Good Coffee Places in Saudi Arabia

I’ll be very candid.  I am NOT a Nescafe Girl.  I prefer my coffee fresh from ground beans and even better yet if I smell the aroma of those freshly ground beans as the coffee is perking.  Fortunately coffee shops do indeed abound throughout the Kingdom.  As a result, there is no shortage of places where one can go to enjoy a nice cuppa as well as buy either coffee beans to grind yourself at home or fresh coffee which has already been ground.


The usual places are here:  Starbucks (although personally I find their coffee to have a somewhat bitter taste); Doctor Kaffe (which is among my favorites and has a wide variety of differing coffees); Coffee Time (also not bad); SBC (Seattle’s Best Coffee and rated excellent in my book); Java Café (not only great coffee but excellent pastries and snacks too).  There are also many other coffee bars and cafes too but the ones I mentioned are very prominent and popular.


At the hotels good coffee can be hit and miss.  A hotel may be able to prepare excellent cappachino or latte but miss the boat on simple brewed coffee.  Or, a hotel may serve again the ever so popular Nescafe!


However based on the emergence of more and more coffee cafes throughout the Kingdom to include even little drive through coffee shops along the highways the popularity of coffee (vice Arabic kawa) as a drink continues to increase in the Kingdom.


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