Saudi Arabia: It’s Dry Skin Time Again

Winter has arrived in Saudi Arabia and with it comes not only the cold, chill and damp but also dry skin.  I’ve lived in many places but have never experienced dry (and itchy) skin like I do in Saudi Arabia during the winter time.  The dry and itchy skin is most notable for those in Nej’d (which includes Riyadh) whereas other areas of the Kingdom continue to have more moisture in the air.

A good skin lotion and lip balm are essential during this season and should be used generously multiple times a day whether male, femle, adult or child.

My favorites which give immediate relief to dry skin and chapped cracked lips are:

for the lips I recommend the “Kiss Me Quick Lip Balm” brand which is clear and comes in various scented flavors.  I like the mango.  Now if you are male and hesitant to purchase the brand due to its name, all chemists are selling generic lip balms as well which will also do the trick.

and for the skin, Bioskincare Aloe Vera Moisturizer Cream for the face and body.

These products can be found at Marks and Spencers.

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Christmas 2008 – Just Another Day in Saudi Arabia


For all those who read this post and observe Christmas, Merry Christmas!  May this day bring joy, peace and happiness to your life.  May you be spending the day with those most special to you and cherishing each others company.  In Saudi Arabia, Christmas is typically just another day.  Christmas falls on a Thursday this year which is also a weekend day.  But there are no colorful displays, ornaments or other evidence of this day.  One will not readily see Christmas lights and decorations adorning businesses or residences or gates of residences – unless one observes Christmas and lives on a Western compound.  It is kind of ironic for the neighboring GCC countries do have evidence of the existence of Christmas.  In Bahrain one can buy Christmas decorations, some even with a desert theme.  Christmas trees are also available for sale too.  Bahrain is not the only country.  Even Kuwait, which can be equally conservative as Saudi Arabia in some ways, will have overt signs of Christmas.  But, the longer one lives in Saudi Arabia, the more one becomes accustomed that typical practices in Saudi Arabia will be unique to the Kingdom and its ways.


Many Saudis will be aware that it is Christmas and will not hesitate to wish Christmas greetings to expats whom they may know.  Many Saudis will not object to expats enjoying their celebrations as long as they are done discreetly and away from offending eyes who may find the practice distasteful.  But for most, Christmas will not only be a quiet affair but just another day in Saudi Arabia.


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