Saudi Arabia: There Really is a Reason Bedu’s Been Rambling…


I know that those who have followed my blog regularly have noticed a change in the posts and my writing for the past week.  I’ve been calling it writers block but after a visit to my doctor I realize it is more than that.  My blood counts have bottomed out which means that the white and red cells are critically low as a result of last week’s chemo treatment.  When the blood counts are at such a critical point it makes me feel like I am just a lump with no energy or ability to think.  My chemo for this week has been cancelled because of the low counts.  Instead I am receiving daily injections towards boosting the blood counts.  Another side effect of low counts I am having to contend with is a throat infection.  Unfortunately I have ulcers lining my throat and therefore unable to talk.  Once my blood counts start to rise the infection should clear up.


I am quarantined to my home until I see my doctor next week.  I have time on my hands and attempting to write.  I believe my writing will improve once I am back on track.


In the meantime I welcome your suggestions on what you’d like to hear about and ideas on how to make home-bound quarantine pass quickly!

Kuwaiti woman supports s*x-slavery for women

Salwa Al Mutairi, a Kuwaiti political activist, relates in this video how on a recent visit to Maccah, religious scholars told her that having women turned into  sex-slaves is a good thing. They also cited parts of  Islamic scripture to her which support the enslavement of women for the purpose of sex. Apparently she has taken it hook, line, and sinker, and is now calling for a new law allowing sex-slaves for men so hat they can have halal sex besides their wife (/wives) and therefore saving good Muslim men from zina and fornication.
According to Al Mutairi a good source  for the Muslim sex-slaves would be women from countries like Chechnya. When women are captured in a situation of war they could then be sold to ”dealers” in Kuwait.
She has no problem with enslaving women, which will of course have to be Christian, oops, she meant of course ”non-Muslim” women, and having them live a life of imprisonment and endless rapes. As long as Muslims are safe, and Muslim men are protected from ”fornication”, and it is supported by the scholars, it is a good idea.

Or is it? Is this a serious video? Or one gigantic hoax? What do you think?


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