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American Bedu interviews with various individuals have always been popular posts on the blog.  All interviews have a connection to Saudi Arabia and each individual interviewed is provided a unique set of questions based on who they are and where they are.

American Bedu interviews includes interviews with Saudi nationals both in and outside the Kingdom, with expatriates who have married a Saudi, with expatriates who are living in the Kingdom and also with many individuals who have a vested interest in the Kingdom whether they live there or have traveled there.

I always welcome the opportunity to interview someone and have their story shared.  I’m sensitive to who is interviewed and whether it is most appropriate for them to not be identified by their name due to their circumstances, identity or situation.  I spend time and foresight in preparing the interview questions.

I want to continue have this blog supplemented with interviews but I also have an appeal to make to anyone who has offered to be interviewed.  Follow through.  If you agree to an interview and I take the time to draft specific questions, then answer them.  If any questions are uncomfortable or too personal, let me know.  We can work it out.  However, please do not simply disappear in to the cyber-sphere after receiving interview questions.  If you have changed your mine, give me the courtesy of letting me know.

I’ll be candid.  As my battle with cancer continues I daily battle different side effects which make it more challenging for me to maintain the blog, to include writing and providing informative posts.  I have neuropathy which is a typical side effect and causes numbing and tingling of the hands and feet.  It impacts on my ability and time to type a post…or interview questions.  I am also challenged by “chemo brain” where at times my mind goes to mush impacting on my ability to write timely or eloquently.  I’m asking readers to work with me, especially those who have agreed to an interview.  If you are not sincere when agreeing to an interview, then tell me and let me save my time and effort for someone else.

Now above being said, if any reader wishes to share their story such as marriage to a Saudi; a relationship with a Saudi; experiences living or working in Saudi Arabia; or are a Saudi man and woman and willing to share your perspectives and experiences, let me know.  It is these kind of interviews which allow us to understand and build bridges between East and West.

The way I conduct the interviews is through email correspondence.  I compile unique questions for the candidate to answer and then return to me again via email. All questions asked are flexible and can be modified or deleted.

If you are new to American Bedu and would like to review earlier interviews, they can easily be found by scrolling down to the category box on the blog and select ‘interview.’

For anyone (sincerely) interested in being interviewed, you may email me directly at [email protected]


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