Saudi Arabia: Stop the Propaganda Against Air Passengers and the Kingdom


When I read an article in USA Today that states Jews or a passenger carrying a non-Islamic article of faith would not be able to fly on Delta Airlines flights from the United States to Saudi Arabia my eyebrows raised.  The article in my view has been written by someone misinformed and who seems to want to stir up negative sentiments between the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Facts which I do agree with in the poorly written article meant to sensationalize are that every foreigner to the Kingdom requires a visa and a sponsor.  However Jews are not prohibited from traveling to the Kingdom.  They do as visiting scholars, specialists and speakers.  For Jews who also travel to Israel, it is known that in most cases the traveler will receive a removable page for an Israeli visa which circumvents any problems for travel elsewhere in the Middle East and particularly within the GCC.


Travelers to the Kingdom are allowed to bring a Bible or other faith related article with them as long as it is clearly for personal use.  Even a traveler on Saudi Airlines can have a Bible packed in their luggage.  This is why I further do not understand the alleged statements pertaining to Delta Airlines.  Airlines do not care what race or color or religion a passenger is.  The focus of the airlines is to ensure that each passenger has a valid passport and visa and met airline security checks.


I know that Saudi Airlines has had Jews fly its national carrier into the Kingdom and that some of the Jews were distinguished guests.  The article in USA Today sounds simply like more Saudi bashing to me.



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