House Sitting in Saudi Arabia

house sitting

Many individuals make an exodus from Saudi Arabia during the summer months, particularly from the end of June until September, due to the intense heat.  These individuals include both Saudis and expat nationals.  As a result, this may create an opportunity for an expat who presently may have to share housing to be a house sitter for an expat who perhaps lives in a villa in a residential neighborhood or most likely lives on a western compound.  There are a number of individuals who have become known and sought after as ideal house sitters.  While the expat is out of the Kingdom the house sitter provides a safe and trusted presence in the villa.  The house sitter will also look after any pets eliminating the need to worry about what to do with pets when going away for an extended period.  In addition the house sitter will take care of plants too.  In most cases money does not exchange hands as the house sitter is usually eager to have the opportunity to stay in a villa which is typically larger than where he or she is presently dwelling and probably has more amenities available too.

On the other hand, when a Saudi will be out of the Kingdom for an extended period, it is highly unlikely there would be a house sitter…unless of course someone from the extended Saudi family would stay in the residence.  Having someone who is not related to the family come and stay in a Saudi residence while a family is gone is contradictory to the Saudi culture.  This is especially true if the Saudi home also houses unmarried daughters.  Not only is seeing unrelated Saudi women taboo in Saudi culture but even the opportunity to see or know in which room a Saudi woman sleeps is prohibited.


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