Giving Directions in Riyadh

directions001Fortunately all of the main thoroughfares of Riyadh are generally well marked. And by well marked I mean that street names have been designated as well as having well-known landmarks. But if one happens to live in a typical residential neighborhood or going to visit someone in a typical Riyadh neighborhood, then navigation can begin to get challenging. Why’s that you may ask? Well, I have learned that there are many residential neighborhoods where there are no street signs or any visible indication of what the street is called. In addition, the houses may not even have house numbers. As a result it becomes imperative to learn how to give directions with precise land marks.

For example, I have a good friend who lives off of the King Khalid Highway. In order to get to her house I know I have to take Exit “X”, make an immediate u-turn and then take the first road to the right (and of course there is no road sign). Then I proceed to the 3rd road to the right and turn. I follow this road and after passing the first mosque, I then take the next road to the left. Her villa is the 5th villa on the right. These are typical of driving instructions in Riyadh!

*actual directions have been modified to protect privacy


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