Impact of Saudi Siblings in Relationships


A reader asked me whether or not Saudi siblings can impact on a relationship. My answer is unhesitatingly YES. To begin with, given the conservative nature of the Kingdom and practice of segregation, siblings often times play a large role in matchmaking. They may be slightly resentful if they find their brother chose a wife of whom they may have known nothing about. Hopefully any initial resentment would soon be overcome. But siblings can go a long way in making a wife (Saudi or non-Saudi) towards feeling welcomed and accepted into the family.

And Saudi families do play a large role in the relationship between the couple since family is very important to Saudis. The Saudi families have some of the strongest bonds I have ever seen. They are always there for each other and remind me of the American pioneers and how a wagon train would gather round anytime it felt threatened. The Saudi families are the same way. When one marries a Saudi, one is not simply marrying the husband but into the family as well.


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