Saudi Arabia: Where Are the Saudi Barbers?

saudi barber


There are no salons in Saudi Arabia such as in many other parts of the world where both men and women can receive service.  Like many of the facilities in Saudi Arabia, hair care services are segregated.  Men go to barbers and women go to salons.

Barbers have a brisk business in Saudi Arabia.  In addition to the traditional hair cut, barbers in Saudi Arabia offer hair coloring, shaving, manicures, pedicures and waxing.   Many of the barber shops in Saudi Arabia will have private cubicles complete with a closed door to protect the privacy of customers.  A number of men do not wish to reveal the fact that they may color their hair or have other services performed.

Many of the barbers in Saudi Arabia are expatriates predominantly from Turkey, Egypt, India or Pakistan.  In fact, in Riyadh you can see many barbershops advertising themselves with signs which say “Turkey Barber” indicating that the barber is Turkish.

I am not, however, aware of any Saudi barbers.  A Saudi will likely own the facility but hires and sponsors expatriate barbers from outside of the Kingdom to perform the duties of the barber.

With the emphasis on Saudiazation and hiring Saudi nationals, coupled with the high number of Saudi men seeking employment, perhaps if Saudi men underwent training and certification, a new employment opportunity could open up for them.  Or would this field likely remain closed to Saudi men because Saudi customers would not want a Saudi national aware of the services and procedures they seek?  What do you think?


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