Saudi Arabia: Will She Find What She is Looking For?

A Saudi woman posted an ad for a husband in an Arabic language magazine.  The woman is divorced, lonely and wishes to find a husband who appreciates married life.  She is offering US$1.33 million for the right husband.  She is also willing to consider a misyar  marriage in which the husband and wife are married but live apart from one another.

I don’t know…I would like to see everyone find the spouse of their dreams but I’m not sure if offering money is the way to do it.  Not only does it sound like “buying a husband” but how can you be sure a man is responding for the desire of marriage and not for the money?  Yet, on the other hand, the Muslim man does provide a wife with mahr (dowry) so perhaps this could be interpreted as the Saudi woman demonstrating that she can provide an equal opportunity?

If a woman needs to go to the point of placing an ad for a husband plus the offer of money, I hope that she truly finds what she is looking for.


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