Reputable Hair Salons in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Any woman can tell you it is essential to find a good and reputable hair salon when one is living and working abroad. Sometimes, depending on ones location this can be somewhat challenging. I’m pleased to say that in Riyadh there are several good and reputable places one can go. The most popular salons which are frequented by westerners are as follows:


Mariyah Center

Al Manihal Center

Yibreen’s is a full service spa and salon and more. It offers all salon services which include hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure and waxing. It also has a wonderful spa with a variety of treatment packages and massages. In addition, Yibreen’s has a gym which in addition to providing all the usual exercise equipment also offers classes in yoga, aerobics and other activities. And of course Yibreen has a pool where one can take a refreshing dip. Last but not least, it also has a restaurant on the premises. Speaking of the premises, Yibreen’s is like a small compound with the salon, gym, spa and restaurant all housed in different buildings. It is a wonderful relaxing place to come and spend a day of pampering!

Most of the stylists at Yibreen’s are from Lebanon although there is also an American woman who works there and is a specialist with color.

Yibreens is located off of Takhusseessee and easy walking distance from King Faisal Specialist Hospital. Most limo drivers (taxis) know the location.

Yibreen’s: 441 1115 [email protected]

The Mariyah Center is also a spa and salon but not quite as grand a scale as Yibreen’s. The Mariyah Center was established by an American married to a Saudi. Her daughter now runs the business. Like Yibreens, the Mariyah Center offers the full compliments for hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures and waxing. Its spa services are more limited than Yibreens although massages and body wraps are available.

The Mariyah Center also offers a small tea room where tea sandwiches and drinks are served. Adjacent to the tea room is a gift shop where imported (mainly US) items are carried and which are difficult to acquire in Saudi Arabia.

The Mariyah Center is staffed predominantly with Filipinas. It is a cheerful atmosphere.

The Mariyah Center is located in the heart of Riyadh on Olaya Street right across from Saks 5th Avenue (Kingdom Mall).

Al Manihal Center is a full service salon and spa located in the Diplomatic Quarter. I have not been there myself so I cannot provide as many details. It is my understand that it offers all hair, makeup and salon services as well as full service spa. I have also heard that this center routinely offers various classes such as painting, languages and much more. Al Manihal used to have a very good and informative web site but I could not locate it at the time of this writing.

An additional honorable mention is the Luthan Hotel and Spa. While salon or hair services are not mentioned on its web site, it does post information on a wide variety of spa packages.

Naturally there are many many more salons in and around Riyadh. It should also be noted that most compounds will also have its own salon.


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