Is the News from Saudi Arabia less biased?


Overall, if I had to rate the news and media from Saudi Arabia on how
and what they present as news on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give
them an 8.  By comparison, if I rate the American news on the same
scale, I’d give it a 5.  In my own personal view, I think that the
Saudi news does a better job on presenting the news.  I believe from
Saudi the news is less biased presenting facts in a straight forward
manner and most of the time, followed up with informative analysis.
American news, on the other hand, seems to be more prone towards
presenting news in a manner that is either biased on a certain point
of view or presents the news in a manner that can be interpreted as to
be ‘entertaining.’  Also the American news spends little time on its
top of the hour news stories.

I like how the Saudi news, whether from Saudi TV1 (arabic channel) or
Al Ekbariyah (arabic) have more in-depth news during the prime news
times.  Because it is important and telling to be able to see “who is
with whom” during high level discussions, visits and delegations, I
appreciate that these Saudi channels will have substantive video clips
of such meetings.  Whereas the American news usually just keeps
repeating the same brief clips over and over of any meetings.

I will not deny that sometimes the Saudi news may appear skewered with
perhaps less coverage given on issues which may be related to internal
security.  But in fairness, I think that is routine all over.  An
exception being that in the US media there is more of an outcry that
the “public needs to know” even if activities or subjects are viewed
as sensitive or classified.

Ranging a little further from Saudi Arabia, I give compliments to Al
Jazirah.  Of course the bulk of the news is going to focus on the Arab
World with attention paid to those international events which are
truly newsworthy of reporting.

I believe I learned more of substance about President Obama’s travels
to the Mideast Region from the Arab news channels than what was
presented on the American channels.  The Arab news channels broadcast
his speeches and meetings followed by in-depth analysis and
commentaries.  Nowhere on the Arab news channels was there the debate
on whether First Lady Michelle should have accompanied her husband on
his trip.  The goals and objectives of President Obama’s were what was
discussed in depth.

I was saddened by not surprised when the CBS reporter focused on the
usual sensationalism rhetoric of Saudi Arabia on women not driving, no
alcoholic beverages allowed and then his misspoken statement that
smoking was prohibited.  Seems to me he would have done his network
and those reading his article a much better favor by sticking to
reporting on the reason he came to Saudi Arabia which was to cover
President Obama’s meetings with King Abdullah.

But in regards to US news, I do respect and value the news as it is
presented on PBS followed closely by CNN.


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