Saudi Arabia: Beware of the Fine Print

A recent article in Arab News may give fresh hope that progress may be made for children of Saudi fathers and non-Saudi mothers.  However, one must read the text of the article very carefully as it clearly spells out that the goal is if parentage established for the children to be reunited with their father in Saudi Arabia.  There is no mention anywhere in the article about rights of the foreign wife or intent for the foreign wife to accompany her child.

Saudis are very proud of their heritage, their blood and their DNA.  A child fathered by a Saudi male will be looked upon as a Saudi.  However, without a marriage that has been recognized and approved by the Saudi government, the non-Saudi mother of the child and her needs would not be taken into consideration.

In most cases, the non-Saudi mother will be viewed as an immoral woman who took advantage of the weaknesses of the Saudi male.  It probably would not make a difference to most Saudis whether the non-Saudi mother had converted to Islam or not.

Wives of Saudi men are expected to be pure and virtuous; unless a Saudi man chose to marry a widow or divorcee.  Regardless, it is against the religion, culture and heritage for men and women to have intimate relations outside of marriage.

Therefore, if a non-Saudi mother reads the Arab News article and is optimistic that she may be reunited with her lost Saudi beau, she should actually hope for the best but prepare herself for the worse.  In fulfilling her desire to get her child recognized by the Saudi father she may end up losing her child.


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