastic and thereby breakable parts as compared to the quality of vacuums found in the States. One Saudi resident advised me prior to arrival to bring a first-class vacuum with me and I greatly appreciated that advise. Unfortunately as an earlier post advises (see “110 or 220”) I “lost” the vacuum from the USA and had to acquire one locally. Under the “for what it is worth” heading, I bought myself a Hoover brand and am satisfied with it.

Many housemaids may not be familiar with operating a vacuum. Be sure and give them precise clear instructions. For example, if your home has carpets or floor rugs on the floor which have fringe on either end the housemaid must be told (maybe repeatedly) not to try and vacuum over the fringe because it will get caught up in the vacuum. And if that happens, while the vacuum is still running the housemaid may try to pull the fringe out of the vacuum. As I am sure you can visualize this is not a good scenario. Housemaids also need to be shown and reminded on cleaning the vacuum and replacing the bag. Many residents in the Kingdom have lost their good vacuums to overuse without proper maintenance.


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