Saudi Arabia/USA: Relaxing at Home

My recent hospital stay was tough.  If I am candid, I will confess that there were several days in particular that I wondered if I was going to make it.  There were a few moments of crisis which I pray I will not experience again.

The hospital stay plus those moments of fear and agony put me in a reminiscent mood.  It reinforced to me how the small stuff truly does not matter and how very important are family and loved ones.

Abdullah has passed on but his memory will always remain.  My memories of are love, fun, sharing, compatibilities and enjoying life.  We did not have a fancy life by any means but we had a good life together, regardless of where we were living.

This is one view of our living room (salon) of our home we had in Northern Virginia, USA.  Abdullah insisted on the red border as his very personal mark on the room.  (smile)

This is the view of the living room (salon) from another angle.  This section was decorated with more of the traditional furniture we had acquired through our mutual travels abroad.


It gives me pleasure to share some photos with American Bedu readers of Abdullah and I and little snapshots in the life we built together.

My precious Desert Boy enjoying himself simply relaxing in the family room

We were also blessed to have his children visit us at different times while we lived in the United States.  While photos of his daughters will always remain private, it is a joy to share a photo of what I like to call ‘little Abdullah’ due to the strong resemblance between father and son in both looks and spirit.

 Life father, like son.  These two were like two peas in a pod so similar in looks and having the same joyous laugh!


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