Differences in Bottled Water Between USA and KSA

I’m an avid bottled water fan so I happen to notice the distinctions in the bottled water between USA and KSA. I notice the differences in taste naturally but also the distinctions in packaging too. For starters, the water bottles packaged and sold in Saudi Arabia are actually made of much more durable materials than the ones in the States. I asked about this and was advised that with the strong emphasis in the United States on recycling and environmental friendly products, that is why the bottled water bottles in the States are not as firm and durable as compared to the ones in Saudi.

I am told that one can drink the water from the tap in most places in Saudi but must admit other than when I brush my teeth, I tend to favor the bottled water. Especially when you think that the tap water in Saudi likely comes from the sea and is processed through a desalinization plant. To be fair, I usually drink bottled water in the States as well although I believe the water is more “potable” or drinkable from the tap in the United States as again compared to Saudi. However I learned that in the state of Louisiana and especially after the hurricanes that have been through there, individuals are recommended to drink bottled water.

When shopping for bottled water in Saudi, similar to the USA there is a whole aisle in the grocery store dedicated to the many choices one can choose from. Personally I like the flavor of the ‘Qassim’ brand water. And yes, soda water and Perrier are also available if one wishes too. I’ve been away from the USA too long to know now which brand I may prefer over another. I’ve been sampling different ones while here trying a different brand when I’ve gone shopping.

Now some may be reading this post and thinking, what’s the big deal about bottled water?! I can say that after having lived for several years in Saudi Arabia, one does not leave the house without carrying a bottle or two of water. Due to the climate in the Kingdom and particularly during the searing summer months, It is very important to hydrate and to do so often. Naturally this makes one more aware and places a greater emphasis on water. Of course one could drink other bottled drinks instead but water is really the best one overall to quench the thirst.


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